Kind hands stoke the body, in a passionate bewilderment. Lone fingers tingling the flesh to a pinky hue of quivering consecration. Eyes of love grace down on one's lover. Lips work into a smirk. Soon coming closer to share a kiss.





The body of the other moves closer, closer than ever until both skins meet. Arms holding the other as prey. The other shakes in happiness.

For they share a bond only for them.

Once more those hands wander the body. Testing it. Finding the spots that's makes the other obey the other in submission. Bed sheets moved aside, for they block what should ever be only view to other.

A shine of sweat is greatly seen glowing upon the body. Twitching to something in return, but does not. For the other told to stay still.

The younger body complies and let's the older one go on.

The young one's eyes looked into other's, enchanted of how they seem to light up in a room lilted with only the ray of the moonbeams daring to enter the keepsake of the two.

With eyes blazing from the moon, the other makes a move to palm the other's face, noting of how fine and touch it feels against such a smaller, softer, fragile hand.

Then, and only then does the other cope with enough words to speak.

"Kyousuke . . . I-I love you."

To that older one smiles, returning the words. Choosing now to only focus on becoming one.

When a gasp came from the other's lips. The lover found what he was looking for, now only have continue on, hoping for more gasps, moans, begs of want and need.

Moving the bodies as one. Letting the one once dubbed prey join in, letting the other know of how good it feels to work as one. Of how quickly the skin changes to darker hue when touches of love glide about it. When eyes dilate of inner instincts taking over. Leaving behind nips, marks, tiny hicks upon the skin . . . a sign of ownership.

Even when hours dwelled down to nothing, everything second is not wasted into the night. For there is always another night to play. Teasing with whispers of sweet nothings.

Sharing only between them. Only giving certain words in public, hiding in plain sight of hints others will never understand.

"I love you, Mira."

Upon hearing that word, makes the other jump, for it's the tone only used for the night. Making it hard for other to respond with calmness and care. For that others must not know. At least . . . yet.

"I love you, too, daddy."

The End.