Chapter 1 It all started….

It was a normal Friday afternoon and the host club decided to do something to entertain them. Then the twins gave Tamaki an idea to do a crazy thing once again. That they would regret all in due time…..

"We are going to sneak into the black magic room!" Tamaki said.

"Sempai its wrong to sneak into places." Haruhi said.

"I agree with Haru-chan I think it is a bad idea." Honey said.

"Mph." Mori said in agreement

"Come on Haruhi,Necozawa is out of town for a couple days" Hikaru said

"So there really is no chance of us getting cought not even Black magic members are there." Koaru said

"Plus. You still own us 8 million yen remember?" Kyouya said.

But before Haruhi could make an argument the host clubs "king" spoke and said "Then its settled we are going to sneak into the black magic room." Disregarding what Honey and Mori were saying.

The halls were empty and silent as the host as the host club went to sneak into the room. As the "king" of the host club Tamaki peeked through the door.

"Ready?" Tamaki said nervously (terrified inside)

"Ready." The others said

Tamaki, Haruhi, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Honey peeked in all at once to confirm that no one was there again. There was a large silent then they went in Nekozawa's black magic room proceeding to look around.

"L-Look at this." Haruhi said her voice shaking in fear.

"Cool." Hikaru and Kaoru said in unison.

It was a huge glass cabinet with little bottles of different color liquid. (Potions)(Sorry going to school in a while need to be descriptive.) Being Hikaru and Kaoru they grabbed seven potions and gave one to each host. Popping one open for them.

"Drink up." The twins said

"You know it's rude to steal." Kyouya said after they already drank the liquid the have.

"Plus we don't know what will happen if we drink it." Haruhi said worried and nervous.

"I think it will be fun to see what it does. As king of the host club all of us will drink this stuff." Tamaki said then drank his potion.

"Fine." Haruhi said in defeat then opening her red color potion.

"Ok Tama-chan." Honey said and with that Kyouya, Mori, and Honey drank their potions.

"We should go back to the club room before anyone comes

/Time skip/

Haruhi and the rest of the host club came to the music room. Almost as soon as they walked in Haruhi looked at the clock 4:45.

"Sorry guy's but it's late and I have to go home." Haruhi said.

" K be carful." Honey said

Haruhi walked out if Ouran academy and made food for her father father Ranka when she felt really tired than usual and looked at the clock 6:35.

"All the work is done... I geuse I could go to sleep." Haruhi said climing into her bed.

End of chapter 1…