"That's their fourth time this week," Eight mutters as I drive another punch into Nine's gut. He groans and grabs my wrist, flipping me.

I land flat on my back. I wince, but I get up. Anything to beat Nine. I dodge another one of his punches, hook my leg from behind his knees and bring him to the floor.

"Six, Nine, come on," I hear John say. "Isn't that enough?"

I kick at Nine's side, and he swiftly stands back up afterwards. He kicks at my rib, and I manage not to grimace because of the pain. He punches me and splits my lip, but I punch him in the jaw just after that.


It's Ella's pleading voice. I hesitate for a moment. I'm really protective of Ella, and she sounds so sad I want to stop, just for her.

My hesitation costs me. Nine grasps my wrists, throwing me off-balance and pins me to the floor. "You about done there, Sweetheart?" He says. I'm panting, and his grip is hard.

"Never," I breath. I use my full force and raise my arms. We roll over, so this time, I'm the one pinning him. I dig my knee into his stomach and press the back of my arm against his neck. Nine lets out a choking sound.

"Okay. That's it, Six," Marina says. "You win this time. Can we all go have lunch now?"

"Fine," I say. I push myself up, straightening my shirt. I turn to Nine, who is in the process of standing up. "That ought to teach you, asshole. I'm the strongest Loric here."

"Don't call him that in front of Ella!" Marina says.

Ella rolls her eyes. "I'm eleven. Not eight."

"Of course, you're not. I'm Eight," Eight says. I roll my eyes. Way to be corny.

Distracted by Eight's cheesy humor, I'm taken aback when Nine pulls me by the hair and punches me in the jaw. "I'm not done yet, Sweetheart," he says, still holding on to my hair. "I'm the best Loric. You can't beat me. I can fight you until you die of exhaustion."

I glare at him. "Oh yeah? I'd like to see you try," I challenge.

John steps in between us. "Ohh-kay, we're done here," he says. "No more fighting."

Nine lets go of my hair. We both cross our arms. "Fine," we huff, our voices overlapping.

"Let's go have some lunch," Eight says. "I'm starving."


Nine takes us to some sort of fast-food restaurant. John is walking with his arm around Sarah (no comment), Marina and Eight are walking together, whispering silently, I walk next to Ella, and BK is trotting alongside Nine.

Ugh Nine.

Don't get me started on him. He's a conceited, arrogant, brat who's ungrateful for his luxurious life when I had to move every few months, rotating from one beat up house to another. He thinks he can walk in and claim himself as the strongest Loric? Think again, Nine.

You didn't suffer the way I did. (A/N We know that Nine DID suffer, but Six doesn't know anything about his hard time in the cave.) You didn't singlehandedly fight an entire Mog army, kill them all and then fight Setrakus Ra one-on-one.

Nine is an asshole. He keeps looking down on me, calling me sweetheart. He thinks he's so much better.

A couple of weeks ago, we fought in front of the rest of the Garde and Sarah, and he won by sheer luck. The same day, I challenged him again, and I won. He doesn't let me use my legacies, and he doesn't use his. It's simple combat, and naturally, I'm better than –

I step on something squishy.

I jump back, and when I see what I stepped on, I scream –a loud shrilling shriek. People stare at me. All of the Garde spin around, alarmed. They probably thought I saw a Mog, but then again, Mogs don't make me scream. They don't scare me.

I step behind Ella fearfully.

John's head is whipping around. "Six," he says. "Six, what's wrong? What did you see?"

I bite my lip. I point to the thing I stepped on. "Kill it," I say. "It's not dead. Someone kill it!"

People keep staring at us.

Nine bursts into fits of laughter. "The oh-so-great fearless Six, the Six who claimed was stronger than me, is scared of – of slugs?" He keeps laughing.

Sarah raises an eyebrow. Eight's face is unreadable. Marina smiles at me, as if it's okay to be afraid of such a silly thing. Ella pats my arm. John looks at BK and says, "Kill it for Six."

BK starts to move towards the slug, but Nine says, "Stop." He looks at BK, communicating with him.

Bernie Kosar shape-shifts into another slug. I shriek and turn away from the sight, panting. "Nine," Eight says. "Not funny."

"It's clear, Six," John says. "BK changed back to a dog and killed it."

I turn around cautiously. It's gone, and Bernie Kosar is in dog form. I straighten myself. Nine is smirking at me.

I walk behind a telephone box and open the bag I have with me. We all have bags with extra supplies, weapons, and clothes, in case we have to make a run for it. I take out a pair of sneakers. The rest of the Garde and Sarah watch me as I take off my current sneakers. Making sure that no other strangers are watching, I use my element-controlling legacy to light the old shoes on fire.

I put on the new sneakers and walk back over to the others. "What?" I say. "I'm not gonna wear shoes that have slug slime on them." I give an involuntary shudder.

When we start walking again, I realize what just happened. I did something I've been avoiding ever since the fights with Nine started.

I just revealed to Nine one of my weaknesses.



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