I didn't like how the show ended like it did, although Merlin's journey with Arthur to Avalon I thought was very nicely done, the very end ruined it for me.

So I thought I'd write an alternate ending! The wonders of fanfiction when you don't have a budget to think about!

This is just an idea of how I think the show should have ended.

This story is practically all Arthur or Gwen Point of view, with a Morgana and Merlin point of view once, so be warned! As a revelation fanfic I wanted to see what Arthur and Gwen thought, and how they reacted to the events. So if you are expecting a Merlin point of view all the way be warned, you won't get it.

It goes from the point just before Merlin makes an appearance in the second episode...

Chapter 1

Arthur Point of View

The sky was filled with lighting as Arthur fought with the Saxon soldiers, he felt weary with the battle. It had already been long and bloody, and as he looked upto see more Saxon soldiers charging towards him.

Bracing himself he swung his sword only to hear the greatest clap of thunder and flash of light he had ever to behold to seemingly rock the canyon around him.

He looked up to see the Saxon soldiers having been flung back and lying in a heap on the ground, looking quickly around he saw his fellow soldiers in shock at the sight.

He took a deep long breath not believing what he was seeing, and very thankful for whatever had caused them to fall, and hoping it wouldn't happen to him, but having a sudden fear that it was magic.

Arthur fervently hoped it wasn't a cruel trick from Morgana.

What caused him great concern though was how powerful the magic was, in all his years and the stories he had heard from people including his father, he had never heard of an account of magic as powerful as what he had just witnessed, and that truly unnerved him.

The Saxons charged him again, but this time surrounded him, his own men had only just come out of shock, and were advancing upon the Saxons to try and aid him,

Arthur cursed himself for finding himself surrounded and cornered and began to hope that what had happened moments before would happen again, and just as he brought his sword around blinding light flashed and the thunder rolled, and the men that had surrounded him had been flung back and were lying on the ground.

He looked wildly around and back at his own men and they looked as bewildered as he did, even fearful. He looked then up at the cliff-face as out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw a figure, a cloaked figure.

Then he saw him, the old man which had said he could save his father, and who had ended up killing him, the sorcerer, who stood there majestically with the lightning flashing around him, lit up like a Christmas tree.

For the first time in his life Arthur was truly awed, and without any doubt now realised what power looked like. The sorcerer on the cliff practically shone with it, holding a staff in his right hand which glowed in a bright white ball at the head, lightning seemingly coming of it, conducting the lightning in the sky.

Then he heard a scream which turned his insides to ice,


Arthur quickly turned to his right, and ahead of him in the far distance, he could just about see her, lit up as if in bright light of daytime,


He saw her behind the Saxon line on a cliff-face, her face, even from such a distance her expression looked pained.

With her left hand green light erupted towards what he now realised must be 'Emrys', who deflected it with ease with his left hand, sending it into the cliff-face beside him, exploding the rock with a sound of thunder, down onto the Saxons below, whose screams were drowned out by even more tremendous sounds of thunder.

He then pointed his staff towards Morgana on the cliff and a mass of white light hit her square in the chest, flinging her against the cliff, and it seemed knocking her out, as there was no more obvious movement even after a few seconds.

Many moments later, Arthur averted his eyes back to around him, cursing himself for being so distracted, but relieved to see that the Saxons had been stunned, and were holding back. He briefly glanced behind him at his knights, then looked at the army of Saxon soldiers in front of him, and for the first time he saw fear, true fear.

They had seen their seemingly invulnerable sorcerer Morgana battle another sorcerer, and come out of it the worse for wear. Now they did not have the confident look in the eyes that they had had moments before.

As he risked just one more quick glance back at the sorcerer on the cliff where he hoped 'Emrys' still was, he saw a man with unbelievable power, standing with deep penetrating eyes looking straight at him, but not Arthur thought menacingly, but, with..kindness!?

Who for whatever reason was helping Arthur, but then swirled around and in a blink of an eye, and swish of the red cloak he wore, vanished on the spot he had only a second earlier been standing.

Arthur just knew that Emrys was on his side, the eyes looked so familiar, but he just could not think why. All he knew was that his instinct said that the sorcerer was on his side – and that was all that mattered in that moment in time.

Not for the first time in his life, Arthur grabbed onto that thought with all his heart and might, and it was with renewed vigour then that Arthur turned to his knights and yelled with his sword raised,

"For the love of Camelot!", then charged forwards with his men, his sword raised in his right hand, towards the Saxons.