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Humphrey's POV

I was trying to stay asleep as the sun slowly pounded in my eyes trying to wake me up. After five minutes I finally decided to open my eyes and take in the sunlight of the mid spring morning. As I started to get up I realized that there was no one else in the den like they usually were. I stretched my legs and yawned. Then I thought to myself,

Where could Kate be? He then realized where she was and why she was there. This made Humphrey sad and let a tear run from his eye. It was all coming back to him. The events of 4 weeks ago felt real.


"Run!" Garth tried to shout over the intense rainfall. But his voice didn't travel far enough enough for the wolves on the side of the cliff to hear him.

To the omegas on the cliff this was a time to play a game called 'blitz' in the mud. During blitz you had to tackle the person who was it, and if you tacked him or her than you are it. Among this crown was Lilly, Humphrey, Kate, Salty, Shakey, Mooch, and a few other wolves. However they didn't know what was happening underneath them. Rain and water had caused the rock holding up that part of the cliff to erode and become weak. This heavy rain wasn't helping.

Garth started to run at them screaming

"Get the fuck away from the cliff!" Humphrey then replied,

"Come on Garth. We are just having a little fun. Why don't you join us. You know you will be good at this." Garth then smacked Humphrey and yelled at everybody the situation.

"If you don't move, than you die!" They all ran away from the edge of the cliff trying to find safer ground, except for Lilly who was paralyzed in fear. She just stood there shaking. Garth seeing his mate still near the edge frozen said,

"Lilly, come here and you will be fine." He said it in his reassuring tone that made Lilly feel safe, but as she took the first step the cliffside started to shake and make strange noises as if it were made out of rotted wood. This continued for a few moments as Lilly was now afraid to com any closer. Then a lightning bolt flew across a distant mountain. It looked so beautiful to all as it lit up the heavens with a powerful streak of purple. But to Garth this was his signal. He breaks into a sprint trying to beat the thunder, for he knows that it will shake the rocks loose sending his mate to her doom. The thunder clap breaks the rocks under Lilly's feet lose and she begins to fall. but Garth was determined to save her. He leapt after her. He grabbed her as they both fell. They shared one last hug as he kicked her with all his power back onto the ledge. Everybody stood their in shock as their good friend and family member fell to his demise. As he was falling Lilly made out a last "I love you from" Garth as he plummeted down with the rocks. A silence fell over the group as a nightmare came reality. After the silence Humphrey started a howl and the rest of the group joined in as well. Lilly just stood there frozen for hours. Even after the rain had stopped she still was petrified. Not knowing what to do she went back to her den and cried for weeks. Winston and Eve failed to comfort her and she cried.

End Flashback

Humphrey now got up and decided to go meet Kate at Lilly's den and try to make her feel better. But first things first. He had to wash up. His den wasn't to far away from a cold stream so he wouldn't take long. As he walked he saw paw prints, but shrugged it off. He then walked to the stream where he saw a log that had been recently dragged across the ground. And saw paw prints at the base as if someone was using it to squat. He shrugged it off again and took a awakening bath that refreshed his body. He then saw birds suddenly fly away in the distance followed by a light rumble. Once again he played it off and went to Lilly's den.

"Hey Lilly." Humphrey said as he went in to see Lilly actually talking to Kate about something else than death for the first time since the incident.

"Oh hey Humphrey." she replied with a slight smile. Humphrey then asked.

"How is my beautiful alpha doing this morning?" Kate licked him on the nose and said.

"Better now that my fun loving omega is here." They started to stare deeply into each others eyes. This made Lilly a little jealous and sad, but she realized that being sad was taking her over and she decided to have none of it. Lilly cleared her throat and brought them out of thier trans. She then sent them a question that shocked them.

"If you two don't mind, I would like to spend he day out with you guys. If thats alright?" Kate grew a big smile on her face. Humphrey let out a dance. Then they said in unison

"Finally!" Humphrey then said. "Lets get going its already around midday."

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