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"IT'S A GIRL!" Dr Wilkins exclaimed proudly, his voice echoing in the tiny hospital room along with the sounds of loud cries from the newborn. The noise rang in Blaine's ears and made him smile softly

Blaine Anderson stood in front of the bed holding his husband Sebastian's hand as they'd watched their surrogate Amy give birth to their child. It had been a long and difficult (and slightly disturbing) process, but it was most definitely worth it.

A little girl. A little girl that Blaine and Sebastian Anderson now got to take home to raise, nurture, and love. This was the second best day of Blaine's life (the first being his and Seb's wedding day) and he couldn't have been happier.

He didn't hear anything else after the doctor had said that it was a girl. He was just so overwhelmed and happy (and a bit panicky because hello this is fatherhood we're talking about..huge responsibility!) at that moment that he couldn't find it in himself to hear any other words.

He looked over at Seb with a soft smile and tear-filled eyes, looking at the taller man lovingly as he watched the doctors clean off their baby.

Their baby. Blaine Michael Anderson would never get tired of saying that. He just couldn't believe this was actually happening. Finally

He walked over slowly to Amy as she held the tiny newborn in her arms with a smile.

He smiled brightly. The baby looked like him and her mother. She had dark brown wild curls like Blaine and beautiful greyish blue colored eyes, a trait she'd gotten from Amy. She had light freckles that spread across her face (another trait from Amy) and a little nose. She was absolutely perfect in Blaine's eyes.

Sebastian rested his head on Blaine's shoulder and smiles, a tear falling down on his face.

"She's gorgeous," he whispered. Blaine nodded in agreement. They'd made a decision after they picked Amy Harris to carry their child that Blaine would be the biological father, but he knew that even if Seb was the bio dad, their son or daughter would still be precious. They also swore to do anything to make their kid happy, and they would.

Blaine wiped his eyes and smiled warmly at Amy. "Thank you Amy," he whispered softly. "Thank you so much." Sebastian hugged Blaine lightly and thanked the brunette as well.

She smiled. "You're welcome," she says, chuckling afterwards. "She's a pretty little thing, wouldn't you say?"

Both men nodded eagerly.

Amy grinned and kissed the girl's head. "Take care of her for me, let her know I love her," she said softly, her grey-blue eyes filling up with tears. "Let her know her mom loves her.."

Blaine and Sebastian nodded. "Always," they said in perfect unison, earning a smile from the young woman.

She kissed the baby again and held her out to the men.
"Here," she says. "Meet your baby girl."

Blaine and Seb look at each other with compassionate and loving smiles before the shorter man holds his arms out.

Blaine takes the baby and sighs happily, leaning into his husband.

"Oh my God Sebastian," he whispers, feeling at peace with the world.

"She's..she's really ours," he says. Sebastian nods, stroking their daughters cheek softly. "I know..I love her already."

"I love her too," Blaine says. "And I love you."

Sebastian kisses his hair. "Always," he whispers.

"And forever," Blaine whispers back before he returned his gaze to the child.

"What should we name her?" He asked suddenly, remembering that they hadn't named the baby yet.

Seb sighed. "I dunno," he says, thinking for a few moments.
Honestly, they hadn't picked out any girl names at all. They had both kind of wanted a boy, so they could do things like play catch or take him to sports games, but all that changed the minute they laid eyes on their little girl.

But if they would've had a boy instead, they probably would have named him something like Max or Ben, but that wasn't the case here. They had a daughter. A daughter who needed a name that suited her perfectly.
Blaine thought as he rocked the baby gently.

"Hmm..I like Katheryn," he says. "After Katy Perry," he adds with a laugh.
Seb grins. "Me too," he said. "It's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl."
The shorter man kissed the baby's head and cuddles her as he himself cuddles into Sebastian.

"What about Katheryn? Do you like that name, honey?" He asks the baby softly.

She made a sweet little cooing noise and fluttered her eyelashes a bit.
The men grinned. "I think she likes it," Blaine says.

Sebastian nods in agreement with a soft chuckle. "Could I suggest something?" He asks reluctantly.

"Yeah, babe, go ahead."

"I like Katheryn Tess," he says. "Just as a first name, though. We could call her KT for short.."

Blaine smiles. "Katheryn Tess, huh?" He asks, grinning at Seb's eager nod. He thinks for a few seconds. This was their kid's name after all, they had to choose carefully.

"I love it. It sounds cool," Blaine says with a smile. He hands the baby over to Seb and smiles as he watches his husband connect with the child. He knew from the second he met Sebastian that he'd be a great father some day.

And he was 100% right.

He then turned to Amy. "Hey Amy, what do you think about the name Kather-" he stopped abruptly as he noticed that she was asleep, snoring lightly.

Blaine sighed. "I know she's exhausted," he says quietly. "Poor thing...but hey, atleast a beautiful baby girl came out of all of this," he says cheerfully, smiling at his husband as he sang to their daughter softly.

"...Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful.." Sebastian sang, stroking her hair gently.

Blaine sat down next to Seb as he cuddled and sang to KT, enjoying every minute of it.

"Wanna give her a middle name, or would that be too much..?" Blaine asks quietly as she slowly fell asleep.

Seb kissed her head. "I think we should," he says.
Just as they begin to decide a middle name for the child, a nurse walks in, smiling.

"Hello, I'm Julie, I work in the newborn department," she says, extending her hand for the men to shake.

"Hi, I'm Blaine, this is my husband Sebastian," he says shaking her hand.
Julie smiled as Seb shook her hand. "Nice to meet you two," she says."You two have a very pretty baby girl."

They smiled warmly. "Thank you," both men said.

"Have you two picked out a name for her yet?" The redhead asks.
Blaine nods. "Katheryn Tess," he says proudly. "We're gonna call her KT."
Julie grinned. "That's nice," she says, looking down at the sleeping child. "If you don't mind, I have to take Katheryn Tess to the nursery for a while..just to get measured and weighed, then fed. After she wakes up, of course," she explains. "Standard procedure for newborns," she says.
The men nod knowingly. Seb stands up carefully, handing the girl who was still deep in slumber to Julie.

She smiled as she held the baby. "Thanks," she says. "You can come see her in about an hour or 2."

Blaine and Sebastian nod and watch her walk off with the child towards the nursery.

Blaine sighed and hugged Sebastian, resting his head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, the sound echoing in his head like a drum.

"So..middle names.." He mumbles before yawning.

The taller man chuckles. "Nap first, name later," he says wrapping his arms around Blaine's waist and leads him over to the small sofa in the room.

They hadn't slept all night, seeing as how Amy's water broke at 11pm at night and was in labor for 14 hours. They decided to use this time to catch up on some sleep, because they wouldn't be getting much as soon as they brought KT home.

About an hour and a half later, Blaine stirred and woke up, rubbing his eyes lightly as they adjusted to the light of the room.

He turned slightly and saw that Sebastian was still sleeping. He chuckled and kissed his hair before getting up. He walked over to the bed and noticed Amy was awake. He smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder.
"How ya feelin'?" He asked her.

"Tired, in pain, and hungry," she says with a short laugh. "But I'm doing okay." She pushes some hair out of her face and smiles. "You?"
Blaine smiled for about the hundredth time that day. "Happy..that's all," he says.

Amy nods with a small smile. "Did you guys pick a name for her?"
He nods. "Yeah, we did when you were asleep, actually. We chose Katheryn Tess..we're gonna call her KT as a nickname, though. Maybe Kate or Katy too.."

The brunette smiles. "I like it!" She says. "Katheryn Tess..it's spunky. Good job."

Blaine smiles. "Thanks," he says. "By the way, she's in the newborn department now. She was asleep when the nurse came by to get her so she said that they'd just measure and feed her and all that after she woke up."

"Naturally," Amy says.

"We can go see her in about half an hour, maybe less," he adds.
The woman smiles and nods. "Good, I wanna video chat with my mom and show her KT.. she lives in Arizona and she went crazy when I told her I'd had the baby. She can't wait to meet her."

"That sounds like my mom," Blaine says, smiling at the thought of Ruby Anderson. She was ecstatic when her youngest child had announced that he was going to become a dad. She even went so far as to go out and buy a crapload of stuff for her grandchild.

Blaine swears she would've bought the kid a freaking car if he hadn't stopped her.

He then thought of his dad and frowned. His mom had divorced from Mark when Blaine was about 14 or 15..he can't remember. All he remembers is that his father was a jerk who didn't accept Blaine for who he was, therefore he wanted nothing to do with him.

'He'll never meet my kids,' he thought with a sense of both anger and relief. He didn't want his kids to ever come near Mark (calling him 'dad' just didn't seem or feel right) because he wouldn't let him tell them that they couldn't be who they were, just like he'd done with Blaine when he was growing up.

It was okay though. Blaine had starting feeling a lot better about himself and who he was after Mark left and wasn't around to tear him down anymore. Things started to look up for him. He met Sebastian and fell in love with him when he transferred to Dalton Academy at 14, he gained lots of new friends from joining The Warblers, the acapella all boys show choir at Dalton, and his mom had found a nice man named Frank who made her happy (and was caring and accepting towards Blaine) which made him happy. Ruby and Frank eventually got married and when Blaine was 18.

Everything was much better in his life now, but he still couldn't help but feel enraged when he thought of Mark. The man who was supposed to love and accept him for who he was that just turned his back on his son and treated him coldly. Blaine hated him.

He shook the thought of his father away and thought of his siblings instead. Cooper, his older brother who was an actor in Hollywood who was also married to a model named Hillary. He couldn't wait to call him up and say something along the lines of "I had a kid before you! Finally I'm ahead!" or just be subtle about it and share
the good news with him happily.

He laughed a little and thought of his older sister Elena (who was nicknamed as Ellie since about the day she was born). Ellie was very headstrong and was always protective of Blaine when they were growing up. Even to this day, she still cuddles him and tries to protect him from stuff even though he constantly reminds her that he's a "24 year old grown man who can live life on his own without the guidance of his older sister."

She'd just laugh and tell him that "he should be glad she's around to protect him," which would then turn into a playful argument that would end in laughs and a warm 'little brother big sister' hug.

Blaine knew Ellie would be beyond happy to meet her niece. She couldn't stop screaming when he'd announced that he and Seb had found a surrogate and that she was pregnant with their baby.

He couldn't wait for all of his family to meet KT. That included Sebastian's parents, Henry and Meredith Smythe, who were both very supportive of their relationship (which was amazing), and he knew they'd be excited to meet the baby as well.

Blaine sighed softly after thinking about everything for a while and looked at Amy.

"Hey Amy?"

"Hmm?" She asks, flipping through a magazine idly.

"What's your middle name? I never did find it out."

"Oh, it's Regina."

Blaine smiled. "That's it."

"That's what?"

"It! That's it! That's what KT's middle name will be! As long as Seb likes it too, I mean. But yeah..her middle name will be Regina, in honour of you." Blaine finishes with a proud smile and nod.

Amy smiles. "How lovely of you to name her after me," she says.

Blaine shrugs. "It's the least we could do," he says.

"Katheryn Tess Regina Anderson," Amy says as if she's testing the name out on her lips. "..She'll be 10 before she can spell it." She laughs a little before going back to her magazine.

Blaine chuckles and turns as he notices Seb waking up.

"Have a nice nap, love?"

The taller man smiled and nodded as he stretched. "Yup, you?"
"It was alright."

"So, what have you two been talking about?" Seb asks as he makes his way over to them.

"Oh, nothing much. Just about how we couldn't wait for our family to meet KT," Blaine explains. "Aaanndd, I also figured out a nice middle name for her."

Seb grinned. "Well, lemme hear it!"

"Regina. It's Amy's middle name and I wanted to name our daughter after her mother. I think it goes well with her first name-or names, rather, but I wanted to know if you liked it..because if you don't then we can change it to something else like umm..Margaret..or B-"

Blaine was cut off by a soft kiss by Sebastian.

"I love it," he whispered against his lips. "Regina is a perfect name and I love how it fits with our daughters names."

Blaine blushed slightly as if he was a 14 year old boy again. He kissed Sebastian back, wrapping his arms around his neck and running a hand through his light brown hair.

"Um, PDA much, kids?" Amy says teasingly. She smiled at them warmly, knowing she'd chosen the right people to have a baby for.


A few minutes later, Seb and Blaine went down to the newborn department and stared at their sweet little girl through the glass separating the room with the infants from the halls with people lingering around (mainly parents wanting to see their children).

Sebastian hugged Blaine, resting his chin on his head with his arms wrapped around his waist.

"So..would you ever wanna have more kids?" He asked.
Blaine smiled. "Yeah. Not now, but later..maybe a few years from now. I'd really like for us to have a boy or 2," he says.

His husband grinned and nodded. "Me too," he says, sighing afterwards. "You know, I didn't know I could ever love you more..but then we got a stunning little girl and somehow my heart managed to love you more than I ever have."

Blaine blushed again and turned around, burying his face in the crook of his lover's neck.

"You stole the words right out of my mouth," he whispers, hugging him tight.

Sebastian smiled and hugged Blaine back, making the smaller man melt into his touch.

"Never let me go," Blaine said softly.

"Never," Seb said before they started to look back at their daughter again with warm smiles on their faces.



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