House of the End

Chapter 8: Ranger Yellow

Part I

A/N: So last time, we got a small look into Scott's past. Now it's time to learn more about Summer and her heritage. Bailey's story is coming up soon, don't worry. I put her at the end of the ranger's things and before Dr. K's episode, so she will be shown in a couple chapters. Anyway, Bailey and Scott had a few moments that showcased their bond (remember they were friends from before this Venjix thing started) and she understands what he is going through. What'll happen now?

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Come morning roughly a week later, the rangers found themselves in the command tower, being interviewed by a group of kids. They had agreed to answer some questions the kids had about their ranger life, hoping to make their field trip more interesting that it already was. At the moment, Dr. K was explaining the ranger technology while Nina stood beside her, trying to find a good spot to cut in. The other rangers stood behind them, looking bored and two almost falling asleep. After what seemed like a really long time, Dr. K finally finished her speech.

"And that is how we power the ranger bio-hardware," she finished up. "Using no traditional energy source."

"Dr. K," Nina pulled her back a bit, whispering. "Remember how we discussed that not everyone is as smart as you were at their age?" Dr. K gave her a confused look as the Colonel continued on.

"Thank you, Dr. K," he thanked. "Now how about some questions from our visiting students?" Ziggy nudged Flynn, who had fallen asleep. Him waking up caused Bailey to wake up, who was drifting off beside him. Most students raised their hands and Mason chose one.

"Ranger black," the first kid began. "You're my favorite power ranger. Your toughness and spirit is an inspiration to all of Corinth City. Do you have any advice for all the kids out there who look up to you?"

Dillon stepped up to the microphone at their podium. "No."

"Ranger Blue," a little girl in a pink and white dress spoke up. "How come you talk pretty and everybody else doesn't?"

"Oh this ought to be good," Bailey smirked, showing off her own accent. Flynn shrugged at her as he stepped up to the microphone.

"Well, wee lass," he began. "It's 'cause I'm Scottish and everyone else isn't."

"Could you please tell me," the tallest kid spoke up. "Where do you get your spandex?"

"Another point for spandex!" Bailey cheered as Flynn and Ziggy grinned, Dr. K stepping forward a bit angrily.

"That is not spandex!" she huffed. Nina pulled her back and covered her mouth before the tiny woman could continue.

The next kid took the microphone, being the same one who spoke to Dillon. "Red, you are the leader of the power rangers. Is that the reason why your hair is the coolest?"

"That would be one of the reasons, yeah," Scott answered, chuckling inside as Bailey tried to stifle her own laughter.

"Ranger Pink," the little girl from before spoke up. Bailey stepped toward the microphone. "As one of the female representatives of the power rangers, I have a question for you. Which one of the guys looks the cutest in the span…I mean, in the tights?" Bailey had to bite her lip to keep from laughing as the guys turned to her curiously.

"Honestly," the blonde started her answer. "The suits aren't that flattering on them, so I'd say none of them." This earned some shocked looks from the guys and some stifled laughs from her mother and Summer. Bailey caught the little girl's attention and shot a look to one of the guys, indicating the real answer. The young girl grinned widely, happy.

"That was cruel, lass," Flynn muttered to her.

"Just trying to save everyone from embarrassment," Bailey retorted, grinning.

The tall kid from before took the microphone back. "Ranger Yellow, will you marry me?"

"Well," Summer smiled, stepping up to the podium. "I like a man with taste. The answer is yes." That earned some laughs from the kids.

"I'm not sure I understand the relevance of the question," Dr. K frowned. "It makes the endless queries into Ranger Red's hair seem pertinent and insightful by comparison."

"I'm sorry," the kid apologized a bit sheepishly. "It's just…Ranger Yellow seems so nice…have you always been this nice, Miss Yellow?"

Summer seemed to become lost in thought.

While Summer continued drifting away in her mind, the alarms went off and the others headed out to defend the city. Dr. K was already reporting to them where the attack was. Summer finally snapped out of her daydreaming just as the others left the building and she wasted no time in following them. When they arrived on the scene, the army was firing at the attack bot and citizens were running away from the creature. The rangers headed in to fight the grinders right away, ignoring the fact that the robot seemed to be a boom-box one. The military cleared out, leaving the rangers to their job.

"RPM, get in gear!" they cried, standing together. They all morphed, getting ready to fight the robot.

"Rangers," Dr. K called over the communicators. "Beware of sonic bombardment cannons."

As soon as the message was through, the robot roared and sent out some sonic waves, causing the rangers to cover their ears in pain. "Thanks for the warning," Flynn grumbled as they grabbed their blasters. The five fired at the robot, only for their blast to be deflected by another sonic wave.

"Rangers," Nina spoke this time. "The attack bot has hacked into the radio frequencies. Turn off all com links."

"Hey!" Summer shouted, riding in on her motorbike. She jumped off it, allowing it to crash into the robot as she landed on her feet. "Do you take requests? RPM, get in gear!"

"Nice timing," Bailey muttered as Summer began attacking with her sword. When it got knocked away from the girl, she used an energy blast to injure the robot. The others gathered around her as she finished. "Good job."

The six stood together and formed their two blasters, activating them. With a hit from each, the robot was knocked out of the picture. Unfortunately, it grew into megazord size, just as everyone expected it to do.

The zord fight didn't last as long as they all expected it to. Summer, Scott, and Flynn went through it first. After their megazord was knocked down, Ziggy, Dillon, and Bailey called upon their zords and fought against the robot. Using a hybrid combination of the zords, the six rangers managed to take down the robot for good, allowing them to return back to their base. Five of them returned in Flynn's car, since they had taken that one to the fight.

"I'm sorry," Scott grinned, continuing an argument. "But uh, which one did they say had the coolest hair?"

"I have cool hair," Ziggy jumped in.

"Aye," Flynn joined them. "But who talks pretty?"

"It's debatable," Bailey smirked, once more showing off her own accent. Flynn glared at her, which only increased her smirk.

"I talk pretty!" Ziggy tried to point out.

However, the voice of an older woman cut him off. "Ah, there you are. Finally. This must be the help." A woman with dark blonde hair and a fancy looking outfit stood against the pool table. Beside her was an older gentleman in nice clothes as well, holding a cue stick.

"Here you are, my good man," he tossed it to Dillon, who caught it. "Polish it, buff it, and chalk it in time for my next shot, if you don't mind." Dillon broke the stick in two.

"Actually, I do," he retorted.

"Sorry," Scott stepped forward. "Can I help you two?"

"You can start by explaining why you don't keep this place cleaner for our daughter and the power rangers," the woman stated. Ziggy tried to say something, but Flynn cut him off.

"Wait a minute," he huffed. "We are the power rangers."

"You're the power rangers?" the man frowned. "Not their servants? My goodness. How very middle class."

Bailey raised an eyebrow. "Middle class? Just who exactly are you people that middle class things offend you?"

"The Landsdowns," Ziggy whispered. "Martin and Claire Landsdown. They're rich. They're like billionaires."

"I don't care who they are," Scott piped up. "You two. Out. Now." He and Dillon began to escort the two away as Summer entered, followed by Nina.

"Summer, honey," the man known as Martin called.

"Would you please tell your servants to unhand us?" Claire added. Summer parked her bike and got off of it, Nina moving to stand with her daughter.

"Wait, Summer," Scott stopped moving. "You know these fools?"

Claire rolled her eyes. "Well of course she knows us. This is our daughter."

"Mom, dad, what are you doing here?" Summer questioned.

"Why, we're here for our little girl," Martin smiled.

"Just like we always have been," Claire agreed.

The rangers shared looks, not liking where this was headed.

Once it was established that the Landsdowns were Summer's parents, the other rangers were dragged into the lab by Nina and Dr. K so they could figure out some things about Venjix. Fabian was already inside, setting up equipment and doing his own work. Once everything was set up, the rangers assembled the scraps of the attack bot on a table and began scanning over them. The three adults paid attention to the monitors, waiting for the results.

"It's called getting a job," Summer's voice rang out as the doors to the lab opened. They could all see her trying to finish a conversation with her parents.

"We even let you pretend to be one of these power rangers," Martin shook his head, as if being a ranger was absurd.

"I am a power ranger," Summer pointed out. "It's important."

"And we aren't?" Claire demanded as the door closed in their faces.

Flynn knew she had to get her mind off her parents, so he changed the subject. "Take a look at what I found in the boom bot wreckage. It's a self-destruct switch, but it was activated from inside the shield."

"So we're thinking it was sent in as a distraction," Bailey concluded.

"The boom bot was not the ultimate objective of Venjix's attack," Dr. K agreed. "It was a decoy. That was why the boom bot was so easily defeated."

"Easy?" Ziggy raised an eyebrow. "You call that easy?"

Fabian ignored him as he put some images up on the monitor. "This is the point of entry for the boom bot. And this is the direction it took into the city. We've had Colonel Truman scan for any unusual activity in the opposite direction, and there was a hit."

"A break-in at Corinth City Central Bank vaults," Nina continued. "You guys need to go check it out."

With that, the rangers bolted out of the lab, nearly running over the Landsdowns in their rush to leave.

The rangers once more were out on the battlefield, being advised on some things by the adults still at the lab. Summer had joined them late once more, her parents having stopped her from going and demanding more answers. When they arrived on the scene, they found Tenaya with a bunch of grinders waiting for them. Naturally, a fight ensued and the rangers did the best they could, trying to stop the girl from taking what they believed to be the black Landsdown diamond. Summer, thankfully, was able to step in and help them out. Luckily for them, Tenaya left the fight without what she came for.

Once they arrived back at the garage, the others sat close enough to Summer and her parents to hear them but far enough where they couldn't be considered eavesdropping. Then again, Summer knew they would be eavesdropping no matter what. "So is anyone else clueless about this whole thing or just me?" Bailey whispered to the guys.

"We're pretty lost too," Flynn agreed.

"Summer, honey," Claire spoke as Summer started walking over to them. "All we're asking is that you make good on our agreement."

"Now, you promised us that if we gave you some space," Martin continued. "You'd do the right thing, no questions asked. Isn't that what you said?"

"That's enough!" Dillon shouted and stood, marching over to them. Scott followed and tried to stop him. "I don't care who they are. No one comes in here and tells Summer what to do." Bailey smirked as Flynn and Ziggy grumbled, passing her some money.

"Listen," Scott held him back. "That's between her and them. If she's promised them that she'll, I don't know, go to school or go back home…"

"Or get married," Summer interrupted.

Scott didn't seem to hear her. "Right. Wait, what?" This surprised all of them as they turned to the yellow ranger.

"I promised them I'd get married."

"Honey, I'm sorry," Claire stated.

"But it's time you remembered who you really are," Martin finished, holding up the black diamond.

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