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It's a beautiful day as the sun slowly creeps over the trees and hills to a make a perfect sunrise with only a few clouds that don't obstruct the warming rays. It is a chilly mid spring morning. The air is crisp and sharp. Birds are singing and flying all over the forest, The sun is pressing through trees and trying to creep into all the cracks and holes in the ground. It eventually made its way into a certain wolves den.

Except this wolf was already out and about. He isn't up because of duties or nightmares, but because he knew that if he needed to survive he would have to keep conditioning and strength high. For the life of a lone wolf was hard. He is a gray wolf with white streaks along with grey swirls on thee sides and black along the top. His underbelly is a white with grey coming from his back down his sides pressing on his abdomen. His forelegs are white until you reach his paws which are black. He had a few scars on his legs and side, but one that ran along the side of his muzzle across his cheek and stopping at his neck. It drew attention to his dark blue eyes. He looked capable of holding out for himself, but didn't look to muscular, because his fluffy fur covered his prominent muscles.

Every morning he wakes up and do squats and sprints for his legs. He needs to be sure he could out match his opponents. He does abdominal exercises to make sure that when he was fighting that he could maneuver around to pin his opponents. This all added up to a wolf who was built and in peak condition. It was now closer to mid day. After all his training he sat down and looked back to reflect on his past.

He sat down panting and sighed as he didn't like what he saw. He said "If only I listened."

As he goes to a stream to drink after his training he thinks to himself. Will I ever start over? He tried leaving his past behind, but whoever he joined it always came back to harm innocent wolves. So he always left before any more damage was done. Now he is skeptical about ever being able to restart and make his life worth something to the world.

He drinks enough water so he is refreshed and then goes back to his temporary den. He always hopes that he will meet someone along his way but rarely meets someone who doesn't want to fight. He has scars to prove he has been through a lot in the last year. When he got back to the den he was about to take a short nap when he thought about his life one more time.

He finally snapped and pouched the wall. The thought of this life until he died did not satisfy him. In fact it enraged him. He screemes at the top of his lungs.

"Fuck this shit! Its unbearable!"

He rapidly hits the wall until his paws are bloody and battered. The blood slowly ran down his front leg and dried on his paws and also splattered on the wall. He didn't care about the pain, for the pain felt better than this ultimate sorrow

Rage turns into sadness and depression. As his lasts punches hit the wall he slides down to his stomach crying, Filled with sadness, he wept until his brain shut down and he fell asleep.

Hours later he slowly gets to all fours. He hears a low growl and goes on alert.

"Come in and you will die!" he said unsure of the threat. He realized what just happened and chuckled.

"Of course my stomach…..don't worry foods coming shortly." He reassured his vicious stomach.

"Time to go hunting." He let out with a slight smile on his face, for it relaxed him. And this time he knew that there was an abundance of prey in the near by valley.

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