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"Hey," Six says, walking into the Lecture Hall. I have been pointlessly staring at the wall for like a thousand years. "You're not training," she points out. "That's unlike you. Anything wrong?"

Despite all the previous awkwardness, Six is doing a massive job at actually being friends. It's like nothing ever happened and we were just born as best friends. I can't say I don't like it, but there's this nagging feeling inside of me that wants us to be more than friends, and I know I'm supposed to be the all-tough Nine, the guy least likely to fall in love, but I just can't help it.

"I'm fine," I say. "Just thinking."

"I didn't know you had a brain," Six teases, winking at me. I don't respond, so her smile falters and she puts a hand on my arm, saying, "You didn't retort. Nine, what's going on? Are you worried about Five or defeating the Mogs or something?"

"No," I say simply.

She lets go of my arm, tapping her chin. "Yeah, we're not big worriers when it comes to war stuff, are we?" She smiles. I try forcing a smile of my own. "Come on. You're worrying me. You can tell me anything."

She sits down on the floor, cross-legged and gestures for me to follow her lead. I do. She stares at me with her wide gray eyes.


Nine is starting to severely worry me by not acting like his loud, boisterous self. "I'm facing a problem," he says. "I think I'm turning into a… weakling."

I laugh. "A weakling?" I ask. "Why is that?"

"I think some part of me is becoming a cheesy, lovey-dovey idiot," he says, but not without adding, "Like Four."

I smirk. "I think I know what's up," I say. "You like someone, and you don't want to because you don't want to hurt your friend… who's her boyfriend."

"Wait… what?"

"I'm saying you like Marina," I say. "And you don't want to like her because you feel guilty about Eight being your best friend, and you hate emotions –just like me– so all of this is wrong to you. That explains why you said you wanted to kiss me. you needed to convince yourself you don't like Marina."


"You're saying it as if you're saying Earth and Lorien are round, or that we need air to breathe, or that I'm the most awesome person in the universe. You know, facts like these," I say, trying to distract myself from face-palming.

How, how, HOW, how, how, H O W, could someone be so freaking oblivious and blind. I fight the urge to grab Six by the shoulder and shake her and shout at her and tell her that no, I do not freaking like Marina, and no, I did not say I wanted to kiss her because I wanted to convince myself I don't.

See, this ^ is why I prefer being emotionless most of the time.

Six laughs. She laughs. "That's the Nine I know," she says. "No, seriously, if it's not Marina, then what the hell is bothering you?" She uncrosses her legs and hugs her knees.

"The idiocy of some people," I mutter under my breath.

"Who?" she asks. Ah, crap. Supersonic hearing. Of course. "John? If you're mad at him for falling for a human and acting ridiculously noble at times, let it go because he isn't changing his mind."

"Not John," I say. "He's a given idiot."

"Eight? Sarah? Marina? Sam? Ella? Malcolm?" she guesses. "Is it my idiocy?" I don't say anything. "Wait, so it's me? What did I do?"


"When did I act like an idiot?" she presses on.

"Never. Just forget about it."

She stands up. "You're acting strangely," she says, getting defensive. I get up too.

"Six," I say. "I didn't mean it in that sense. I meant that there are things you're not seeing, things that you're oblivious to."

Her defensive expression morphs into a confused one. "Like what?" she asks.

I take a deep breath. "I never, ever, ever hated you, Six. I used to fight you because I wanted to remind you that you're not invincible, and I sort of wanted to remind myself too. You were starting to look like a thing, as in, you were starting to actually scare me, and when I found out about the slugs thing, I kept taunting you because you needed to be reminded that you're not all high and mighty. I'm not high and mighty either. I felt like no one was there to challenge you. Taunting you was a way to show you that you are not made of steel."

"Nine, I'm not sure –

"No, listen," I say. Now that I've started speaking, I can't stop myself from letting it all out. "Seeing you with Sam just killed me. I knew you deserved a Loric, someone equally as strong as you are, and I knew you didn't like him. You're not prejudiced, but you are meant to be with someone from Lorien, and then when we played truth or dare… I felt something. I honestly felt something. We were kissing because of a dare, but I really, really felt like it was just right. I freaking hate cheesiness. You know me. you hate cheesiness too, but for once, all that stupid movie, mushy-gushy stuff actually made a little sense.

"And then you saved my ass against those humans. I was completely and utterly humiliated, and you were the distraction that allowed them to get me. Confession time: I overheard you talking with Sam, saying you have no Loric to date because John and Eight are taken, you have a bad feeling about Five, and last but not least, you said 'Nine is Nine.' I was freaking pissed, Six. Sarah kept telling me that there was no better match for the tough guy than the tough girl, and I didn't listen. I rolled my eyes at her and dismissed her as stupid.

"Then I acted silly and said that kissing you was 'bad enough' the first time. I will apologize for this for a billion times, okay? I am sorry. I'm stupid. We get that. Next, I told you I wanted to be kissing you, and we kissed, and it was freaking amazing, and once again, I was stupid. I was scared of love, I guess. I was terrified. When you started doing all this I-am-brave shit, showing me that I won't hurt you. And –

"Nine –

"Don't! You kissed me, telling me you don't care, and showing me that I do care, and now we're being friendly towards each other, and it's killing me because I do not want to be friends. Six, I freaking like you. Hell, I might even love you and I don't even know how it's possible for me to actually love someone but I do, and it doesn't matter to you because you come and say that I like Marina. How could someone be so oblivious to everything. You're blind!"

I pant. That took a lot of breath to get out.

"Nine," Six says, closing her eyes, her voice barely over a whisper. "I'm sorry."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," I snap, looking away. "You don't care, and now I'm a silly weakling, so yay, congratulations, you're officially the strongest member of the Garde. The only one without feelings."

"But Nine," she whispers, touching my upper arm. I turn and face her again, and I'm startled when I see that Six's eyes are actually watery. Six never cries. "I do have feelings."



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