Soon, thanks to Rachel, everyone was back in times square.

After saying their goodbyes and thank yous to the redhead, they all ran towards an abandoned alleyway.

Vitani picked up a metal pipe from the ground and tapped it with her wand.

"There, it'll take us back to camp now." Vitani said.

"Uh, what does teleporting feel like?" Percy asked nervously.

"Just hold on." Vitani grinned. "Everyone, touch the pipe please."

They all did as told before they were whisked away.

They flew through a swirling smoking rainbow tunnel.

"AHHH!" Annabeth screamed.

"Let go!" Vitani commanded.

"Are you crazy?!" Percy shouted.

"Nope! Let go now!" Vitani said, grabbing Luke's hand before letting go. The two of them then flew off into the smoke.

"I think we should let go!" Nice said before letting go himself.

Annabeth and Percy looked at each other before letting go.

The three screamed as they flipped and turned in the wind before landing harshly on the ground.

"Ow! I think I broke my butt!" Nico whined

" back." Percy groaned.

"My side..." Annabeth moaned.

"Where's Vitani and Luke?" Nico asked.

"Here!" Vitani said as she floated down gently with Luke.

"How'd you do that?" Annabeth demanded.

"Practice." Vitani smiled.

"C'mon, let's go." Luke said.

The group then walked to camp, where they were met with Chiron, the pot bellied Silenus, and a couple of Apollo cabin archers.

Chiron raised a brow when he saw Nico, but said nothing until Percy explained that Quintus was Daedalus and Kronos' rising.

"I feared as much." Chiron said. "We must hurry. Hopefully you have slowed down the Titan lord, but his vanguard will still be coming through. They will be anxious for blood. Most of our defenders are already in place. Come!"

"Wait a moment." Silenus demanded. "What of the search for Pan? You are almost three weeks overdue, Grover Underwood! Your searcher's license is revoked!"

Grover took a deep breath. He stood up straight and looked Silenus in the eye. "Searcher's licenses don't matter any more. The great god Pan is dead. He has passed on and left us his spirit."

"What?" Silenus's face turned bright red. "Sacrilege and lies! Grover Underwood, I will have you exiled for speaking thus!"

"It's true." Percy said. "We were there when he died. All of us."

"Impossible! You are all liars! Nature-destroyers!"

Chiron studied Grover's face. "We will speak of this later."

"We will speak of it now!" Silenus said. "We must deal with this—"

"Silenus." Chiron cut in. "My camp is under attack. The matter of Pan has waited two thousand years. I fear it will have to wait a bit longer. Assuming we are still here this evening."

And on that happy note, he readied his bow and galloped toward the woods, leaving them to follow as best they could.

It was the biggest military operation they had ever seen at camp. Everyone was at the clearing, dressed in full battle armour, but this time it wasn't for capture the flag. The Hephaestus cabin had set up traps around the entrance to the Labyrinth—razor wire, pits filled with pots of Greek fire, rows of sharpened sticks to deflect a charge. Beckendorf was manning two catapults the size of pickup trucks, already primed and aimed at Zeus's Fist. The Ares cabin was on the front line, drilling in phalanx formation with Clarisse calling orders. Apollo's and Hermes's cabins were scattered in the woods with bows ready.

Many had taken up positions in the trees. Even the dryads were armed with bows, and the satyrs trotted around with wooden cudgels and shields made of rough tree bark.

Annabeth went to join her brethren from the Athena cabin, who had set up a command tent and were directing operations. A grey banner with an owl fluttered outside the tent. Their security chief, Argus, stood guard at the door.

Aphrodite's children were running around straightening everybody's armour and offering to comb the tangles out of their horsehair plumes.

Even Dionysus's kids had found something to do. The god himself was still nowhere to be seen, but his two blond twin sons were running around providing all the sweaty warriors with water bottles and juice boxes.

It looked like a pretty good setup, but Chiron muttered next to Percy. "It isn't enough."

Chiron was right, but it was all they could muster.

Apparently, the Titans didn't believe in restrictions like that.

Over at the edge of the clearing, Grover was talking to Juniper. She held his hands while he told her our story. Green tears formed in her eyes as he delivered the news about Pan.

Tyson helped the Hephaestus kids prepare the defences. He picked up boulders and piled them next to the catapults for firing.

"Stay with me, Percy." Chiron said. "When the fighting begins, I want you to wait until we know what we're dealing with. You must go where we most need reinforcements. Vitani and Luke as well. You three are our best fighters."

"We saw Kronos." Luke said, still stunned by the fact. "I looked straight into his eyes. It was Ethan…but it wasn't."

Chiron ran his fingers along his bowstring. "He had golden eyes, I would guess. And in his presence, time seemed to turn to liquid."

Percy nodded. "Vitani was right, but how could he take over a mortal body?"

"I do not know, Percy. Gods have assumed the shapes of mortals for ages, but to actually become one … to merge the divine form with the mortal. I don't know how this could be done without Ethan's form turning into ashes."

"Kronos said his body had been prepared."

"I shudder to think what that means. But perhaps it will limit Kronos' power. For a time, at least, he is confined to a human form. It binds him together. Hopefully it also restricts him."

"Chiron, if he leads the attack—"

"I do not think so, my boy. I would sense if he were drawing near. No doubt he planned to, but I believe you inconvenienced him when you pulled down his throne room on top of him." He looked at Percy reproachfully. "You and your friend Nico, son of Hades."

A lump formed in Percy's throat. "I'm sorry, Chiron. I know I should've told you. It's just—"

Chiron raised his hand. "I understand why you did it, Percy. You felt responsible. You sought to protect him. But, my boy, if we are to survive this war, we must trust each other. We must…"

His voice wavered. The ground underneath us was trembling.

Everyone in the clearing stopped what they were doing. Clarisse barked a single order: "Lock shields!"

Then the Titan lord's army exploded from the Labyrinth and ran into Vitani's barrier.

The monsters growled but didn't give up like many campers had hoped. They pounded and attacked the barrier with all their might, and steadily, cracks began to form.

It wasn't long until the barrier shattered and the army came pouring through.

It was a full-scale battle. There were a dozen Laistrygonian giants erupting from the ground, roaring loudly. They carried shields made from flattened cars, and clubs that were tree trunks with rusty spikes bristling at the end. One of the giants bellowed at the Ares phalanx, smashed it sideways with his club, and the entire cabin was thrown aside, a dozen warriors tossed to the wind like rag dolls.

"Fire!" Beckendorf yelled.

The catapults swung into action. Two boulders hurtled toward the giants. One deflected off a car shield with hardly a dent, but the other caught a Laistrygonian in the chest, and the giant went down.

Apollo's archers fired a volley, dozens of arrows sticking in the thick armour of the giants like porcupine quills. Several found chinks in armour, and some of the giants vaporized at the touch of celestial bronze.

But just when it looked like the Laistrygonians were about to get overwhelmed, the next wave surged out of the maze: thirty, maybe forty dracaenae in full battle armour, wielding spears and nets. They dispersed in all directions. Some hit the traps the Hephaestus cabin had laid.

One got struck on the spikes and became an easy target for archers. Another triggered a trip wire, and pots of Greek fire exploded into green flames, engulfing several of the snake women. But many more kept coming. Argus and Athena's warriors rushed forward to meet them. Annabeth drew a sword and engage one of them. Nearby, Tyson was riding a giant. Somehow he'd managed to climb onto the giant's back and was hitting him on the head with a bronze shield—BONG! BONG! BONG!

Chiron calmly aimed arrow after arrow, taking down a monster with every shot. But more enemies just kept climbing out of the maze. Finally a hellhound—not Mrs. O'Leary—leaped out of the tunnel and barrelled straight toward the satyrs.

Nico then summoned a bunch of skeleton warriors from the ground before attacking the dracaenae.

"This won't be enough. Go you three!" Chiron commanded.

The two nodded and charged into battle.

"Vitani? What are you doing?" Chiron asked out of the corner of his eye.

Vitani waved her wand and muttered a long incantation. A series of symbols and runes appeared on the ground, glowing in a circle.

Vitani then summoned the magic crystals from her cabin, and they all flew out towards her before setting themselves onto the ground on certain symbols. Each crystal was about the size of an apple.

"I'm backing them up, Chiron. In the best way I can." Vitani said, sitting down in the middle of the circle before a bunch of Clow cards appeared before her.

A familiar orange shield covered Vitani in a dome-like fashion.

The crystals then glowed before the cards all shot off in different directions except one who stayed with Chiron.

The Arrow stood beside the centaur and shot off magical arrows with perfect accuracy.

The Firey flew towards the Hephaestus sons as burned anything that came near them.

"That's Vitani's fire spirit! She's backing us up!" Beckendorf shouted out.

His brothers roared in approval as they continued to attack.

The Power flew towards the Ares campers and stopped in front of Clarisse.

"What? One of Vitani's spirits?" Clarisse said before the Power glowed and a piece shot into Ares son and daughter.

"Huh? I feel really strong all of a sudden." An Ares son said.

Clarisse experimentally tried to pick up a large boulder nearby, and to her surprise, she lifted it with ease.

"Vitani gave us super strength! CHARGE!" She roared before throwing the boulder, which crashed into a large hellhound, killing it.

The Ares cabin bellowed out a war cry before charging in, smashing and destroying everything in their way.

The Wood flew to the twin sons of Dionysus.

"What? What is that?" Castor asked.

The Wood just smile at them before trapping the nearby monsters in wooden vines, allowing the twins with kill them with ease.

"It's helping us!" Pollux said before the twins charged into battle again. The Wood restrained the monsters for the twins to destroy and protected them.

The Shot went over to the Apollo cabin and some of the Hermes cabin.

"That's one of Vitani's spirits!" Lee Fletcher said.

The Shot glowed before disappearing, then all of the archers' bows turned metal bows.

"What?" Michael Yew asked, he pulled back the string to test it, but yelped in surprise when a beam of energy appeared. Experimentally, he shot the beam towards an enemy, and it burned right through the monster, killing it. "Laser arrows! SWEET!"

The archers cheered before letting loose volleys of laser arrows.

The Sword and the Fight shot towards Annabeth and appeared beside her, defending her back.

"Thanks Vitani!"

The Earthy shot towards the rest of the Athena campers, defending them and trapping any monster nearby by their feet.

"Don't attack it! That's Vitani's spirit!" Malcolm shouted before the rest of them continued to attack with the help of Earthy.

The Windy flew gently over to Luke and floated all the monsters near him in the air.

"Thanks, Windy!" Luke said, wiping sweat off his brow before attacking the monsters.

Windy smiled at him, protecting him as Vitani intended.

The Watery flew to Percy and encased him in magic water that clung to him like a second skin.

"Thank you!" Percy said as new strength filled him.

The Shadow flew to Nico, who was still fighting off some dracaenae. The spirit took hold of the monsters' shadows and froze them in place, allowing them to be vanquished by Nico and his skeleton warriors.

"Thanks, Shadow guy!" Nico grinned.

The Sand flew towards the Satyrs and the Dryads, slowing down the monsters and allowing them to be killed.

"Thank you!" Grover said.

"Thank you, Vitani." Chiron said.

Vitani said nothing, her eyes were closed and her brow furrowed in concentration. Beads of sweat rolled down her face as she continued to power her Clow spirits. The magical crystals were glowing brightly around her.

"Oh no." Chiron breathed as Kampê emerged from the Labyrinth and fought with Annabeth, Luke, and Percy. He continued to shoot monsters with the help of Arrow.

He soon breathed a sigh of relief when Mrs. O'Leary and Briares, the hundred handed one, emerged from the labyrinth as well.

Briares defeated Kampê by burying her in boulders.

But the giants surged forwards in a last attempt, and then they heard the most horrifying sound came from Grover. It was like a brass trumpet magnified a thousand times—the sound of pure fear.

"Panic, Grover used Panic." Chiron breathed.

As one, the forces of Kronos dropped their weapons and ran for their lives.

The giants trampled the dracaenae trying to get into the Labyrinth first.

Telekhines and hellhounds and enemy half-bloods scrambled after them.

The tunnel rumbled shut, and the battle was over. The clearing was quiet except for the fires burning in the woods, and the cries of the wounded.

"Vitani!" Luke called as he ran over to his wife. "You can stop!"

The magic crystals then stopped glowing and all the Clow Spirits returned to their card form.

Vitani fell over in a dead faint.

"Vitani!" Luke scrambled to her side and held her in his arms. The witch was drenched in sweat and she was breathing heavily.

"I fear that summoning that many Clow Spirits at once and for such a long period has taken a great toll on Vitani. But without her help, many more would be wounded or dead." Chiron said. "Take her to the Big House."

Luke nodded an lifted Vitani into his arms gently and ran.

"You over did it." Luke sighed, but smiled fondly at his wife. "But you saved us, along with Grover."

There were many goodbyes that were made, but there would've been a lot more if not for Vitani and Grover.

Vitani was still sleeping, merely suffering from a case of magical exhaustion, and Luke never left her side unless it was to eat or shower.

Among the dead, Lee Fletcher from the Apollo cabin had been downed by a giant's club. He was wrapped in a golden shroud without any decoration.

Castor, son of Dionysus, nearly died but was saved by The Wood.

Michael Yew of the Apollo cabin lit the funeral pyre in the middle of the amphitheatre, and within seconds the row of shrouds was engulfed in fire, sending smoke and sparks up to the stars.

Vitani ended up sleeping for a whole week before she woke up.

"Luke?" She whispered.

Luke's head shot up from where he was resting from beside Vitani's sleeping form.

"Vitani! You worried me so much! Chiron and Mr. D said that you were just exhausted but-"

"I was just exhausted. Summoning that many Clow cards was no easy feet." Vitani said.

Luke helped her sit up before giving her some nectar and ambrosia.

After she was all better, with the help of Luke, she stood from the bed.

"Maybe you should rest a bit longer, Vitani, you just woke up." Luke said worriedly.

"No! I slept enough. I just need to use my body. It feels like jello." Vitani insisted.

"No, I'm going to put my foot down this time. You're staying in bed!" Luke said sternly. "You pushed yourself too far with your stunt. You need rest!"

Vitani blinked in surprise before softening. "Alright, alright."

"I'm going to get something for you to eat. When I get back, I expect you to be here. Understand?" Luke asked.

"Yes, dear husband." Vitani sighed and lied back down in bed.

"Good." Luke nodded, pleased.

It was only the next day that Luke and Chiron gave her the okay to leave the bed.

When Vitani arrived at the dining pavilion with Luke, everyone stood and cheered for her.

"Thank you, Vitani!"

"What you did was awesome!"

"Your spirit saved my life!"

"Super Strength was fun to have!"

Everyone cheered for her and Chiron awarded her with a golden laurel.

"Your Clow spirits had prevented many deaths, you deserve this." Chiron said, smiling proudly.

Even Mr. D was clapping for her, mainly because he had heard that one of his son's lives were spared because of Vitani's wood spirit she had sent to their aid.

Vitani grinned brightly.