I have the vaguest memory of some words being spoken, some emotions being expressed and then the feeling of her falling into my arms, not dangerously falling, but falling with some sort of… sadness.

I can't shake the memory of her teary eyes as she stared at me. Six never, ever, ever, ever, ever, cries. She's a tough shell. She's strong and she's powerful.

So when I tighten my arms around her, I know that something's wrong because she's holding on too, so tightly, as if I'm her lifeline.

"You have a surprisingly good memory," she whispers into my neck.

"Yeah," is all I manage.

She pulls away. "Nine," she says, her voice small and I realize that she must feel pressured.

"Six, look, you don't have to pity me. I'm fine," I say, though I wonder how fine I really am without her.

She shakes her head. "I'm not going to apologize because it will be like Setrakus Ra apologizing for being an asshole," she says, a bit of the usual Six coming back to her. "But I guess that yeah, I acted like a total bitch. A totally oblivious bitch. And I wish I didn't. Honestly? I wasn't that blind." She pauses. "I was hurt, okay? You were a freaking douchebag, and I knew that no one is supposed to hurt me, and especially not you, Nine. Some part of me must've known, but I was too busy being bitter to actually acknowledge it. I know you're not into Marina."

"I thought you were heartless," I idiotically blurt out.

Some part of Six snaps. Momentarily, she goes back to her confident self. "Would you honestly like me if you thought so?" she asks me, smirking, even though her eyes somewhat still look teary.

"I guess not," I say sheepishly.

"You're incredible," she says, laughing. "You are the first person to almost make me cry ever since Katarina's death."

"That's good," I say. "Not in that sense, but it's good because I've finally managed to convince you that you have feelings."

"Look who's talking," she says.

"I do have feelings," I admit. "But I like to keep them hidden."

"I knew we were the same," she says. "Now, come on. Follow me."

So much for our "moment".


Six clears her throat. All the others (except Malcolm, who's working somewhere again) look up. "I'd like to announce," she begins. "That I officially DO NOT despise Nine."

I want to ask her what she's doing, and why she's making a scene, but then she walks over to me and kissed me, full on the lips.

In front of everyone.


She just goes ahead and grabs me by the hair and crashes her lips into mine with enough force to take down a bunch of human gangsters, so I put my hands on her neck and I kiss her back. Eight hoots in the background.

I think it's Eight.

I don't know.

It doesn't matter right now.

Nothing matters. Nothing nothing nothing. Not the Mogs, not our friends, nothing nothing.

Six is the first to pull away. She turns to the others. "Well," she says, as everyone gazes at us, mouths agape. "That's that. Bye!" She waves before grasping my hand and taking off towards the elevator. "What happens now?" she asks me, grinning. I take her other hand too.

"I don't know," I say, smiling. "What does the mighty Six want to do? A date?"

She gives me a cheeky smile. "A date?" she asks with mock astonishment. "But you haven't officially asked me, have you?"

"Well, Six, would you like to go out with me on our first official date?" I ask.

She closes the distance between us and stares up at me, and this is a whole new Six to me. I like her this way. "What do you think?"

For once, I make the first move and kiss her tenderly. I can feel her smiling, and then I pull away, saying, "Shall we?"

She nods, and we descend in the elevator.


"What changes now?" I ask as we walk through the park.

"Nothing," Six says. "I will always be the same badass chick who can kick your sorry ass in a minute."

"Sure," I say. "That explains all the times I got the better of you."

"Aha, but those were 'times'," Six answers. "Times that do not equal half the times I beat you."

"Actually, Marina counted," I say. "Half-half."

"Crap," Six mutters.

"Does that really matter?"

"To me, it does."

I laugh.

"Hey Nine," she pipes up. "Those girls are staring at you. What are they? Twelve?" She squints her eyes.

"Someone's jealous," I say in a singsong voice.

Six scoffs. "I'm way better than that."

"Sure," I say sardonically. I turn to the girls and yell, "HEY!"

"What are you doing?" Six hisses.


I turn back to Six, who's glaring at me. "You're stupid."


She smirks. "By the way," she says. "When did I ever give you permission to call me your girlfriend?"

"You are one piece of work, Six," I say, shaking my head.


Six isn't going to be a particularly easy person to be with. It's a miracle that we even got to this point, but things like these remind me that she's worth it.

It's been one hell of a ride with her. She's confusing. She's bewildering, but she's also captivating and bewitching. I honestly love her.

Last month, I would be disgusted at myself for showing too much emotions, making myself vulnerable in the process, but no. I love her.

So when we're walking home, and we spot Mogs closing in on the building, she turns to me and says, perfectly calm, "Let's go kick some ass."

And we do.









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