Chapter 2

I woke up with the feeling of the hot sun's radiation on my face. Maybe I slept near the window? Anyway, I got up but, I was kinda heavy. I was confused and looked down at myself. My eyes grew wide of the sight that I'm wearing… armor?!

"What the fuck?!" I said surprisingly. Everyone woke up and gave me a funny look when they saw me.

"Like, Lens, why are you wearing that? You look stupid." Carrie said. I gave her an angry glare but then my face softened when I saw everyone else's clothing.

"You look stupid, too." I pointed at Carrie, who is wearing an old time-y dress.

"The fuck? Why am I wearing a dress?!" She said.

"Uh, Carrie, you're not the only one." Kim said. Kim, Konnie, and Carrie were wearing the same dresses, but in different colors. Grojband was wearing men villager clothes and Laney was wearing a very fancy light green dress. And to top it, we were in a middle of a meadow.

"What's going on here?" Laney said. Everyone else started to panic.

"Why are we in a meadow? Why are we here?" Konnie started to ask a bunch of questions.

"Why? What? When? Huh?" Kim said. Everyone was freaking out until we all heard horses hooves pound against the ground in the distant.

"Hide!" Carrie said. We were all running behind a bush, but Laney tripped and fell. She was about to get up until a dude in armor with a horse came up to her. Five other men came.

"Princess Linney (Lin AYE) you shall come with us back to the castle for running away and disobeying your fathers orders." He picked her up by the arm.

"Let go, you bitch!"

"Hm, strange words your blabbing about."

"I said let go!" She tried to struggle free but failed too. The men laughed and galloped away. I got out of the bush and started to panic.

"Oh my god! They took Laney!" I said, breathing heavily.

"Calm down, Lens." Carrie said.

"No! I'll not calm down until we find laney!" I said disagreeing to calm down.

"I hate to change the topic, but, who's princess Linney?" Kim asked. Everyone was silent until Carrie gasped.

"Wait, Laney must be the princess in the movie!" Carrie exclaimed. "And Lens, you must be…The knight in armor!"

"Sir Lance!" Konnie yelled.

I was shocked and frozen from my spot. I'm the Knight in armor?!

"Or you might be the Prince." Kim said. I sighed.

"Prince or Knight, we are going to get Laney." I said. Everyone nodded and started to run to where Laney was taken. (Please read my note below if this chapter was confusing or you need some clarification)

Hi! I'm sorry if the story seems confusing to you, but I'll explain the chapter. The bands found themselves in the movie "The Open Doors" and Laney is the princess and Lenny is the knight/Prince. The girls can't remember what happened in the movie, because the movie goes on from what they remember. And the reason that I call it "The Open Doors" is because, well, keep reading and you'll find out. Please review and tell me what you think! Bye! :)