House of The End

Chapter 1: The Road to Corinth

A/N: Okay, so, if you read the epilogue of the one shot before this (HOR: Touchstone of Ra), then you'll understand this story a bit better. This is the last piece in the trilogy, the sequel to HOR: Touchstone of Ra. This takes place in the future during the RPM season. Set in the year 2038, when the samurai rangers and HOA characters have all grown up, started their own lives, and all that other good stuff. This is also a bit AU.

Now that Nina has done her job of saving the world, it's time for her oldest daughter to follow in her footsteps. Nina thought that her completing her samurai duties twenty six years ago would be it, but the end of the world proved otherwise. The Chosen One never thought her children would have to go through the realities of fighting monsters, but there's also really no choice in the matter, since the power chooses you and whatnot, right?

This will feature all samurai rangers and HOA characters at some point, and I plan for this story to be better than the last two.

Pairings from previous two stories: Nina/Fabian, Lauren/OC, Jayden/Antonio, Mike/Emily, Kevin/Mia, Amber/OC, Alfie/Willow, Jerome/Joy, Mara/OC, KT/Mick, Eddie/Patricia.

Pairings to form in this story: Summer/Dillon, Ziggy/Dr. K, and based on the poll from my profile, I won't reveal who will be paired with the OC. It won't be Gem though, since the final vote was between Flynn and Scott.

Just as a little reminder, here's the list of older couples and their kids (Kids in order from oldest to youngest, and all couples are married):

Nina/Fabian: Bailey, Fredrick, Arthur, Olivia

Lauren/Jeffery Browne (OC): Sophie, Brandon

Jayden/Antonio: Jackson, Marissa (twins they adopted)

Mike/Emily: Anna, Steve, William

Kevin/Mia: Ian, Keith, Tina

KT/Mick: Nathaniel, Kayla

Eddie/Patricia: Morgan, Peter, Megan

Joy/Jerome: Aiden, Allison

Alfie/Willow: Tyson, Joshua, Cecelia

Mara/Richard Borges (OC): Sandra, Bryan

Amber/Timothy Adams (OC): Brittany, Melissa

Well, let's get this thing going, shall we?

Also, remember that I have the samurai rangers as Public ID rangers in this series.

Disclaimer: I only own things not originally in the show.

"Listen carefully, okay? We don't have a lot of time. It started three years ago. The world internet federation reported the appearance of an aggressive new computer worm – The Venjix Virus. A year later, it was estimated that Venjix had already infected thirty seven percent of the world's computer systems. By then, it was too late. Venjix took control of the world's communication, power, and defense systems. It built armies of advanced robotic soldiers that laid waste to everything in their path. There was no stopping them, and Venjix declared victory. If you can hear my voice, please go now to the domed city of Corinth. It's the only place we can be safe. But you have to make it inside the city walls before the defense shield is activated. Please…hurry."

Nina Rutter was becoming worried.

Normally, when she was worried, the worry was quickly relieved.

However, this time was not the case.

The former orange samurai ranger had known this day would come, as did her fellow teammates. After all, they had teamed up with the rangers from when the world had ended, and Nina had also learned something she probably shouldn't have. The world was ending, and they all knew it. Nina, knowing more about it than her friends, had lived in Corinth City ever since she and her husband had moved back to America from England not long after their second child was born.

Since then, she had been talking to Colonel Mason Truman about this day. The two would work on trying to prepare for the end of the world, convincing surrounding cities to combine with Corinth City to make Corinth much larger. It had seemed odd at first, but with what was happening now, it all made sense.

Nina and Colonel Truman had been working together for so long, that they had come to an agreement for when this time would come. Nina would have superiority over him in matters regarding the future ranger team that would be created, including choosing who to operate the ranger suits and whatnot. Colonel Truman would handle the military side of things and try to keep the much larger city at peace.

When they had combined cities with nearby cities, it wasn't hard to convince them. It helped having a public identity ranger convincing them, and thankfully, most of the cities that combined with Corinth were cities that had a team or two of power rangers before. All cities that previously hosted a ranger team had willingly combined with Corinth City, and that had greatly expanded the walls of the dome. Once Corinth had become large enough to hold tons of people, they had set to work putting the dome up.

In the present day, the dome was up and shielding people inside from the Venjix attacks. Nina and her fellow samurai rangers were helping out where they could, whether it be fighting off Venjix's forces or helping get people into the city. Other former rangers were littering the area and doing the same, the public identity ones morphing to fight. Attacks were coming from the ground and air, and they were all trying their best.

All of Nina's friends who weren't power rangers were already inside the dome with their families along with her husband and three of her four kids. They were all waiting for Nina and her eldest daughter to get inside the dome. Her eldest daughter, Bailey, had been in the UK at the boarding school her parents went to when the evacuations had been ordered. There had been no sign of Bailey yet since the evacuations were ordered all over the world, and as more time went by, the more worried Nina got.

The dirty blonde sighed. She saw Colonel Truman talking to one of his men, and she spotted a bus pulling to a stop outside the dome. The door to the bus opened, and Nina walked over, hoping to get the driver to do a few more runs. She avoided laser fire as she made her way to the bus, where a young girl was being passed to her mother. Nina reached the bus as the mother and daughter ran and looked inside. She saw a boy, maybe a year or two older than Bailey, driving it.

"You," she called, getting his attention. "What are you doing behind the wheel of one of the transports?"

"I would be driving it," the boy replied, a thick Scottish accent shining through. Nina spotted the nametag he wore showed his name was Flynn. "What else would I be doing?"

"And you made it through the entire Venjix army in one piece?" she raised an eyebrow, folding her arms across her chest.

"Aye," Flynn confirmed, right before the front bumper fell off. "Well…maybe a few pieces, but, you know, we made it." An explosion went off behind them, followed by screams.

Nina turned to the man. "Get these people out of here, fast." She walked away, morphing to fight as she went.

"Aye, I'll get myself out too, if you don't mind," Flynn muttered before shutting the door and driving off into the dome.

"Fall back!" the Colonel shouted. "Everyone inside the city walls now!" Everyone, rangers included, ran for the city. The rangers were the last ones inside before dropping their morph. Thankfully, their kids were being looked after by Nina's friends.

Once inside, Nina and the Colonel stood together. Fabian, Nina's husband, appeared by her side, placing a hand on her shoulder. He too was worried about his eldest daughter, since no sign of her had shown up yet. "Stand by to raise the shield," the older man ordered.

"But Colonel, your sons and my daughter," Nina glared at him. "They're still…"

"On my signal," the Colonel interrupted, now getting a glare from Fabian as well. The soldiers fell back. "Seal all city gates, raise the shields."

The gates began closing, and Nina and Fabian watched on worriedly. The sound of a motorcycle humming caught their attention and they turned back. They saw two riders on one bike. They skidded close to the ground to duck under the gates and avoid being shut out completely. The gate closed once they were inside, and the city shield went up.

Nina felt her heart drop as an unfamiliar blonde and Colonel Truman's youngest son were revealed to be the riders on the bike. While she was glad they had made it back, it meant her daughter was still out there somewhere.

Nina felt herself begin to fall as she stared at the closed gate. Her friends and family began to surround her as she started crying, and Fabian comforted her.

One year later…somewhere outside the dome…

A black car sped through the deserted lands, searching for the domed city. Both the driver and passenger had gas masks on, it not being safe enough to breathe the toxic air. The driver was a tall male, nineteen years old, with sort of shaggy brown hair and dressed in black. The passenger beside him was a seventeen year old girl clad in pink, had blonde hair like her aunt, and wore her mother's old locket. She also had a bag wrapped around her and it contained things she could not lose, especially not to Venjix.

The duo had been traveling for the past six months, since they had first met. Both had been traveling alone, fending for themselves until they met the other. Despite the boy coming off as a loner, brooding bad boy, he felt an urge to protect the younger girl. The two had quickly bonded, and throughout their journey to Corinth City and living in the man's car, they had managed to defeat everything that stepped in their path, as long as it wasn't human.

After stopping for a quick water break, they continued. The passenger fiddled with the radio, trying to find something about where Corinth was or how Corinth was doing. The driver sped through the open desert. They had stopped once more to handle a pack of grinders and to remove their masks when their scanner said the area was fine for breathing. Once more, they were on their way again.

When they stopped again, both of them got out. The girl dug out a map from her bag and opened it on the hood of the car. She stood in front of the vehicle while the man stood on the side. The man pulled out a compass he had found before putting a yellow lollipop in his mouth. The girl watched as he pulled out his pocket watch and inserted a key, which did nothing. He opened the watch, and a soft melody began to play.

"Hold it right there," a voice spoke, startling the two. The man felt something poking into his back, and the girl turned around to see who was behind her friend. "Eyes front! Hands up. Hands up, where I can see them." The man dropped the lollipop onto the ground. "Okay now, my friend, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. I'm gonna count to…"


The girl held back a laugh as the curly haired boy behind her friend looked flustered. "Wait, what? No? How can you say no? I haven't even told you my demands yet. Now you've made me lose my train of thought."

"You want to start over?" the man offered.

"No, no," the other boy denied. "We'll just…let's just keep going. Uh, I need to take your car. Well, let's say borrow. I need to borrow your car, okay? That sounds better."

"And those are your demands, huh?"

"Yeah, yeah. Nonnegotiable."

"Can I say something now?"



The girl rolled her eyes as the boy behind her friend tried to claim he was holding a blaster, and that he was a desperate and dangerous person. She decided to speak. "It's not a blaster," she assured her friend, her English accent shining through. Her accent was something she had gotten from her father and from living in the UK for a while. "It's a four and half inch outtake muffler, like the one you might have pulled off the rig over there."

"Maybe," the boy stuttered. "I mean…that's an interesting theory. But…a smart guy like me, he might uh, he might disguise his blaster…" he was cut off as the man whipped around and knocked the muffler from the other boy's hands. "Wait. Okay. Not the face! Not the face, alright?"

"Any food, water, gas?" the man demanded, rummaging through the boy's bag.

"No, no," the boy shook his head. "That's some of the other stuff I was planning to borrow from you." The bag was tossed at him, and he followed the man back to the car. "Whoa, hey, where are you guys going? You can't leave me here." He heard the radio. "Corinth? You're looking for Corinth City. Am I right? The radiation messes with the compass as well as the radio frequencies. Very hard to find your way. Fortunately for you, I can take you there."

"If you knew where it was, you'd be there," the girl pointed out. Then she thought of something. "Do you have a Corinth ID?"

"Corinth Citizen ID," the boy held out the card for the two to see.

The man raised an eyebrow. "Ziggy? Your name is Ziggy?"

"Yep," Ziggy nodded. "That's me."

"What you doing out here, Ziggy?" the man wondered.

"You know," he nervously chuckled. "That's a long story. I'd be happy to tell you the whole thing on the way. Or maybe I could just get in and keep my mouth shut."

"Yeah, the second one," the man agreed, climbing into the driver's seat.

The girl looked at Ziggy. "If you're tagging along, you're riding in the back."

The girl had the map out once more, reading it over while she fiddled with the locket she wore. Ziggy sat in the back of the car, which had no seats. The man was driving, and so far, with Ziggy's help, they were getting closer and closer to Corinth City. As they drove on, Ziggy realized something. "So, you still haven't told me your names yet."

"I don't know," the man replied.

"You don't know if you want to tell me your name?" Ziggy frowned.

"I don't know my name," the man corrected.

The girl rolled her eyes. "I just call him Dillon. I'm Bailey 'bullshit' Rutter."

"Bullshit?" Ziggy turned to her, confused. "Is that really your middle name?"

"It's a nickname," Bailey stated. "My friends used to call me that because I always called people out on their bullshit."

"Ah," the curly haired boy nodded. "Well, where are you from? I mean, who exactly are you?"

"We choose not to answer," Bailey replied, answering for herself and Dillon.

Ziggy shrugged. "Well, if we're all gonna be partners, I feel like we should work on our communications…oh wait wait wait!" Dillon slammed on the brakes as Ziggy spotted something in the distance. "See? Ziggy promises, Ziggy delivers." They could all see the huge dome in the distance. "Now, we probably want to pull off the road here and just wait till dark."

"We can't stop," Dillon denied.


"We're running on fumes," Dillon explained. "If I kill the engine now, I may not be able to start it again."

"No, no," Ziggy denied. "This is a joke, right? You're not serious?" To prove he was, Dillon stepped on the gas and sped off. Bailey couldn't help but laugh at Ziggy's nervousness about running the Venjix barricade. "Okay, stop, time out. We need a reality check. No one has ever run the barricade into the city during daylight."

"Well," Dillon sighed. "I'm about as close to no one as you're ever going to meet."

As Ziggy started babbling about where to drop him off, Bailey turned to her crime fighting partner. "How many you think we'll need?"

"Whatever's left."

"Perimeter patrol, right behind," she handed Dillon another yellow lollipop before preparing a bomb for him to launch.

"Okay," Ziggy breathed as Dillon threw the bomb with the lollipop out to the grinders behind them. Bailey prepped a couple more bombs, launching some herself at the barricade. "This isn't happening. I'm running the Venjix barricade in broad daylight with Willy Wonka at the wheel. Remind me to never get on your bad sides."

"Trust us," the two spoke in unison. "You're already there."

Dillon sped up, and Bailey dug out her mother's old samurizer, glad she inherited the powers. The driver threw another bomb as the blonde beside him cast a symbol to protect them.

As they ran the barricade, Ziggy felt the urge to confess random things to the two throwing bombs or driving. One bomb hitting the right spot on the barricade allowed them to pass safely and quickly through. They made it to the entrance of the dome, where the gate was opening up. Dillon drove through the gate and into the city before stopping.

"I'm alive," Ziggy breathed. "We made it!" Grinders appeared in the city along with an attack bot, and the three noticed.

Before they could blink, three people ran by them, all in similar uniforms. The difference was the color of their shirts, the trimming on the jackets, and the person themselves. In red stood an African American boy around Dillon's age with an afro. Beside him on his left was a blonde girl in yellow, hair pulled back. On the other side of the boy was the Scottish boy who drove the bus into the city during the major attack one year ago.

"RPM, get in gear!" they shouted right before they morphed into the red, yellow, and blue power rangers. They sped off to fight the grinders and attack bot. The three in the car watched as the rangers took on the enemy. Dillon seemed greatly confused while the other two knew exactly what the spandex clad people were. The attack bot faced the three in the car. The yellow ranger shot him back, and she and her teammates went to destroy it.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Ziggy grinned as the rangers called on their personal weapons. "Go Rangers!"

"Wait, go what?" Dillon frowned.

"Rangers," Bailey answered. "Power Rangers."

Then, Dillon shocked them both.

"What's a power ranger?"

A/N: So, since that's where the episode ends, that's where the chapter must end. What did you guys think? Updates will be slow for this story.