Mike and Brigg have to go undercover as a couple; Mike has to play a victim of domestic violence. Everything would be going smoothly except for one nosy cop who cares way too much about Mike.

A/N: Trigger warnings - domestic violence, domestic violence towards men, corrupt cops. Plenty of Mike whump, too.

I'm sure both boys will be OCC throughout the fic, so we may as well label that too.

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#### break ####

Briggs grabbed Mike by the hands, physically shoving him back against the wall. "I thought I asked you to do the dishes. Why aren't they done yet?" he demanded.

"B-because I only got back from work an hour ago, Jesus! Who the hell peed in your cornflakes, Briggs?" Mike snapped back, trying to break Briggs' grip. "Ow. I thought the case hadn't started yet."

"Yeah, but remember, all the vics got kicked out of at least one place and had the cops called on them," Briggs responded. "I have to beat you up enough and get the cops called on us enough that you go to the shelter...and you have to avoid getting killed by the bad guy there. Shouldn't take more than a week."

Mike nodded, smirking. "So you'll be sending the night in lock-up while Paige briefs me?" They had been here two days without causing much ruckus. Truthfully, Mike would be sad to leave the house when they moved to the secondary location; the secondary location was going to be bugged and this one wasn't. He swept it daily.

Briggs nodded. "Pretty much." He paused. "I already feel like shit for hurting you."

Shrugging, Mike just replied, "At least you don't mean it. And it's only for like a week. Plus, you bruise well, but you hit like a girl."

"Yeah…." Briggs let his voice trail off before raising his voice. Mike rolled his eyes. Briggs may hit like a girl but he'd still be glad when that was done. "You left the dishes in the sink!" he yelled.

Mike groaned. "I just got home twenty minutes ago, and you can do the dishes too!"

"You make less money than me, so it's your job!"

"Jesus Christ! Why don't we just use paper plates?" Mike replied indignantly. "Look, I'll do them now, okay? No need to get - hey!" He caught himself with his his hand as he felt the blood start to trickle down his cheek. "What the hell, B-"

"I didn't tell you to the dishes NOW. I told you to do it BEFORE I got home," Briggs responded.

Mike's breath hitched, he knew what was going to happen and it wasn't going to be pretty. Briggs grabbed him by his arms and shoved him against the wall and started screaming.

That was all Mike remembered until he passed out.

## break ##

Mike woke up a few minutes later, groaning. "Good, you're up," Briggs yelled. Mike winced. "I told you not to pass out, and look what you did - pass out!" he yelled.

There was a knock on the door then. "Police! Open up!" They said.

Briggs swore under his breath. Mike slumped on the floor, transforming into his Levi personality. Briggs opened the door. "Can I help you gentlemen?" he asked.

"We got a call complaint about loud noise, and there was some thoughts that there may be some physical altercations. Can we come inside?" the first man asked. It wasn't a question.

"Everything's fine," Briggs responded. "I was just telling Levi here that he didn't need to work until he passed out like that. He has issues, you know."

The first officer snorted. "I'm sure."

"Can I talk to Levi for a moment?" the second officer asked in a kinder, more gentler tone. "You two can discuss things outside."

"Yeah, yeah, sure.. be good, Levi," Briggs ordered as he went outside.

Mike flinched as the guard approached him, not liking his stance. Something was off. Something told him that this wasn't going to go well.

"Can you sit up?" the cop asked gently.

Mike pulled himself up. Despite the sounds and how it looked, Briggs actually hadn't hit him very hard. Mike knew he'd look bruised tomorrow, though. "What'd you want? Just tell him to quiet down, I'm fine."

"Is your name Levi?"

"Why does it matter? What the fuck do you want?" Mike snapped.

"We have reason to suspect he hit you. Did he do this to you?" the cop asked.

"Did he do what to me?" Mike asked, confused.

"You've got the makings of a black eye, and your hand is bent funny."

Mike rolled his eyes, trying to underplay the situation. "It's fine. I just fell."

"You fell on your eye?" The cop said. "Look, we can charge him with domestic violence and get you out of here tonight. You got someone you can trust?"

"Y-yeah, but he doesn't want to me to see her."

"How old are you, Levi?"

"Eig-eighteen." Mike swallowed hard, exhausted already and really hoping this case would be solved in a week. He wondered if Brigs felt the same way. "M-my sister."

"Yeah," he said. "You can see your sister if you want too. Do you want me to call her?"

"No! He'll be mad!" Mike said, determined to make his character look believable. "Look, I appreciate your concern. But I'm fine. When can he come back inside?"

"Did he hit you?"

"No! He didn't hit me!"

The officer got up. "Stay here," he said solemnly as he made his way outside.

"Yeah, I hit him," Briggs said. "Boy had it coming. He didn't do the dishes like I asked him too."

"You couldn't help with the dishes?"

"He doesn't make shit, so the dishes are his job. Is that really too damn much to ask?" Briggs snapped angrily. "Yeah, I hit him. Boy was lucky he didn't get a beating. Look, I'm sorry I caused a disturbance, it won't happen again."

"Well, he's not going to spend the night here. If he wants to come back tomorrow, that's okay. We're going to call his sister and she's going to pick him up. Got it?"

"Fine, but I get to talk to him before he goes."

"Not happening."

"It's happening or he won't be walking out of here tonight."

"Fine, but we'll be watching you. What's his sister's number?"

Briggs grumbled, but begrudgingly gave the number. "Will I be arrested?"

"Not if he doesn't want to press charges and he gets to leave tonight."

"Fine!" Briggs said.

The first officer flipped open the phone. The second officer looked at Briggs, not bothering to follow him. He figured he wouldn't do anything stupid.

Briggs glared at Miken as he walked in. "You're going to get to visit your sister," he snarled. "You screw this up," he added. "You don't get to visit anyone. You know that, right?" he snapped.

Mike spat in his face.

Briggs growled but didn't do anything, glaring at him. "Go. You'll be lucky if I'll take you back," he spat.

Mike wasn't worried. He knew Briggs would call first thing tomorrow morning, apologizing. Saying he was sorry he'd hit him. Because that was their cover. And eventually, Mike would get to go to the shelter...and that was when the story would truly begin.

That is, if he stayed alive until this point.

He followed the cop out the door, glad for a chance to talk to the rest of Graceland. This was a good chance to get closer to Briggs.

Then the case would truly begin.

## break ##

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