OK sorry all you faithful readers, so one actually, but anyway I'm thinking about putting this story on a short standby. As in a few weeks to get some things straight. And for the next chapter which is going to be the hardest thing ever,because trying to encompass a song without throughout the chapter with a very detailed plot. I have to bring out all these emotions and and feelings from EVERYBODY! So don't worry ill get it out eventually. And also Ill be starting a new story. Its going to be a high school story. Im actually really excited about this cause its gonna have a good classic love story (that is realistic, not 3 chapters and they are already in each other) and some fighting. Which is going to be real things that I've learned in my hell of a MMA-self defense class. Tought by none other than a man they call the colonel. Yeah he's real. Also cars, sports, weapons and everything that will up the awesomeness of this new story. So see ya soon, and live the best damn life you can live