Chapter 7 Investigation of the Teleporter/Revenge for the mind controller

Sorry I haven't updated in a long time. I will keep wring this story. Next one will be Hikaru and Koru I want to write that one of the best of my ability because many people like them. This one is rest of Kyouya's power story with something else. Now seen it's October where I live lets start with the villain's power stories shall we. ;) (I'm a nerd )


Kyouya's (Perspective)pov.

For maybe the first time in his life Kyouya had woken up early the shadow king and apart from that was more than a little confused.

"How did that just happen, there is no possibility that I "teleported" and "went back in time" it's impossible in ever way?" Kyouya mumbled in his limo to Ouran academy.

Then as he had remembered something most interesting and with a smirk walked into the doors of Ouran and said in the quietest voice

"Haruhi likes one of us? Interesting. I will investigate the situation."

Princesses Ayanokoji (perspective) pov.

1 week ago after school…

It was dark as the night were Ayanokoji room was she was breathless, her heart felt like it was being twisted and not only because now it had been 10 months since she was kicked out from entering the host club.

She hates the way people look at her what people say.

"Look at the "~princess~". Said a boy

" What an idiot she went from being right hand to the real dog. Hahaha!" Said a girl

Ayanokoji had enough of the endless teasing but she found no way to bring herself back. But all that would change, she saw seven men sneaking into Necozawa's black magic room. She hid behind the corner, watched and followed what she already knew was the host club.

"What the hell are these idiots doing?" I said whispering, "There not going to sneak in there Necozawa would have a fit."

Ayanokoji heard the words faintly come from the twin's mouths.

"Drink up."

"Now they're drinking the stuff that's in the room!?" Ayanokoji said

She wasn't able to hear anymore of there conversation after that. Then a short time later they all left the black magic room to return to the host club.

Entering quietly she peered through a crack in the door and came into the room. She saw the same cabinet the host club did except that now it was almost empty…

"They drank this? This is all Haruhi's fault! If she never came to the host club they would never be doing this! I hate that Haruhi!" then she ripped the pillows to shreds.

She furiously ripped the elegant pillows to tiny shreds then got an evil idea that brought a grin to her face….

Ayanokoji quickly walked to the giant cabinet and said in an eerie voice that could easily have scared the devil, "If I drink this, then something horrible will probably happen to me…she paused to think "Even a complete dummy configure that out but… I can get back at that idiotic host club…"

One part of her wanted so terribly to twist the cap off and see what happened to her. If she could she could make the host club pay she would open the bottle in a heartbeat. In a small part of her though there was a part saying (more like screaming) not to open it. That is was wrong to take revenge and she should drop the vial. Than it would hurt her but her curiosity was no enough to overpower Ayanokoji's desire for revenge.

I don't care what happens to me I don't want to be humiliated anymore. She popped the vial and drank it to the last drop. Now I can get that Haruhi back for making me suffer and the host club for believing her.

Ayanokoji threw the bottle on the floor then left the dark room. What she did not realize was that on the side of the bottle was glue but the little paper had fallen behind the sofa. It said had said, "Every decision you make comes with a price…"

Kyouya (perspective) pov.

Kyouya classes were quietly and he had passed threw them easily then the bell rang for lunch. (He now just put aside tetaporting as a dream) He began to think who could Haruhi like? She was kind to the host club but who exactly? As he thought he walked slower and before he knew it he was the last one in the hall then his nose started to itch. He sneezed there was a puff of purple smoke and he was in an abandon hallway close to the lunchroom.

Then it hit him like a train that the dream he thought wasn't a dream but reality! He was shocked but stayed calm because that is how he is.

He then walked over to the where the host club was siting.

The conversations came and went with of course no talk of powers from Haruhi, Tamaki, and Kyouya. But that would change all soon to come…

/Time skip/

Haruhi (perspective) pov.

Kyouya had watched Haruhi extremely close during host club hours. This made Haruhi nervous and even more when she couldn't read his mind but finally got a faint "message" of what he was thinking. (The writing is going to be messes up on purpose. Imagine it like radio soft waves)

Kyouya's thoughts:

Who does she like?

Can't be Hunny,

Haruhi's thoughts:

Why would he be wondering about that? Who is he thinking about…?

Kyouya's thoughts:

Haruhi can't like or Mori and Koru…

Haruhi's thoughts:

Kyouya is thinking of me? He doesn't like me or does he?...

Kyouya's thoughts:

Maybe Hikaru or Tamaki…

Haruhi's thoughts:

For a smart person he isn't very smart…

Kyouya was interrupted by a customer and stopped thinking of that. She waited but no "signal" then she too was pulled out of thought by her "fans".

Then host hours were over and as she was leaving she heard one last thought.

"Did the others get an ability as well?"

Ayanokoji's (perspective) pov.

She past through the halls that day yet there was something strange. She pumped into a boy, "watch where you're going!" she said angrily

"Yes princess." said the boy in a hypnotic trance

People stopped calling her that and instead said "princess~" sarcastically to make her angry but this time is wasn't the case…

" Are you mocking me!?" Ayanokoji said furious

" You are more fair than all the rest me queen." He said in a trance.

"What's wrong with you? Leave now!" she said wondering then there came a Betty a girl that constantly made fun of her…

"Hey princess~ where's your prince? Oh yeah! He kicked you out hu?" she gave a horrible and annoying laugh then curiosity came to Ayanokoji…

" Come back here!" she said then Betty suddenly came back.

"Apologize to me." Ayanokoji said calmly with a smirk.

"No why would I you just a sad loser princess." For once Betty said Princess not mocking her.

"I said apologize now and call me queen," She said getting angry

" Yes my queen." Betty said in a trance state.

" Now leave." Ayanokoji said

"Yes…" Betty said

This last time I ask for Hikaru and Koru ideas:

Hikaru: fire

Koru: water or ice

How about

Hunny: super speed?

Mori: super strength?

You can give ideas and how about extra powers for the next villains?