Sadly, the final chapter of It runs in the family, extracts from Mabel and Cashmere's diaries giving an epilogue, clearing up the parts that may of confused you and wrapping up this fanfic :)

Mabel's diary

Dear diary,

Ok, so that sounds wierd. Most likely because I don't actually remember writing in this diary, I've just read my previous entries to try jog my memory - with little luck. It's sad really, looking back on the kind, optimistic, light-hearted girl I used to be but never will be again, which doesn't just hurt me but I can see the pain and longing in Dipper's eyes when he looks at me, wishing I could be the Mabel I used to be, but I'll never be the real Mabel Pines, thanks to those "Gleeful's"! Gleeful being a strange way to refer to those miniature antichrist. Though, it's not all bad news. I doubt Dipper, Stan, Wendy and I will be hearing much from those two, they got exactly what the deserve. Gideon was found unconscious in his "hide-out" by the police and has been transferred from his old jail to Gravity Falls maximum security prison, with many more years to serve after all he did after his break-out (and from what I've heard he isn't very popular at this new prison, seems even dangerous criminals have standards and Gideon doesn't seem to conform to them. Ha!).

As for Cashmere, it turns out when she was trying to kill Dipper he managed to stall her long enough for Wendy (who was hiding in the bushes, watching the whole mess unfold) to call the police and Gravity Falls' mental health department. So once they arrived not only was Gideon re-arrested but Cashmere was taken to a mental asylum!

Now with those two both locked away you'd thing our suffering would be over, wrong! There's still pain, yesterday was Jakob Corduroy's funeral. Wendy has been distraught by this, the second death in her family. I feel so sorry for her, afterall Dipper was almost killed by Cashmere so I do understand, it's just hard for her. Speaking of Dipper he hasn't been too well, he's come out of hospital fine though his arm is completely out of action, though Stan did try his best to find a loophole to Dipper's no more working. As well as his arm Dipper has been feeling rather weak and tired too, I wish I could make him feel better but there's only one person who can: The old Mabel.

Til next time diary, Mabel x

Cashmere's diary

Dear bloody diary,

Hello, my name is Cashmere Velvet Gleeful, I am fourteen years old, I live in England though am currently in America visiting my cousin, oh yeah, and I am currently incarcerated in Gravity Falls psychiatric hospital! Yeah, thanks to my enemies (who I now realise I may have underestimated) I'm stuck in a mental institution! So, were forced to keep these stupid diary detailing our thoughts (which the wardens and nurses will check weekly) to get an "understanding" of our emotions. All I can say is, I don't belong here! So, the "hospital" is split in two main sections, boys and girls, then we each have our own rooms and room mates. Well I'm stuck sharing with three girls, one who is so deluded she won't touch anything black (something about it looking dirty and an absence of light, weird), another girl who is immensely sadistic (even more than me) and stupid, also she seems to take pleasure in scratching or cutting her gums and lips and spitting blood at me or throwing her dark clothes at the other girl. My final room-mate, and in my opinion the most annoying, "Heather" a girl ,probably only a year or so younger than me, who talks not only to herself but other people and in her sleep. Dumb things about her regrets, or warnings that don't even make sense...and there's the name! Ugh, the one stupid name that not only does she keep repeating but she writes it everywhere, on paper, walls, herself! Some bloke named "Michael Pilbri". I swear if I hear that name one more time I will kill her with my bare hands, hopefully along with those Pines and Wendy Corduroy one day!

But no, I may hear things (from time to time) and think in ways most people don't but I am not as bad as these dumb girls. The worst part though is that I can't see Gideon. With him unfortunately being arrested and me sent here, we are kept so far apart that we can't even contact each other! If one of us wasn't in the awful places we are then we could visit and maybe even break each other out, but we're both trapped!

So, it seems that being stuck in a mental asylum, the worst room mates ever, being taunted by a recurring name, leaving my enemies with some sort of feeling of satisfaction (which makes me feel so angry!) and worst of all, being kept from my cousin - my only comfort seems to be the desperate desires and fantasies I have of getting my revenge on the Pines family and truly making them suffer.

- Cashmere Gleeful

So, sadly now this fanfiction comes to it's end, however with the unexpected popularity of Cashmere (Having her appear in so many people's stories :D I love you lot! Refer to my profile to see who's :) ) I will also be putting her in some of my other stories as well as Insane Desires (She will be appearing soon in Gideon's playtime and have some references in Mean Girls of Gravity Falls, eg: In the burn book and at the Halloween party) But I have really enjoyed writing this and hope y'all have enjoyed reading it :)

Also, just to remind you, don't think I put anything random in this, all of it holds a very strong relevance to Insane Desires :) The first of you (Excluding GFG22) to spot the secret behind the name Heather was repeating gets some sort of prize (I just have to try think of one) XD

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