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That time had come again, as it does. About once every century the nations of the world took a test. But it wasn't just any old test. This test would determine if they needed to repeat their education again- especially if they could not remember simple things such as mathematics. It really wouldn't do to have nations who couldn't add two and two running the world. Most nations always made it through the tests, even if some only passed by one mark or so. There were a few who occasionally had to be educated again, but the humiliation of repeat education and other things (like explaining to other nations/bosses why they were busy- "Are you free tomorrow?" "Sorry, I'm in school." "Dude, you're 400 odd years old.") was always enough to get them to work harder.

At this current time, the nations were in one of the aforementioned tests (they still hadn't thought of a good enough name for it). It was silence in the room, save for the hmm's and errrrr's when nations came to a particular question they struggled at. As a rule they were not allowed to use their people's knowledge. It had to be their own knowledge, that they, themselves, learned.

You'd think that the nation who set the tests would not take it, but nope, Germany was also taking the test (he generated random test paper questions so he wouldn't know all of the answers before the test). In many eyes that was a wasted opportunity to get out free from taking a test. Don't deny it readers. We all know it.

After everybody was finished Germany collected all papers in.

That night he sat down with the mark scheme (which was also generated with the questions), and got to work.

However some answers he saw were... umm...

~~~awesome time skip to the next day and meeting~~~

"... completely unsatisfactory!" Germany was basically shouting at the other nations "Whenever you get a question you do not know, answer with logic, not with completely ridiculous answers!"

Everyone had passed the test this time, if you couldn't tell.

"Thus," the leading nation continued "I have compiled a list of the most ridiculous answers, and hopefully everybody will see how not to answer questions in the future."

So began a list of questions and answers, which did last for the whole meeting, if you were wondering. The tests were supposed to be anonymus, but some can be easily identified.

Question 1: What ended in 1896? Answer: 1895

Apparently this was not the answer Germany had been looking for- although it was definitely correct in some sense. Because said question was so vague not many nations actually got the answer (and I don't even know).

Question 2: Name the quadrilateral (what followed underneath were several different 4-sided shapes to name) Answer: Bob, Sam, Harry- to name a few.

Some simple maths knowledge tested. Well why can't shapes have normal names, huh? But.. it was still wrong.

Question 3: What is the strongest force on earth? Answer: Love

Metaphorically, yes. In relation to pysics, no.

Question 4: There are 4 ghosts. One flies away. How many are left? Answer: 0, because ghosts AREN'T REAL!

Denying it doesn't mean they are truly fake America.

Question 5: Explain how you found your answer to the problem in Question 4. Answer: Math

To those who had done the previous question, some had put this answer. While correct in a way, it was still classed as wrong.

Question 6: Where was the American Declaration of Independance signed? Answer: At the bottom. XD

This was obviously America's answer, it was covered in doodles of stars, US flags and 'FREEDOOM!' covering the following question on his test paper.

Worryingly though, England's test paper had a complete block of black pen crossing out this question. The anger was pratically seeping out of the paper. Best to not let anybody else see this... ahem... answer.

Question 7: Bob has 36 candy bars. He eats 29 of them. What does he have now? Answer: Diabetes. Bob has diabetes.

Despite the wording of the question being a little confusing this should have been obvious to everyone. Maybe it was. But somebody chose to put something other than the wrong answer.

As this particular question came up, Englnd gave a little smirk, unnoticable to anybody, proud of his answer. He had scored as one of the top nations anyway (he usually did) so a couple of sarcastic answers never bothered him, merely amused him further when one appeared in a slideshow of wrong answers.

Question 8: If someone suggests that you are slurring your words, you need to work on your...? Answer: Alchoholism.

While it was a nice idea, it wouldn't work. Was that a Guiness stain at the side of that answer?

Question 9: (well this wasn't that important considering...) Answer: ...

It was impossible to tell what anything said. Somebody, on their paper, had simply drawn things like paper saying "Top Secret" taped over the top, or a coffee spill covering the answer space (well, at least you'd know it wasn't england thanks to the 'coffee' part).

Question 10: What is love? Answer: Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

"Vhy has everybody written this on their paper? Everyone?!" Germany glared at everyone, especially since at least half of the world started singing it as it appeared on the screen. He hadn't written it on his paper of course, but everybody else just had to.

And of course there was a lot more questions, but this was the basic idea.

"Duude~ At least everybody passed the test- I woulda thought you'd be happy with that~!" America said as Germany sat down.

"Ja... I guess you're right..." Germany went, then got tackled into a hug by Prussia for finally "loosening up a little and being a bit more awesome for not talking for too long".

Even if that meeting had lasted for 4 hours, just going over incorrect answers.

But it was over now.

Even if everybody did have "What is love?" stuck in their heads for the rest of the day.

But it's a good song.

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