Here is the final chapter. I knew when I was posting it. I'm only posting it now as I'm out all day tomorrow and to make up for not posting yesterday. Anyway, it has been lovely writing this. It was, at first, going to be my creative writing coursework but it just turned into a fanfiction. One of the only one's of completed. Sorry it's only short but I wanted to end it on a happy note and I think if it went any further it would've atarted to get unhappy and boring.

So without further ado...

20th December 1998

It's five days and counting until Christmas. I can't wait, especially as it means Christmas with Hermione, my first one out of many with her.

We've started telling our family and friends about us though. We couldn't wait anymore.

Blaise and Pansy were happy for us. Harry too. Ron was a little cautious about it at first but he seems to accept it. I don't think he minds seeing as Hermione is happy.

Telling my parents was an interesting day. My mother was accepting as I'd found someone to make me smile after the war. My father, however, was, as I guessed from the beginning, completely furious. He started saying a load of bad things about Hermione which I wasn't having so I hit him. Hermione was completely shocked but I was fed up with him and his prejudice. When he got up, I told him he had to move with the times. Mother stood by me and I'm sure there were a few arguments that night after we left.

Anyway, I've got some last minute Christmas shopping to do for my beautiful girlfriend and Mother.

Draco M.

There it was; the final chapter. I did enjoy writing it and thanks to all my lovely readers and reviewers. xxx