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General POV

Lilly and sarge were sitting there just waiting for the other to break the long stare, but no one did. They were just looking at each other for what was about 30 seconds until Sarge saw the others leave. He decided not to get things too out of hand. He broke the silence

"I am a little dirty…..so I'm gonna go wash up in the stream."

"Ok. I'll go back home." Sarge got up and made one last look at Lilly and made a goofy smiles as he walked off into the woods. Lilly sat there thinking with her head down close to her heart. He is so nice, and strong, and…perfect. But what about Garth. Its only been 1 and quarter of a month. I cant just forget about my love. What would he say if I did anything?

"I would celebrate." Lilly looked up in surprise as she tried to pinpoint where the voice came from and who it was. She continued to look around making a circle in the patch of grass where the gruesome events of the early night took place.

"Where are you!?" Lilly yelled out into nothing

"Turn around" As she turned around she was thinking about who it could be. Was it Sarge, Humphrey, or another wolf wishing to do her harm, but those thoughts were completely shattered to utter nothingness when she was face to face with her first Love.

"Garth?!" she said with such a happy tone that it would put smile on the grumpiest wolfs face. Lilly then sprang at Garth tackling him to the ground and licking him franticly.

"I….missed….you …so…..much. Lilly got out in-between licks.

"I missed you too…but I can't stay. His voice changing from having excitement to sounding heavy and and cold.

"But why?" Lilly said now on the verge of tears, the dams that held back her tears were cracking under the pressure from the flood of sad news she had just received.

"You know why Lilly." Garth said not wanting to say the word death in front of his little flower. "But Lilly even as hard as my passing was on you, you must move on. It is the hardest thing anyone can ever do in life, but I know that you are strong Lilly. Do not let my absence hinder your life."

"But you're my love." Lilly said crying from the words of her mate.

"I know….I know." Garth brought Lilly into a hug to comfort her.

"Do I get one last hug from you?'" Lilly said wiping her eyes on his angelically soft chest fur.

"How can I say no to you." Garth said with a goofy smile on his face. He puled her in tighter to his chest. She dug her into his fur and savored the moment. For this was her last time with him. And she had to make it count.

"So this is goodbye" Lilly asked, not crying but with a hint of sadness.

"I will always be here for you, but I can't be with you. Lilly if there is one thing you could do to make me happy, it would be to move on and be happy. I know you like John. He is a kind wolf."

"Who?" Lilly was confused. She didn't know anybody named John.

"I must go Lilly. We will be together again someday." He said as he slowly disappeared into sighed and walked back to her den. Who is John? It doesn't matter. He wants me to move on so I will, Lilly then proceeded to make her way back to her den. It was still early in the night, around 9 o'clock.

To Sarge

Sarge was walking to the stream he had washed in earlier. All four of his paws were coated red and he had blood spatted on his sides and on his back legs. He looked badass, but you can't walk around with other wolves blood on you. Its unsanitary and lazy. So he proceeded on to the cold stream. On his way he couldn't stop thinking about Lilly. She is so beautiful, and nice. I can't wait to see her again. HOLD ON SARGE! You said you would "never be with anybody else" to HER. Are you a liar? NO. Then you must leave. NO! Im not running anymore! And if she loved me, which I know she did, she would want me to be happy. No more running, No more fighting, No more depression, IM STAYING! Sarges mind screamed at him as he made his way into the stream. But what about your you stay here they will find you you just like before. Now Sarge was swimming against the slight current. If they come I will protect them. I will lead them away like always, never looking back. I don't know if I can stay. i just killed 4 wolves. We will have to wait and see. Sarge scrubbed his paws together and then his sides. He walked out of the stream and shook his fur dry. It fluffed up to where he looked inconspicuous. even though he was a monster underneath. He stretched and his legs and started off towards the main den. The moon looked beautiful, and blue. He then looked back and saw that his fur had changed color since he last looked at it over half a year ago. A blue streak was went down his side and onto his forelegs.

"Odd, but it does look nice." Sarge said as he walked back to the den to finish dinner.

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