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Hermione POV

Whilst it was dinner Poppy was exscused and went upstairs I knew exsactly what she was doing. You see Kelly asked her to put cameras in the boys and in the girls room so we can see what they're doing. Its going to be so funny...

After dinner we all went to our rooms. When all of the St. Trinian girls got in ours we all saw Polly sat at her bed with two laptops beside her.

"You ready to see what our friends are up to?" Polly asked with a smile growing on her face

"Polly you are amazing" I said giving her a hug "come on lets turn it on" I pleaded

"Ok" she said loading up her laptop and this is what we saw:

Malfoy: filthy mudblood playing a prank like that...on me Draco Malfoy! However did you see her, I just thought she was a little know it all but no Granger is hot did you see them legs-

Crabbe: see them, mate I can die a happy man now...

me: *gags in disgust*

Kelly: looks like someone has a crush on you hermione


Malfoy:*looks at Harry* scarhead what are you doing?

Harry: if you must know I'm sending a letter to Sirius

Malfoy:How does it feel Potter knowing that the only family that you have is a murderer

Harry: He was framed

Malfoy: oh sure he was...did mummy tell you that

Harry:*clenches fists*shut up

me: *tear rolls down cheek*

Malfoy:but then again your mums dead isn't she Potter?

Harry:*walks out of the room*

me:*goes to look for him*