Chapter 1: Forbidden Wing

(Alec's Pov.)

You would think that with all the technology the year 2013 has to offer it would be very hard to be bored; yet here I am wondering throughout the castle trying to find something to do.

Jane and I have been waiting for a newborn outbreak or a rule breaker to be put on trial giving us the opportunity to use our gifts. Torturing those low lives can keep us entertained for a while. However, it's been very quiet in the vampire world. Even those damn Cullen stopped causing trouble after that confutation about their half-breed.

Personally I've wanted Master Aro to throw another Volturi Ball. They give me the opportunity to seduce a woman and keep her as entertainment until I get bored with her and discard the girl back to the vampire world. In these past months I've been so bored that I've resorted to picking out a human girl from the 'tour' groups and having my fun until I can't control my thirst any longer…

I let out a long sigh as I continued down the hall I was currently in. I didn't even realize what part of the castle I was in until a voice broke through my thoughts.

"Sorry Master Alec," some lower guard member said looking a little nervous, "I'm afraid you are not allowed to walk any further this way."

I looked at the guard enraged that the low life had the nerve to tell me what to do, but before I said anything I finally noticed where I was…

Crap…was all I could think.

The Volturi castle was separated into four wings. One wing was for lower guard members and their rooms along with a small library and lounges. Aro's wing was open only for the elite guard members. My room is across from my sisters in that wing. Marcus, the wiser and kinder ancient, kept his wing open for all members of the guard as well as guests. However, only the elite guards have access to his library.

Then there was Master Caius.

The doors to his wing were always shut and guarded. Not even the elite guard members were allowed entrance which was rare. The only ones allowed in were the 'special guards' in front of the wing, the masters, and the wives.

My first thought as to why he keeps his wing closed off was just because he doesn't like people and he hates sharing. However, seeing the four big guards in front of the wing gave me the feeling that he was hiding something…

Giving the lower guard a death glare, which made him flinch and made me smirk, I turned on my heel and walked quickly back to Aro's wing. However, the further I got form the forbidden wing the more I wanted to go back.

Now that I actually thought about it, I always felt some kind of pull towards that wing. Every since I woken up to this life something has pulled me there…

"Earth to Alec!"

My head snapped up to see my lovely twin glaring at me clearly annoyed that I didn't notice her right away.

"Sister," I said revealing my caring smile which she only got the privilege to see, "what do I owe the pleasure?"

Jane just rolled her eyes and glared with concern at me "the masters wish to see you in the throne room." With that she let her glare soften as she turned on her heel and disappeared back towards Aro's wing.

When I arrived at the throne room doors I started to worry a little. The masters always summon Jane and me together. The only times when we are summoned separately is when one of us are in trouble.

I quickly went through the past few days wondering what I could've done, but I couldn't think of anything…

"Come in Alec," Master Aro's cheery voice rang out from the other side of the huge doors.

I stepped in and walked to the center of the room bowing my head before looking up at the seated ancients in front of me. Those apart of the elite guard don't have to do a full bow which I'm thankful for.

"Ah," Master Aro said standing up pulling me from my thoughts, "dear Alec Caius has recently been informed that you were near his wing today. Is that true?"

From the corner of my eye I saw Marcus snicker.

"Yes sir." I said wishing I had ripped off that guard's head. Tattle tale trying to get noticed by the ancients. Idiot…

"He has orders to inform us if anyone wonders near that wing Alec." Aro said with amusement in his eyes. In my moment of anger I didn't even notice him grabbing my hand. "So why were you there my boy?" He asked sitting back down clearly knowing the answer but wanting me to explain to the other two.

"I…" crap what was I going to say? 'some magical pull brought me there.' That would just make me look crazy. I know my sister and I were burned as witches when we were human but we weren't actually magic… "I was deep in thought wondering the halls and happened upon the wing by mistake." I said in a rush. Looking straight at master Caius I continued: "but I had no intention to enter. As soon as the lower guard told me to leave I did."

For a brief moment I saw Caius relax, but he quickly turned to his scary scowling self.

"Just don't let it happen again Alec," Caius said rising to leave. With one last glare at me he was gone. Aro followed right behind with his usual cheery smile and a pat on my shoulder.

"I promise it won't happen again," I said to the reaming ancient.

Marcus nodded and stood from his throne slowly deep in thought. He walked up to me and gave a soft smile and simply parted saying: "tomorrow afternoon will be cloudy and a beautiful time to visit the castle's private garden Alec." Then he was gone leaving me completely dumbfounded.

After staring like an idiot for a few minutes in the direction Marcus vanished I ran to my sister's room to tell her what happened.

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