Aug 2013 – Had this idea for ages. Found this in one of my many notebooks. I do not own BBC Robin Hood

Sep 2019 – Wow a lot of time has passed since I started this. Since my resent visit to Sherwood forest I been in a Robin Hood mood and I though why not try to write more to this story, then rereading this I though I would rewire the chapters I already done. I do not know how far I will get with this but it is worth a try lol

School is based on schools in England and I will be using UK teams all though here.

Chapter One

The Last Day of Summer

It was the last day of the summer holidays and Allan was not looking forward to returning to school. He and his friends were going to be in year ten – the start of their GCSE years – the beginning of an end. "I'm not being funny…." He said as he throw a stone into the river in front of him "But I wish I could just leave school now ...then we wouldn't have to put up with the black knights….or exams..." Even if the exams were not until next school year it was still too close for comfort. It seemed everyone thought they whole futures were at stake, acted like these exams were a matter of life and death.

Allan's best friend had Will groaned at the mention of the Black Knights – they were a gang who though they ran the school – a gang who dislike them and their group of friends. Dislike might not be the right word to use. The Black Knights hated them with a passion "Thanks for reminding me," said Will sarcastically

"You'll be fine, bet your serectly glade you going back..." said Allan at once. "You got the used of the woodwork room and the art rooms again. Plus you know what you want to do when you leave school… know what you want to do in collage." Allan didn't have much of a plan himself for after school. But he had two years to come up with something, at least. "Since we have one more day for freedom…." Carried on Allan changing the subject. "Let's find the others and do something fun….they said they been in town around noon..."

Will raised a eyebrow wearily, Allan sometime had a odd meaning of the word fun, And Allan had a couple of times gotten Will and the others into trouble. "Like what?" he asked carefully.

"I don't know…" said Allan with a grin "Let's just see what's going on.. live in the moment..."

There was nothing else to do, "Alright," said Will as he and Allan begin to walked towards the town centre.


Robin, Much and John had spent the morning walking aimlessly around. There was nothing good on at the cinema and the bowling alley was still closed due to a fire that happen there a few months before. "Let's get some fish and chips for lunch," said Robin "I'll pay…." He added. He was hungry and he knew Much and Little John were too.

"I am now a vegan remember." said Much at once. He had started being a vegan at the start of the summer holidays and wasn't backing down no matter how much his firends teasted him for his latest decision. Robin reckon he wouldn't last much longer.

They entered the chip shop and ordered some food – then they sat outside eating. Robin was the first that spotted Allan and Will walking towards them, "Hey, hey, hey... it's chip and dale…." Grinned Robin as his two friend on the grass with them. "Wanna chip?" he asked offering them some food.

"Why not..." said Allan helping himself to more than one.

Will shook his head "I'm good thanks…." He said – Will had a few food allergies and didn't want to risk any medical emergency

Allan had his mouth filled with chips "And… we are not talking rats…"

"I think you find that Chip and Dale are chipmunks…." Said Much at once and his friends all laughed at him. "What, they are."

"Whatever," said Allan helping himself to more chips "Chipmunks, rats... same thing really..."

One they had finished eating, Robin had an idea of what they could do. "We should have a game of footie…." he said "Two against two with a goalie…. It been fun…" he looked at his friends who all nodded their heads.

Much's hand shoot up quickly "I'm the goalie…." He said at once – that was his favourite position to play in. He wasn't much of a player and it was safer being in goal than on the pitch with his very competitive firends.

Robin grinned become even bigger "Great, let's go back to mine and I grab a ball…."

The outlaws made their way out of the town centre and down a few roads towards the house Robin lived in, to get there they had to past a few of the bigger houses – houses that you know by just one look someone with too much money lived there. "That's where Gisborne just moved into…." Said Robin pointed to one of the houses "He thinks he is so much cooler now..and his sister isn't much better…."

"Let's not think about them," said John plainly. Thinking about Gisborne was one way for sure to wind Robin up. Robin and Gisborne had been fighting since they were toddles – they just couldn't seem to get along. None of them like Gisborne at all (but he was slightly better than the Sheriff.) Gisborne was one of the Black Knights and was one of the reasons why the Black Knights gives them a hard time.

They walked down a few more streets until at last they to Robin's house. Robin pulled out his key and open the door. "Come in, dad is working…." They all walked inside, Robin turn to Allan who was looking around "Keep those sticky fingers to yourself." He warned "I don't want you nicking things again. Cos my old man will arrest ya…"

"For the last time…" started Allan at once "That wasn't me…. Just because I been caught shop lifting once or twice doesn't make me a common thief…." Allan was almost like a magpie liking anything shiny. Much had said on many times that if Allan lived in the past he would be even a highway man or a pirate. Allan was quite pleases about that until Much told them that highways man and pirates where often hanged for there crimes.

"I think it does," said Much "And you stole a bunch of stuff at school as well….."

Allan looked annoyed "So I'm a common thief but when Will and little Lukey get caught shoplifting it's different?" Allan looked at Will "Sorry mate…that was out of order…." Will looked angry but didn't say anything – Will and his brother had shoplifted once when their dad was in a deep depression and forgotten to buy food. The whole thing had almost got Will and Luke put in to care. Allan who faced a similar situation in the past knew it wasn't something you want to think about, let alone joke about.

"I'll get the ball," said Robin quickly moving the convention on.

Robin grab his football and their made their way to the local park. The first games was Robin and John vs Allan and Will. It was a hard game but in the end Robin and John won three – two. Robin was pleased by the win but Allan complain that John was basically a giant and he was so big that it was impossible to get the ball around him. So the next game was Robin and Will Vs Allan and John and Robin and Will won five – three. So they swap teams one last time. Robin and Allan vs John and Will and they draw two – two.

"Maybe we should try out for the football team this year…" said Robin as they all sat down on the ground tried out from all their running about "I hear they going to do a five a side inter school championship. Sounds like fun... what do you lot think?"

"My asthma might play up…." said Much "You know that…..and I am no good at sports anyway…."It was one thing having a kick about with friends in the park but a school championships was another matter. Robin shrugged a little he looked at his three other friends

"You know I'm in," said Allan at once

"Me too," said Will

"As long as it is just football," said John - Robin sometimes got carried anyway when ideas come in his head. He didn't want to be signed up for anything else.

"It just football," said Robin at once "It just a bit of harmless fun…..So what do you say, John?"

John took Robin for his work "Alright, but that four people – we need five to play five a side…."

Robin looked back at Much. "How about you play until we get someone else to join us?" he asked doing his puppy dog eyes.

"Fine," said Much "But when you hoodwink someone else in…I am out….I do not like football…not one little bit."