Silence. That's all there was. Complete silence. Everyone was asleep, on their own in their own homes and everything was silent. It was meant to be a good day, Heidi was opening up to them all about what had happened to her. She wasn't keeping it in anymore, she was letting them help her. They should have been thankful for that. But all that any one would remember from today was Lara's secret. Not Heidi's.

Lachie's Point Of View

When Lara had left, Vince had moved Dean and Chase to the kitchen to tell them what Lara had done. The rest of the team were still processing what they had heard, while Lachie was trying to comfort Heidi who was getting more worked up as she tried to make sense of what Lara had said, but the only thing that anyone heard was a stream of jumbled up words as Heidi tried to come up with a reason for what Lara had confessed.

In the end, Lachie couldn't take it anymore and picked Heidi up, taking her through to her bedroom to try and calm her down. He could tell the others were getting agitated by Heidi's rambling, and he didn't want anyone to lose it which would only cause more tension. He heard Dean start swearing as he closed the door, and hesitated a moment to try and catch what his brother was saying. Dean was too angry though to make much sense, and so Lachie only caught snippets of what he was shouting.

He heard more swear words, Vince trying to placate him, Dean shouting about going to confront Lara, then Vince's voice again, more swearing from Dean, and finally Michelle's voice. He couldn't hear what she said as she was talking quietly, trying to get Dean to do the same. Whatever she said though seemed to work as he didn't hear Dean's voice again, only Michelle's. He could hear her more clearly now as they all moved into the living room.

Michelle's Point Of View

When Dean had calmed down, Michelle took him through to the living room and made him sit down in the place vacated by Lachie and Heidi, a few minutes earlier. She sat next to him and waited for Vince and Chase to join them before she started talking. When everyone was settled Michelle started to explain that everyone was angry and confused at what Lara had done, but that it wasn't going to help anyone to get worked up over it and confront her while they were all so mad at her. They weren't going to get any answers by ganging up on her and making her feel hated.

Dean interrupted her, questioning why they are trying to spare her feelings in all of this, saying that she already is hated, and that it is Heidi they should be focusing on, not Lara. Michelle took control again and explained that Dean was exactly right. They should be focusing on Heidi which is why she is talking to them now.

She continued by saying that Heidi was very upset by what had just happened, and the only person with her is Lachie. Everybody else is sat there, in the living room thinking about how they want to go and shout at Lara, when they should be thinking about how they can make things better for Heidi. Michelle then made Dean feel guilty, by telling him that the first thought in his mind when he found out what Lara had done should have been Heidi, and instead it was Lara. If he was going to help her, and get her the answers from Lara that she deserves then Dean needed to stop thinking about confronting Lara and making everything worse. He needed to think about his little sister, and how all of them are the only family she has, but right now more than anyone the one person who can make things better is him, and he is sat in a different room to her as she tries to understand how the day where she was meant to finally move forward from her attack has taken her back to square one in her recovery.

Michelle finished her speech, and let what she had just said sink in with everybody, as realization of how wrong they had acted set in, and how they finally seemed to notice that Lachie and Heidi were no longer in the living room. She looked up to see Lachie reenter the room, and quietly say Dean's name. At the mention of Dean's name, everyone looked toward Lachie to see who had broken the moment of reflection, and when Dean saw his brother he stood up and walked to him.

Lachie's Point Of View

When Michelle had finished her speech, he knew that now would be a good time to go and get Dean. He had opened the door fully again so he could still hear what was being said, but could also go and sit with Heidi on her bed so she wasn't alone. She had stopped crying and was now just sat curled up in a ball, Dean's dog-tags clenched tightly in her hands, the chain almost strangling her as she pulled them harder, so as to never let go. Lachie could see that they gave her strength and were comforting to her, a replacement of Dean when he wasn't there. Only he was there, he was in the next room, and yet he was so far away from Heidi at the same time. Lachie had gone and sat on the bed, gently loosening her hands so that she didn't cut of her oxygen, and had held her close, like Dean did, as she crawled onto his lap. They stayed there while Michelle talked, and eventually Heidi had asked for Dean.

Lachie had left her in her room, and had walked into the living room and said Dean's name. To anyone else it was just a word, a name, but he knew that to Dean it was a whole other meaning. In that one mention of his name, Dean knew that Heidi needed him, even though Lachie had done a great job of looking after her and she loved him, Heidi needed him now, and no one else. He stood up and walked over to Lachie, and a silent exchange took place in between them.

An exchange of thank you from Dean, a thank you for being there for her when he couldn't, a thank you for not losing it like he had, for being the strong one and the older brother when he should have been.

An exchange of always from Lachie, always meaning that he will always be there for him and Heidi, no matter what, a meaning of somebody has to be in control when he isn't, and a meaning that Dean can't always be strong like he wants to be and can't always be the older brother. Every one needs help from time to time, and Lachie is always there to step in when needed.

They both stepped forward at the same time and embraced each other in a brotherly hug, before separating so Dean could go and be with Heidi, while Lachie stayed behind to now be the older brother to the other member of their family.

Chase's Point Of View

Chase had been silent since Vince had told him and Dean what Lara had done to cause so much upset. While Dean had expressed his emotions verbally, Chase had no emotions. He was in shock, complete shock. He had thought this was over. He thought that now Heidi had told everyone what Mack had done to her that she could finally move on and get better, and so could everyone else. He thought that everything would go back to normal and that they would all be a proper family again. He didn't think that their lives would be ruined again, especially by Lara.

When Michelle had taken Dean into the living room, he had followed with Vince, and as she started her speech Chase had just sat there. His mind was blank, it was empty of everything that he had just been told, empty of the entire events of the day. Except it was all still there. It was all there but Chase didn't want to think about it anymore. He just wanted to forget everything and rewind time, back to before they had all come to Dean and Heidi's and before Lara had changed everything. Back to this morning where for the first time in months he had seen Heidi happy. Back to four months ago before he pieced together what had happened to Heidi himself. Back to six months ago, before Heidi was ever attacked in the first place. Back to when Lara and Mack slept together, so he could stop it from happening and stop these events from ever taking place.

He knew he could never do that, but he wished he could. When he came back to earth he noticed that Dean, Michelle, Vince and Jordan were gone. The only ones left in the living room were him and Lachie. He asked where everyone was, and Lachie explained that Dean had gone to be with Heidi, and that the others had all left and gone home. They were going to meet up again tomorrow at HQ and decide what was going to happen from this point on. Him and Chase were going to stay the night with Dean and Heidi, even though they only lived next door, but right now Lachie wanted to talk to Chase about tonight.

Chase had told Lachie that he wasn't in the mood for talking, but Lachie hadn't taken no for an answer, and had said that they didn't need to be worrying about both Heidi and him for these next few weeks which were going to be hard on everyone. Lachie said that he needed Chase to tell him the truth about how he is feeling, because these next weeks weren't going to be easy and he needed to know that Chase was strong enough to handle them.

Chase told him that he was, but realized that Lachie had a point about telling him the truth, and knew he didn't want to keep secrets from him, as he never has with Dean or Heidi. So Chase proceeded to tell Lachie everything he was feeling about Lara, about Heidi and about the whole night in general. He told him about his talk with Dean, and Lachie listened to everything. He was glad that his brother decided not to lie to him, and he was glad that he had been talking to Dean at least. He made sure that Chase knew that from now on he wasn't to keep any secrets, at all, from any of them. If he had problems he wanted Chase to come to them, and he made sure that Chase knew that until the whole problem with Lara was sorted out he wanted Chase to stay away from her.

Chase argued about that, asking why everybody else was allowed to talk to her and learn the truth from her, but not him, and it took Lachie a while to make Chase understand that it was for his own good, and that he was doing it for him, to help him. He said that he didn't want Chase getting upset at whatever happens between them and Lara, and to calm him down a little he told Chase that he would need to stay here with Heidi while the rest of them were talking to Lara and trying to find a way to sort out this whole mess. He knew that Chase would like being here with Heidi and looking after her, as they were best friends and if anyone could make Heidi laugh a little in a situation like this, it was Chase.

Lachie's Point Of View

Having made sure that Chase was in a good place, Lachie had switched on the television and told Chase that now it was time to unwind, and as they watched a rerun of an old football match Lachie decided to put it on mute, so they could have silence, and time to themselves without actually being alone, knowing that right now he wanted the company of his family to distract him from the events of the day, even if they were all asleep. They were going to need each other more than ever now and being here with Dean, Heidi and Chase was comforting and it also let him know that they were all safe. For another night they were safe, and that was important to Lachie as he knew that tomorrow it could be very different.