9 To 5 (ch. 15)

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The next day was Monday, which meant that it was time for everyone to get back into full swing.

Kurt was off to work, all smiles. He'd had an amazing weekend with Blaine and KT, and wished it didn't have to end. But at the same time, he loved his job and wouldn't complain about going there.

And the same was true for Blaine. He was getting his class ready for sectionals and couldn't be more excited.

He'd even invited Kurt, giving him a cute little card made out of construction paper cut into the shape of a microphone, saying "La dee da, la dee dee, won't you come to sectionals with me?", which definitely won the tall brunette over.

They'd planned to see each other after their work day was over, and couldn't be more excited.

They'd been dating for about 4 weeks now, and though it wasn't really a long time, they always had an amazing time together.

Kurt remembered talking to his friends, saying, "I could be trapped in a cardboard box with Blaine and I'd still like it just because he'd be there with me."

Blaine was slowly helping Kurt become his old self again, and showing him how to live and be happy.

The brown haired boy was so thankful for someone like Blaine and his life, and he was working hard to help him out, too.

All in all, everything was working out, and they were perfect together.

Against their will, both men sometimes fantasized about things like moving in together, but in reality, it was far too early to even consider that.

But they could still do a lot of things, like hold hands, and kiss, and make each other blush just by the smallest actions. And that was why they liked dating so much. It just worked.



"How was work?" Blaine asked, pressing a quick kiss on Kurt's cheek as they met for coffee.

"Good, it was good. My friends there still want to meet you!" He chuckled.

"Soon," the shorter boy answered. "Patience, young grasshopper."

Kurt stuck his tongue out at the boy, smiling happily. "How was your day, music man?"

"Perfect. The kids sound great and I'm pumped for sectionals. You're still coming, right?"

"I wouldn't miss it." Kurt winked and took a sip of his latte.

They spent about an hour talking, laughing, and enjoying each other's company before Blaine had to get home to his daughter.

"Bye, Mr. Hummel," Blaine said in a sing songy voice before leaving.

Kurt felt butterflies inside of him as he waved goodbye and made his way to his apartment, sitting down to watch some TV.

As he was watching Cake Boss, a guilty pleasure of his, a commercial came on about depression and pills that you could take for it. He remembered when he was so depressed that he would've taken one every hour of the day if he could. But luckily for him, and thanks to the help of his family/friends and Blaine, he was out of that state. And hopefully he'd never have to go back to it.

But the commercial, it had done something to him. He felt something pushing him, telling him that it was the time to be honest with his family about his suicide attempt. He decided that he'd do it, but he just didn't know when.

Now that the feeling wouldn't go away, he knew that he had to do it at that moment.

He quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom, vomiting a bit. It was just nervousness that made him do it. He told himself he was fine as he cleaned himself up and splashed cold water in his face.

"Kurt. Elizabeth. Hummel. It's time."

He dialed up Blaine nervously, not knowing if the boy would be available for him, but hoping he could come.

"Yello?" Blaine answered in a silly voice, juggling KT on his hip.

"I'm ready.." Kurt said, breathing slowly.

"Uh..come again?" The shorter man was confused. He was currently making dinner, but set down his utensils and listened carefully to his boyfriend's words.

"You know, that thing we talked about? Well, I'm ready to tell my friends and family. I have to do it now."

Blaine's eyes widened. "Now..?"

"Now. And if you can, I'd really appreciate it if you could be here with me. Even if you don't come, I still have to do it..I just thought that you should know."

The curly haired man sighed softly and set his daughter down on the counter, giving her a few tomatoes to nibble on while he talked on the phone.

"No, no, I'll be there. I told you I would and I'm a man of my word," he said firmly. He'd learned early on in life to not be like his father, and to actually keep the promises he made.

Kurt was his boyfriend and he was special to him. A promise was a promise and he was going to be there for him.

Kurt sighed in relief. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"No need to thank me, gorgeous. I'll be over in a bit, as soon as I get a babysitter for KT."

"Alright. I'll be waiting."

Blaine smiled warmly and hung up. He really was proud of Kurt. The boy had been through the ring of fire, and came out strong. He carried on and lived his life even if he was going through a tough time.

"You move me, Kurt," Blaine had said to his boyfriend later that night, as everyone sat on the floor of Kurt's apartment, still recovering from the news he'd shared.

The responses were all pretty much the same- shocked, confused, sad, etcetera.

"I didn't know things were that bad.."

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"How do you feel now?"

"I'm so sorry."

The blue eyed boy sat in between Blaine and Rachel with red rimmed eyes and a feeling of both shame and confidence. He was sad, but proud of himself for admitting the truth.

"Watching you sit in front of your loved ones and tell them about what happened just makes me feel so much stronger about you. Like I said before, you are a fighter and you're strong. You're loved by so many people and I'm really glad you didn't give up. I'd actually kiss you right now if we weren't in front of everyone-especially your parents.." Blaine said, looking over at Kurt's laptop where his parents were connected to the conversation via Skype.

Burt and Carol waved softly.

"We love you, buddy," the man said. He never really cried, but now his eyes were red rimmed, identical to his son's.

"I love you too," Kurt said, wiping his face.

"Lean on me.." Finn began singing softly, looking at Kurt compassionately.

"When you're not strong," Rachel and Mercedes joined in, holding hands.

Everyone instantly joined hands after that.

"I'll help you carry on," Blaine sang out, letting Kurt rest his head on the shorter man's shoulder.

"For, it won't be long, till I'm gonna need..somebody to lean on.." Everyone sang in unison.

"Lean on me.."

A small smile appeared on Kurt's face. He was beyond fortunate to have so many people who were there for him.

"Thank you guys so much..I love you."

"We love you too," Tina said, hugging him.

"GROUP HUG!" Brittany exclaimed.

Everyone joined in and hugged each other tightly, feelings of love all around the room.

Kurt stood up. "I really am grateful for all of you. If I didn't have so many amazing people in my life, and if I weren't for your love and care for me, I..I probably wouldn't be here talking to you right now.

But that's in the past now. Yes, I still get sad at times..but everyone does. That's life. I just want to make a promise that I'll never do it..suicide, I mean. It's not worth it. I'm young, I have a good job, wonderful friends and family, and a dapper boyfriend who never fails to sweep me off of my feet," he said, reaching out to hold Blaine's hand.

Blaine held back and squeezed it, looking into his eyes proudly.

"Again, thank you guys so much for everything. If I ever have temptation or a feeling that I might want to kill myself-let's hope that I don't-but if I do, I will definitely call you guys for help."

"And we'll be there," Finn assured, remembering the promise he'd made to Kurt when they were younger..to always be there for him and to protect him. It was his responsibility to be a good brother, and that meant helping Kurt at all costs.

Blaine smiled. "Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, yeah." Kurt nodded, smiling a little. "But I'd be better if you kissed me."

The shorter man smirked. "I think I can do that."

Burt cleared his throat. "Uh, still here, kids."

Kurt rolled his eyes fondly. "Love you dad and Carol, I'll talk to you soon," he said before closing the computer.

Everyone chuckled before Kurt walked over to Blaine, wrapping his arms around his waist and kissing him passionately.

"Better?" Blaine asked, smiling.

The taller boy could feel his skin get hot, partially because his friends were all watching them with giddy expressions on their faces.

"M-Much," he breathed out.


{The next evening}

"So..Christmas is next week." Blaine grinned, that'd always been his favorite holiday.

"Wow, nothing gets past you, B!" Kurt chuckled.

Blaine rolled his eyes. "I can't remember if I've asked you this before, but do you have a gift in mind that you'd like?"

The taller boy instantly shook his head. "Nope. I've had a pretty good year, I suppose. Quit my crummy old job, got an awesome new job, made more friends, saw Marina and the Diamonds in concert, finally had the courage to tell my family and friends something I've wanted to for a long time, and I didn't tell you this, but there was this girl in my apartment building who had this, like..obsession and weird crush on me..and she moved to Canada. So that was great."

Blaine just stared at Kurt, not knowing how to react.

"Are you serious..?"

"Yeah. Her name was Erika an-"

"No, no," the shorter man said. "You named all this great stuff that happened to you..but you left something out.."

Kurt thought. "Oh yeah! How could I forget!"

Blaine smiled happily. Now he remembered.

"I lost 3 pounds."

The curly haired man set down the box that he'd been wrapping and stared at his boyfriend again.

"Um..I meant me, Kurt." He looked down quietly.

"Oh, yeah..you're alright, I guess." He shrugged, smirking a bit.

Blaine didn't have any words. He'd always kind of had an irrational fear of being unloved by people, and now he was thinking that Kurt wasn't as crazy about him like he thought.

"I'm joking, B. You are wonderful, and amazing, and sweet, and so good to me. You sing me songs, you make me delicious meals-which is a plus because if you feed me, we're definitely on good terms," he said with a small laugh.

"You like me, flaws and all, you're honest, and a gentleman, and you are such a perfect daddy to KT. You're smart, and you make me laugh, and every time I'm with you I just feel so happy and free..like everything I thought I couldn't do, I could now because you are with me. I play around like that just for laughs, but I do like you. A lot. In the short time that we've been together, I've realized that you saved me. I smile because of you and everything you are, my lovely music man. Okay?"

Blaine couldn't stop smiling after that. Those simple words Kurt had spoken just made him feel so warm and fuzzy. He knew for sure, no doubt in his mind, that Kurt cared about him. All the assumptions he'd made up were just silly.

"We're really good together, you know?" Blaine said.

Kurt hugged him, pressing soft kisses to his lips. "I know."

KT suddenly scuddled into the room, grinning happily. "Hi daddy! Hi Mr. Kurt!"

Blaine scooped her up, kissing her messy hair, and Kurt watched with a smile before waving to the child.

"Hey, sweetie! What's up?"

"Tree! Tree!" She said happily.

"What's she talking about..?" Kurt whispered.

"The Christmas tree," the shorter man answered. "She loves putting it up."

He smiled at his daughter. "Okay, we'll put up the tree, baby. Go get the decorations. Mr. Kurt will help you." He gave Kurt puppy dog eyes.

"Mhm, your daddy's right, KT. He doesn't need to make silly faces." Kurt stuck his tongue out at Blaine playfully before taking the girl to go find the Christmas tree decorations.

Blaine hid the presents he'd been wrapping and turned on some Christmas music, smiling warmly.

Kurt and KT came back in a few minutes later.

"Found them!" She reported, clearly proud of herself.

"Good job, honey. I've got the tree," Blaine said, showing a small two-foot, shrub looking thing that was supposed to be some sort of Christmas tree.

Kurt furrowed his eyebrows. "That's..that's your tree?"

Blaine nodded. "Yep!"

"Blaine, dearest, that's no Christmas tree. Those little cookie making elves on the Keebler commercials have a better tree than this!"

The shorter man chuckled. "I know, I know..it's just..this stupid little shrub is one of the only things I have to remember my husband by. We celebrated Christmas together three days before Katheryn Tess was born, then he just..he was gone forever. This is the tree we always used and I don't want to throw it out," he explained shyly. "It probably sounds crazy, but-"

"It doesn't. I get how you feel. Did I ever tell you that my dad kept my mom's toothbrush in the little holder in our bathroom? Yep, that's kind of weird. But he kept it for years, and years, and one day, he just threw it out." Kurt nodded. "Um, I remember it because it was like a week before I graduated high school and I was packing up things, ready to move out, and he came into my room and told me he threw away the toothbrush. I didn't know why he really felt the need to announce it to me, but, he did, and I was okay with it. We had other things to remember my mom by besides a stupid old toothbrush.

Basically, weird stories aside, what I'm trying to say is that you don't have to use this tree. You can, because it reminds you of your husband and her father, but keep in mind that there are so many other things to remember him by than a pitiful looking tree. Am I right?"

Blaine smiled a bit. "You're right. I'd really love a new Christmas tree-a real one, but it would just feel weird throwing out this one."

"Then don't throw it out." Kurt shrugged. "Keep it if you want, and then the three of us will go buy a brand new one, a real tree that's tall and smells like fresh pine and the holidays! It'll be great!" His bright blue eyes were sparkling at the thought, which made Blaine love him even more.

"New tree?" KT asked, looking up from the decorations she'd been playing with and suddenly popping into the conversation.

Blaine thought, smiling a little. "Yeah, new tree!"

"YAY!" Kurt and KT cheered, kissing Blaine on each cheek.

He chuckled and grabbed his coat and keys. "Come on, my sweets, we're off to find a Christmas tree!" He said in a sing-songy voice.

They followed after him and journeyed off to get a new, real, Christmas tree.


After about half an hour of looking, they finally settled on the perfect tree. It was tall, about 6 feet, and smelled of pine and the holidays (just like Kurt envisioned), and it was the best shade of green, not too dark, not too light.

"So, this one?" Blaine asked.

"This one! This one!" Kurt said, nodding eagerly. Blaine found it adorable how his boyfriend acted like a child.

"YA!" KT shrieked.

"Okay, okay, this tree it is." He smiled and they all hugged.

"Thanks daddy," KT said from her place in her car seat in the back of Blaine's vehicle.

"Thanks Blainey," Kurt said, trying his best to sound like a cute little kid.

The shorter man chuckled. "You're welcome, guys."


"You ready for our first Christmas together?" Kurt had asked, later that night. It was after the new, real Christmas tree had been decorated (with the little poor shrub right next to it with a few of Sebastian's favorite decorations) and KT had fallen asleep on the floor next to the box of tinsel.

Blaine picked her up, kissing her cheek before carefully placing her in her bed and shutting the door behind her.

"Yep. I'm so excited. What about you?"

"Oh, of course. You're gonna love my gift!" Kurt said cheerfully.

"Gift? You don't have to get me anything, K."

"Too late." The taller boy smirked. "You're going to looovvee it!"

Blaine chuckled. "What is it?"

"Can't tell you." Kurt stuck his nose up in the air.

"Aw, come on. Don't be like that!"

"Can't tell youuuu.." Kurt sang.


"Nope. I can't. I won't."

"Pretty please with hairspray and scarves on top?"

"Damn you," Kurt joked. "No, but I really can't tell you. Sorry, babe, you'll just have to wait 6 days, 17 hours, 13 minutes, and 8 seconds to see it."

Blaine's eyes widened. "How do you know the exact time and stuff?"

"Magic," Kurt said, waving his hands around. He winked and grabbed his things, needing to get home.

"Today was good, today was fun," the blue eyed boy began.

"Tomorrow is another one," Blaine finished. He stood up and kissed Kurt sweetly before walking him out to his car.

"Good night, my dearest darling," Kurt said before driving off.

"Night," Blaine said softly, watching the car until it was out of sight.

He walked back up to his apartment, the cold winter air blowing on his blushing cheeks. This was probably going to be the best Christmas he'd had in almost three years.

Kurt lay on his bed that night, slowly falling asleep with thoughts of Christmas and love in his head.

He was going to try to make this the best Christmas he'd ever had, and if everything went right, it would be.


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