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100 Years Later

"I'm feeling an intense sense of déjà-vu," I murmured as I stood in front of a mirror, a wedding dress wrapped around my form.

"Can't imagine why…" Rosalie murmured as she pulled on strand of my hair, softly threading it into a loose braid. "Though, I still have to ask, why a red dress?"

I grinned as I brushed my fingers over the crimson satin fabric. "I could pretend that it wasn't a wedding dress. If it was white, no way could I do that."

"Why are you getting married if you still have issues with weddings?" Heidi asked as she came up to stand next to me. "You and Kate could've just eloped."

"Kate asked me to marry her and I said yes, then she, Tanya and Irina got excited planning this grand wedding," I sighed, leaning my head back into Rosalie's fingers. "They just recently started talking again, I didn't really want to interfere with their bonding time."

"Those three do tend to get wrapped up in things when they get together," Heidi replied, rolling her eyes. "Am I the only one who preferred it when they weren't speaking?"

"Can't decide which I preferred, Tanya and Irina were unbearable to be around when they weren't talking," Rosalie snickered as she finished tying off my hair.

"It's a good thing these rooms are sound proof, I don't think our hosts would take to kindly to us talking about them," I hushed the both of them, holding in my own giggles.

"So Heidi, how is my ex-brother doing these days?" Rosalie asked, turning to the equally statuesque vampire. "Haven't heard much about him, other than he found his mate."

At that, Heidi rolled her eyes. "Adrian, he's a lesser guard member, pompous ass but fabulous hair. They probably spend as much time looking in the mirror as they look at each other, they deserve each other. Fortunately as lesser guards, I don't have to encounter them very often… And Eddie isn't even a guard member, just a glorified wall ornament so…"

I nearly choked on unneeded air as I took in what Heidi was saying. "Adrian? As in a guy? Eddikins is mated to another guy?" I looked from Heidi to Rosalie's own incredulous expression. "Well that explains a few things."

"Definitely not something I would've guessed, but with the size of stick up his ass, it does make sense," Rosalie agreed, shaking her head. "I could've existed without that image in my head though."

"You guys asked," Heidi replied nonchalantly, shrugging.

"Explains why Carlisle and Esme have left us alone for all this time, they have other things to worry about," I commented, still trying to smooth away invisible wrinkles.

"Come on guys, it's the 22nd century, this stuff has been legal for a long time," Heidi retorted. "I mean, Aro and Caius, and then Sulpicia and Athenodora came out of the closet. The vampire world is the last to change, so if the leaders of the vampire world can be out and about, Mommy and Daddy Cullen can let go of their issues."

"I'm pretty sure Carlisle would rather drink human blood," Rosalie returned, sitting on the chaise lounge near the window of the room. "But let's focus back on the situation at hand, Bella's finally getting married today, runaway bride no more."

"There's always a chance," I muttered. "I mean, Pixar made like, ten Cars movies, so anything is possible."

"Bella, if you're feeling even the little bit unsure about this, you need to let Kate know," Rosalie said, beckoning me to sit on the lounge with her.

"It's not the marriage thing," I sighed, sinking onto the furniture. Heidi followed after me and leaned against the wall, always looking the part of the seductive predator. "It's this gigantic wedding that Tanya and Irina put together, it's a little over the top. I mean, have you guys looked outside?"

Heidi snorted and looked outside the window to the elaborately decorated yard. "Oh yeah, I don't think I've ever seen the Alaskan wilderness so decked out. Snow cleared out, lights strung up, flowers everywhere, an arbor, pavilions, ice sculptures! It's obnoxiously ridiculous."

"Exactly!" I cried, pointing out the window. "It's so not Kate or I. We like simple, we like fun, we like to vacation at Disney resorts for crying out loud! I would've preferred a short stay in Vegas followed up a week or two in Disneyland, not this circus with a honeymoon in some tropical resort, which I'm guessing is really nice."

Rosalie and Heidi stared at me for a minute before looking at each other. "We've got to fix this then, we're going to handle this, no way is my best friend going to have a wedding she doesn't want," Heidi swore, her eyes darkening.

"How, I mean, there are a ton of guests out there and Tanya and Irina are circling around like bridezilla hawks," I replied, looking at my best friend.

"Well first, you're going to stay in here, and then Rosalie is going to distract the hawks, while I retrieve your bride," she replied before sauntering out of the room. Rosalie smiled and patted my knee before walking out after her.

I waited around twenty minutes or so, patience being an easy virtue when you're a vampire, before Heidi shoved Kate into the room and shut the door behind her, effectively locking us both in the room. I took in the sight with a big of awe and confusion. Kate was in a deep red dress, darker than mine that clung to her figure along her bust and waistline before ruffling out and falling to the floor. She looked gorgeous of course but that wasn't what confused me, it was the dress itself that baffled me.

"Isn't it considered improper to see each other before the wedding," Kate teased as she walked closer to me. Her eyes danced along my form, taking in my dress before settling on my face. "Baby what's wrong?"

"I-" I started, before changing course directions. "What are you wearing?"

Kate scrunched her face in confusion. "What am I wearing?" She looked down at herself. "Um, my wedding dress? We are getting married today."

"What about that tuxedo garment bag I saw stashed in the back of our closet?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"Ah, well, I got a tuxedo, sort of, put my own personal spin on it, and I was going to wear it, but Irina thought it would interfere with the décor of the wedding, so we picked out this dress instead."

Hearing those words come out of my mate's mouth made we want to scream with frustration. "That," I said, pointing at her. "That is the problem. Irina decided, Tanya decided, they decided everything about this wedding, even down to where we would go for a honeymoon." I heaved out a sigh and leaned my elbows on my knees, propping my head up with my hands. "I don't want this wedding Kate, it's not us, you should be able to wear what you want, and I should… I should be able to feel comfortable with a wedding."

"Bella, why didn't you tell me this before today?" Kate asked concerned, sitting next to me.

I sighed again, "You were having such a good time with your sisters, that I didn't want to intrude on that, having been separated for so long."

Kate laughed, "Bells, I don't want this wedding either, I thought it was what you wanted, I mean, you sat there through all these decisions and just smiled at everything."

"I was probably thinking about having sex with you," I replied honestly. We both looked at each other and burst out laughing, knowing that Kate was probably thinking about the same thing.

"Alright, so what do you want for our wedding, what was your dream?" Kate asked, softly taking my hands.

"Vegas," I said after a moment. "Vegas with Heidi, Rosalie and Emmett, and the Disneyland for our honeymoon. Any park, it wouldn't matter, as long as we went together."

"Disneyland Olso just opened up a few years ago with Elsa and Anna ruling over it," Kate said, referring to the timeless Frozen and the Princess of Arendelle. "We haven't been yet, or we can go back to Disneyland Munich, Tangled was your favorite…"

I silenced Kate with a soft kiss, grateful that my mate knows me so well. "Let's do them all again, including the new locations, like our first trip around the world all those years ago."

"Heidi and Rosalie are distracting my sisters," Kate said. "I'm going to change into my tux and how about we settle on Vancouver instead of Vegas. I don't want to waste any more time." The blonde flashed over to the closet and started to change her clothes while I threw a lot of our stuff into a few suitcases. "How do I look?" Kate asked after a few moments and when I turned to look, my mouth dropped open. She was dressed in a white tux with coattails hanging down, and crisply pressed pants. The crimson vest and bow tie matched my dress exactly, and the white top hat sitting on her platinum hair completed the look.

"Truthfully, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as attractive before," I replied, my eyes I'm sure were pitch black with lust.

"This is why I suggested Vancouver darling," she purred, fusing our mouths together in a passionate kiss.

"Let's get out of here," I said once our mouths detached. We grabbed our bags and quietly rushed out of the house and to Kate's car.

Just as we were climbing into the vehicle, Tanya and Irina came running out of the house. "Where do you two think you're going?" Tanya bellowed, glaring at us.

I grinned at the two and shot them a wink just as Kate revved up the engine. I called back to them and the gathered guests as Kate rocketed down the driveway. "Oh, don't you know Tanya? It's our wedding, we can run away if we want to."

A/N: Not sure why I made these two so obsessed with Disney in this story, but I started the idea so I just continued with it. I imagine if the Disney franchise continues to grow, it'll have more parks than it does right now, one for each princess to preside over, that's what would be interesting to happen. Not in our lifetime though. Cinderella presides over Disney World, Snow White over Disneyland Anaheim, Belle in Disneyland Paris, and Sleeping Beauty in Disneyland Hong Kong. I just picked the native regions of Frozen and Tangled to have Disney parks, but, who knows, lots of things can happen over time.

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