Steins Gate Fan fiction: Just Close Your Eyes

Kurisu POV:

"Alright, although I know what happens next, despite your intentions" said the man in the white lab coat standing in front of me and of course he said it with his scientific – stating tone which was so irritating to the point where I could storm off, but out here there was nowhere to storm off to.

"You know what forget it, I don't even know why I even asked" I yelled, turning myself away from him.

"I apologise, but don't force yourself to do something you're not comfortable with" he said softly.

I could feel the slight blush rising on my cheeks for memories of him speaking to me in that soft tone from my dreams came to the forefront of my mind and that he was considerate about how I felt in this situation. The slight breeze of the desert tundra ran through my hair, I looked up at the sky it was getting dark.

"Its getting dark you know" I stated even though it was obvious, even a squirrel could figure that out.

"Oh so it is" I heard him reply from behind me.

I walked towards my car because I knew that no drivers would be driving down the highway for the rest of the night. I popped the compartment where the car's roof was concealed.

"Hey Okabe" I looked at him, he was standing there looking at me with a smile on his face and with eyes that seemed to hold so many scientific ideas that sometimes astounded me.

"Is it alright if you help me with the car roof?"

"Why of course after all what kind of mad scientist would I be if I didn't help my assistant with things she struggles with" he said with a shrug as he helped me with the roof.

"You're such a smartass" I responded to his usual remark.

"But I guess its one of your personality traits, right?"

"Depends, is it good or is it bad, I can never tell" he chuckled.

Before I knew it I was staring at him, I don't know what it was about him that made me so hypnotised, was it his undying remarks of me being his assistant. No way was that it or was it because he cared so much for the people who were always supporting him despite that he was a little weird. I mean he did come all the way out here to see a person that looked like a friend he met on another world line which I still believe is not real. That could be a possible answer.

"Ok the roof is attached…hmm, Kurisu?" Okabe looked at me with a confused expression.

It took me a while to understand my situation, I shook my head.

"Sorry, I was lost in thought" I smiled at him and surprisingly he smiled back.

"Anyway get in, it's going to get cold out here and my hypothesis is that drivers will pass by early or late afternoon tomorrow"

"Ah I can prove you wrong, oh innocent assistant of mine, for I hypothesise that a driver will come along sooner than you think" he posed him self like he was praising the solar system itself.

"Just get in the car" I retaliated bluntly, and I stepped in the drivers seat. Okabe was about to enter the car on the opposite side of me.

"Oh no you don't, you're sleeping in the back seat" I growled at him.

"You know it will be colder if we-" he began

"I don't care I wont be sleeping next to a mad scientific virgin" I cut in.

Okabe sighed and didn't say anything back, which was a little unusual for him. He always had something to say back. I wonder what's wrong.

Okabe's POV:

Usually I would have said something back, but my mind could not stop recalling that moment after I had hit the enter button and Kurisu barged in my lab about to declare how she felt but I returned to the original line before she could finish. So I did as she asked and got in the back of the car, sitting on the seat I stared at the floor.

"Okabe, what's going on with you?" her concerned voice intrigued me as always. I looked up to suddenly meet the gaze of Kurisu's sky blue eyes, like small blue nebulas right out of the universe that were created only to be gifted to her, her head resting on her arms.

"Oh, it's nothing just recalling a memory on a different world line" I answered lightly.

"What memory was it?" she asked tilting her head to the side slightly.

"Are you sure you want to know?" I asked her.

"Of course I want to know the experiences you had on other world lines" she replied.

I smiled at her and partially closed my eyes and began to tell my time on the alternate world line.

"It was on the same world line when we kissed, it was at least 1 hour after I took you to the train station so you could catch a flight back here" I said.

"And?" she butted in before I could finish my tale. God this woman had no patience, one of the many reasons why I fell in love with her.

"Hold your horses, I am almost finished" I reassured her.

"Anyway Itaru found the link we were looking for to reset back to the original world line. After my great short speech, I hit the enter button then a few seconds later you barged in saying this 'Okabe! You want to know how I feel, you should know by now that I' but I didn't get the rest for I had returned to the original line" I stated to her.

I could see that Kurisu stared at nothing in particular after I had finished recalling my memory.

"I think the other me on that world line loved you just as much as you loved her" she said in a low whisper.

"I am sure you're right, however it would be difficult to regain that relationship on this world line though" I sighed.

Kurisu stared at me with an expression of slight anger and curiosity.

"And why would that be?" she said loudly.

"Because, that moment never happened to you, only me" I claimed.

"And also you told me yourself that you perceive these memories as dreams, nothing more"

"Well actually I have been thinking about them, but not as dreams but as memories" she said calmly.

I looked at Kurisu with some type of hope, wondering what amazing theory she has come up with that made her change her mind.

"What exactly are you trying to say?" I questioned her slightly pressuring her to get the answer.

"Well dreams are pivoted around our deepest regrets and feelings; they are practically our sub conscious expressing our deepest feelings that are forced to the back of our minds.

They sometimes are recapturing times in your life that you didn't understand whilst you were awake. Also they can only be fabricated by what we have already seen" Kurisu said.

"Therefore these dreams I am having are actually memories of another me on a different world line, none of these things actually happened to me on this one"

I was spellbound once again by her amazing way of thinking, I didn't even think how psychology played its role in this mad world of mine.

"I see, you never cease to astound me" I said closing my eyes; however I was not prepared for what came next.