"Yes, Gav, I've got them...yes all three of them...ok...bye." Eponine locked her phone and tucked it back in the pocket of her jeans, almost dropping the stack of books in her hands.

Gavroche had sent her to the store to buy his favorite book series so he could do some summer reading. While she was there she picked up a book for herself and a book of fairy tales to read to her little sister, Azelma, to get her to sleep.

Once she thought she had everything, she started to walk to the checkout line and bumped into something-or, rather, someone-and dropped the large stack of books.

"Crap." She huffed bending down to gather everything.

"Quite a variety you've got here." She heard someone say. It was the man she had bumped into who was now bent over helping her pick up her books.

"Yeah, we'll that's what happens when you've got a little brother and sister who actually enjoy reading." She joked "And of course, I felt the need to pick something up for myself."

"Wow. And it's not about vampires. I'm a bit shocked." He laughed.

"I'm not sure if that was a pick up line or an insult." Eponine countered.

"It was actually a complement if you can believe it." He told her smiling. "I'm Courfeyrac." He said sticking his hand out. Eponine took it in her own small hand and shook it lightly.

"You're not from around here, huh?" She asked

"What gave me away?"

"We'll, it could be that you were actually polite and helped me pick my books up, or the fact you gave me a compliment...oh! I've got it! The accent." She told him sarcastically.

He laughed. "Darn, now my covers blown."

"Well thank you. For helping me with the books." Eponine said nervously, attempting to walk away.

"Wait!" Courfeyrac called after her, "Can't I at least get your number?"

"So it was a pick up line." Eponine said smirking at him.

"Is that a yes." He asked. Eponine rolled her eyes and dug a sharpie out of her large tote bag.

She scribbled her number down on his arm as he smiled down at her. She started to walk away again when she heard Courfeyrac call after her once more.

"Wait. I didn't get your name."

She smirked at him with her head tilted to the side and said, "Eponine."

"Eponine." Courfeyrac repeated softly to himself. "Goodbye Eponine." He called after her when he saw her leaving the book store, the bag of books she had purchased clutched in her hand.

She turned around and smiled at Courfeyrac before turning away and walking out the door.