(Before I start, I want to say that I came up with this movie in my head. It took me awhile, because I had to come up with the movie. Anyway, please enjoy and no flames on this!)

Lenny's POV

"Do I have to go? I don't wanna be in a girls sleepover!" I said to Carrie.

"Stop being a nag, and lets go. Plus, my parents hate this rivalry thing with grojband, so Riffin's band are coming too." Carrie said rolling her eyes.

"You mean with that girl? Lamey?" I asked.


"My god. I hate this." I said letting my arms limp to my sides.

"C'mon lets just start our practice."


After band practice, Carrie and the twins, Kim and Konnie, started to prepare the sleepover. I in the other hand was just sitting on a chair using my phone.

"Come, Lenny! We need you help for this." Kim said. I sighed and help her move Carrie's sofa to the other end to the room.

"Ok, we have space, food, now all we need is a movie to watch." Carrie said.

"Oh! How about My Little Pony?" Kim said cheerfully.

"Ew, Kim. How can you stand that show? It's disgusting with girly junk." I said.

"How about Truth or Die?" I suggested.

"No scary movies, Lens! The last time we watched a scary movie with you, me, Kim, and Konnie nearly passed out with all that blood in the movie! How can you watch that?" Carrie said with her arms crossed. I shrugged.

"How about The Open Doors?" Carrie said pulling out the DVD cover.

"No. I don't want to watch some fairy tale with mythical junk and princesses and other crap." I said pushing away the DVD cover.

"Fine then. Lets wait until Grojband comes and lets all vote."


It's now six o'clock and Grojband just arrived.

"So, what now?" Corey said.

"I don't know. Maybe some truth or dare?" Kim asked.

"Nah. Not in the mood." Carrie said.

"How bout a movie?" Kin asked.

"Oh, yeah! We can't decide a movie and some junk, so we want you guys to decide!" Carrie said.

"Ok, how about, MY LITTLE PONY!" Kim said as she raised her hand. No one else voted.

"Ok, how about Truth or Die?" Kin, Kon, and Corey raised their hands.

"How about The Open Doors?" Carrie said. All the girls raised their hands, even Lamey.

We soon started to watch the open doors, and to my opinion, it sucked. There was a prince, there was a princess, and other shit. All the guys didn't pay much attention.


"Wow! That was an awesome movie!" Laney said as she high fived Kim. They sure do love that movie, and more love to the book.

"Hey, girls, how about we just go to sleep?" Corey suggested. They all nodded their heads and we began to take out our sleeping bags. We slept in a circle, our heads first. We all got to sleep.

When I woke up, you can't believe where we all found ourselves.