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When the war was over, many expected Vitani Potter, the Chosen One, the One-Who-Conquered, the Girl-Who-Lived, to become an Auror. But Vitani instead became a very talented Curse Breaker and Warder, free lancing for Gringotts despite the fact that she had enough money to live lavishly for centuries without working a single day. The youngest to receive a mastery in Ancient Runes and Defence.

She soon found out that Lily Potter was not her only birth mother, much to her shock. Lily had been unable to have children, an effect caused by a curse when she battled for the Order of the Phoenix. However, James and Lily still wanted a child no matter what, and ended up praying to Hecate, the Greek Goddess of Witchcraft, Magic, Trivial Knowledge, Necromancy, and Crossroads, and one of the original holders of magic (all wizards were either legacies of Hecate, or other goddesses of magic), for a child after several rituals had failed.

Hecate had answered their prayers, and personally blessed Lily with a child. She had warned the two however, that despite the circumstances, that their child would be a demigod, and would be hunted by monsters.

They took the risk anyways, and though Vitani was born from the features of her two parents, she had a much higher magical power that could only come from being a daughter of Hecate. But because of the circumstances of her birth, she didn't have dyslexia, but she could still read Ancient Greek.

Hecate had come to Vitani as soon as the war was over, and told her everything. Though Vitani was understandably upset, she was happy that her parents had went through such lengths to have her. It also explained how she was able to do some wandless magic, something she would have to practice after relying on a wand for so long, and why she was such a danger magnet. Her ADHD was explained as well, though fortunately she didn't have Dyslexia.

Hecate had also admitted that Vitani was her favourite child since she was so Heroic and Self Sacrificing, though she was her only child that was alive currently. She then gifted her with a very powerful deck of cards called the Clow Cards, created by her now deceased but favourite son, Clow Reed. She had taken them upon his death. Hecate afterwards, had gifted her with a special wand that would allow her to activated the cards easier until she was able to activate them without the wand.

The was looked like a rather short staff, about 2 feet long with a ring on the top. Inside the ring was a very beautiful crystal star that sparkled and shined in the light. The ring itself was winged with white wings, and the butt end of the staff held a smaller crystal. The staff itself was black as night. (Imagine Cardcaptor Sakura's wand, with it being black with a crystal star instead of being pink with a gold star).

Vitani was happy to find out that the wand Hecate had given her was able to work like her Holly wand, so it was a back up along with the Elder Wand. The staff took the form of a key that hung around her neck when she wasn't using it.

Hecate then told her to go to a place for Demigods like herself, Camp Halfblood, which was located on Long Island Sound, New York, USA. She had told her that she had already made lodgings and preparations for her to stay there.

Excited to meet those like her, Vitani quickly packed her things in an enchanted trunk before telling Ron and Hermione where she was going after telling them about the Demigods.

With both of her friends promising to write often, Vitani went on her way.

Though locating the Camp was easy, getting there was not. As soon as she was dropped off, quite a few monsters had attacked her as she hiked through the forest.

She was currently being chased by a couple of Hellhounds, occasionally glancing over her shoulder to check where they were.

"Sectumsempra!" Vitani cried out, waving her wand over her shoulder as she ran.

She heard a cry of pain, which meant she at least hit one of the hounds.

Vitani turned around for a brief moment before giving another flick of her wand, banishing one of the hounds to a nearby tree, toppling the tree over.


A strong rope then bound the second hound, giving Vitani enough time to run ahead.

Soon however, the injured hellhounds ran after her once more.


One of the hounds explode and burst into flame before it turned into a gold dust. Vitani repeated the spell and the second one disappeared into gold dust as well, making Vitani sigh in relief.

She then hurried, she didn't want even more monsters to come after her, she never saw the cloaks of fur that were left behind. This was the third batch of monsters she killed today. Hopefully she was near the camp.

The Campers of Camp Halfblood paused as they heard multiple explosions nearby, along with a lot of crashing noises.

Those who were nearby the borders, immediately went to check out the noise.

Just at the bottom of the hill was a girl, a very beautiful girl, running while waving a stick at the monsters. Though some of the campers were prepared to step in and help, Luke stopped them and signalled them to watch.

"Immobulus!" The girl cried out, freezing the trio of Black Scorpions that were chasing her. "Duro! Bombarda!"

To the campers' amazement, the Black Scorpions transformed into stone before being shattered into gold dust, living a bunch of feathers behind.

The girl then trudged up the hill, stopping in front of the group of campers who eyed her.

"Please tell me that this is Camp Halfblood." The girl panted.

Luke stepped forward.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Vitani Potter, and I'm the daughter of Hecate." Right after the girl said this, a glowing symbol of a crescent moon and a star appeared above her head, giving them proof of her claims.

"Another Demigod then, that would explain how Hecate's cabin just popped out of nowhere." Luke said. "Alright, I'll bring you to Mr. D and Chiron."

"Thank you." Vitani said gratefully.

Luke eyed her with intrigue, despite being a child of a minor goddess, she attracted quite a few monsters. It meant that she was a powerful demigod. Not to mention she had an attractive British accent.

After Chiron and Mr. D had given her the okay, Luke was assigned to show her around the camp. One of the sons from the Ares cabin tried to 'initiate' her, but Luke stood firm and sent him away. Their last stop was Hecate's cabin. It looked like a small white Manor.

Inside was everything she could ever need or want. It was large and had a bathroom with a big tub and all the toiletries she would need, a stocked kitchen, a potion's lab, a large bookshelf, a 50 inch flat screen TV with game consoles and a DVD player, a comfy couch with love seats surrounding it, a golden perch for Hedwig, a desk, a small fountain with a permanent rainbow with a medium sized vase filled to the brim with golden Drachma, a laundry room, a bedroom with a four poster king sized bed with emerald sheets and curtains, a bedside table, a vanity stocked with beauty products that she knew she would probably never use, a large closet, and a tall 7 foot mirror.

"Wow, this place is amazing!" Luke said, walking around her cabin (more like mini mansion) with awe. "I wish my cabin was spacious like this..."

"Thanks for showing me around." Vitani smiled, filing his last comment for later.

"No problem, feel free to come find me if you need anything." Luke said kindly.

He then left Vitani to her devices. As soon as he left, Hedwig flew in from the window and landed on her new perch.

Vitani then enlarged her trunk that she had kept in her pocket and with a wave of her wand, all her belongings flew to their proper places.

"So this is it huh..." Vitani said with a wistful smile.

When it was dinner time, everyone stared at Vitani as she ate alone at her table. She had sacrificed two bushels of plump red grapes, one for Hestia (whom she met earlier that day), and one for Hecate.

Mr. D introduced her unenthusiastically as he usually did, calling her Vivian Potts.

Vitani didn't really care, as Luke had told her that Mr. D was here on punishment for a century because he went after a nymph his father, Zeus, had placed off limits.

After dinner was over, Luke walked over to Vitani with a girl with princess blonde curls in tow.

"Hey Vitani, I want to introduce you to someone. Vitani, this is Annabeth." Luke said.

Vitani smiled and held out her hand, Annabeth smiled back as she shook it.

"It's nice to meet you Annabeth, who is your godly parent?" Vitani asked curiously, already knowing that Luke was the son of Hermes, though he didn't seem to like it.

"I'm the daughter of Athena." Annabeth said proudly.

"Ah! The Goddess of Wisdom and Battle, you must be really smart then." Vitani said.

"Thanks." Annabeth said, smiling shyly.

"You would get along well with one of my best friends, she's really smart too. She studies almost all the time and it's rare that you ever catch her without a book in her hands." Vitani said.

"Really?" Annabeth asked curiously.

"Mhmm!" Vitani nodded.

"What's it like being able to cast spells?" Annabeth asked excitedly. "Can you show me one?"

"It's awesome being able to cast spells, and sure I can show you one." Vitani said as she took out her wand. With a flick of her wand, she turned her goblet into a fluffy rabbit.

"Wow!" Annabeth said, amazed.

"That's pretty cool!" Luke said, petting the rabbit.

"Thanks." Vitani grinned before turning the rabbit back into her goblet.

"What else can you do?" Luke asked. "Can you brew potions?"

"Of course I can! Most potions are for healing purposes, but there are other ones too. An example would be Felix Felicis, also known as Liquid Luck. A magical potion that makes the taker successful in all their endeavours, well, at least until the effects wear off." Vitani said.

"Amazing... that would be incredibly useful on a quest." Luke commented.

"Well... It's meant to be used sparingly, however, as it causes giddiness, recklessness, dangerous overconfidence if taken in excess, and it's highly toxic in large quantities. Not to mention it takes 6 months to brew, disastrous should you get it wrong." Vitani said.

"I knew it, a potion like that wouldn't come without consequences!" Annabeth said, smirking.

"Six months?!" Luke said, stunned.

"How much would you need to drink to lets say... have a perfectly lucky day?" Annabeth asked.

"Hmm... two tablespoons at breakfast for twelve hours of luck." Vitani answered.

"That's cool!" Luke said, thinking of what he could do with such a potion.

"Anyways, it's nice meeting you Annabeth, but I gotta go talk to Chiron about something. Feel free to drop by my cabin when you're free." Vitani said before leaving.

The next day after sword training, Luke headed back to his cabin to get a change of clothes.

When he entered however, he gasped in shock as the whole interior of the cabin was completely changed. Instead of an overly crowded cabin he expected to see, he saw a very spacious living room instead. Luke rubbed his eyes, not entirely believing what he saw. When he reopened his eyes however, the sight was still there.

"Maybe I'm in the wrong Cabin...?"

Luke stepped out, only to see that he was indeed standing in front of Cabin 11, it was still worn looking as ever. When he walked back inside the cabin, he still couldn't quite believe what he was seeing.

"Okay, how is it possible that it's way bigger on the inside than the outside?!" Luke exclaimed, frustrated.

He soon decided it was best not to question it.

Along the right and left walls were a row of doors, each with a name tag. Ones on the left he recognized those who were his half brothers' and sisters', and on the right were those who were unclaimed.

In the middle was a comfy looking living room with scattered beanbag chairs, love seats, and a couple couches surrounding a coffee table. At the back were the boy's and girl's washrooms.

He looked into the bedrooms next, each child of Hermes received their own room. They contained a four poster queen sized bed with white sheets and curtains, a dresser, a tall mirror, a bedside table with a lamp, a small desk, a tall corner shelf, a laundry basket, and a cushioned chest at the ends of their bed. He looked inside his dresser, only to see all of his clothes already there.

He checked the rooms for those who were unclaimed by their godly parent afterwards. Their rooms were smaller, but still very nice and much better than sleeping on the floor. They each contained a four poster single bed with white sheets and curtains, a bedside table with a lamp, a dresser, a tall corner shelf, a laundry basket, and a mirror.

He then checked the bathrooms, and saw that they were simple. There were a row of shower stalls and bathroom stalls, along with a row of sinks. He assumed that they were the same for the girl's washroom as well.

His self tour ended in the living room, where he saw Vitani standing at the centre of, looking proud.

"Do you like it?" Vitani asked.

"Y-You mean, you did this?" Luke asked, stunned.

"Yep! I got permission from Chiron and Mr. D. I heard that your cabin was over crowded so I remodelled it. Do you like it?"

"Like it...? I love it!" Luke said, giving the girl a big hug which made her blush faintly. He soon let go. "How did you do it?"

"Magic of course!" Vitani said, smirking as she pulled out her wand, though she used the Elder wand to make the effects stronger and inscribed runes to make it permanent.

"Thank you so much, it's nice to have space!" Luke said.

By dinner time, everyone had heard about the Hermes' cabin remodelling, with all the occupants thanking Vitani profusely. Hermes himself even left a gift on her bed as a thank you. The package contained a 3 bottles of Hermes' Multivitamins, a small pouch containing 40 Golden Drachma, and a thank you note.

Annabeth also stopped by to give her thanks after dinner, knowing what Vitani did meant a lot to Luke.

The next morning, the whole of Cabin 11 was in a very good mood, and Luke partnered up with Vitani to help and teach her swordsmanship. She was decent at best, mostly because her only experience with a sword was extended to fighting a basilisk when she was 12. Luke made her best look dirt poor, but she was amazed by his skill.

She was decent with a bow as well, but excelled with it came to riding the Pegasi and running with the wood nymphs (though they were still much faster than her, leaving her in the dust, centuries of running away from lovesick gods made for good practice). She was good at getting through the climbing wall (mainly because she was very good at dodging), mediocre at wrestling unless she used wandless magic, decent in arts and crafts, decent at canoeing, and was good at learning ancient Greek.

Soon however, it was Capture the Flag, and Vitani had sided with the Athena, Apollo, and Hermes cabin, with the rest of the cabins on the opposite side siding with the Ares cabin.

Chiron galloped forward and stomped his hoof loudly. "Heroes!" he announced. "You know the rules. The creek is the boundary line. The entire forest is fair game. All magical items are allowed. The banner must be prominently displayed. Prisoners may be disarmed, but may not be bound or gagged; no killing or maiming is allowed, is that understood?" Everyone nodded their agreement. "I will serve as a referee and battlefield medic. Arm yourselves and good luck!"

Vitani was assigned to guard the Flag.

She didn't have to wait long for 5 campers of the opposing team to show up, all of them were from Ares' cabin.

She readied her wand, and instantly fired a banishing spell to expel the two closest campers away.

"Everte Statum!" Another was sent flying. "Expelliarmus!"

The swords the last two were wielding suddenly flew from their hands and landed some distance away.

The two were furious and charged at her with their fists raised.

"Petrificus Totalus! Levicorpus!"

One of the Ares camper's arms suddenly snapped to his sides before falling over, straight as a board and unable to move. The second one was suddenly hung in midair by her ankle.

"Put me down!" The girl she knew as Clarisse La Rue demanded.

"Sorry Clarisse." Vitani grimaced. The two were on fairly decent terms, but they weren't exactly friends.

She soon heard the cheers of her allies as they came into view, Luke holding the red flag high.

Annabeth soon came into view as well, looking pleased at the sight she was rewarded with, 4 Ares sons unconscious with Clarisse still hanging in the air, cursing all the while.

"Good job, I knew I could count on you." Annabeth said, smiling.

Luke grinned as well as he was carried on his brothers' shoulders, flag in hand.

There was a small celebration that night, Luke had invited Vitani to eat with him at the now extended Hermes table. She, of course, accepted as she didn't like to eat alone all the time. All the while, the entire Ares table glared at Vitani.

Soon the weeks she stayed at camp, turned into months. She steadily got closer to Annabeth and Luke, especially Luke. They just seemed to click.

She still occasionally left the camp to do her job, something that Annabeth was jealous of because she wanted to go out into the world as well. Annabeth at first wanted to go with Vitani when she did her curse breaking jobs, but Chiron didn't allow it. To cheer her up, Vitani brought her and Luke back souvenirs which ranged from sweets to parts of magical creatures.

Vitani also apologized to Clarisse for hanging her upside down during capture the flag, they had made a tentative friendship after that when she had asked the daughter of Ares to help her improve her wrestling. In return, Vitani would provide Clarisse with bruise and wound healing salves whenever she needed them.