DI James Hathaway sat in his office trying to bully his brains into the paperwork on the latest murder case he investigated. This was the first case he solved as a DI and without Lewis who had retired a week ago.

The entire Oxford Police station had undergone a massive change in layout and structure. Hathaway now had his own office. it was different to sharing with Lewis but at least he had his own space.

Just when Hathaway was about to pack up and leave for home his old friend DI Adrian Kershaw who had come on the fast track like Hathaway appeared in the corridor on the way to the front desk.

"Oi Jim your new bagman has just turned up". Hathaway breathed a sigh and muttered a noise that sounded rather like "Thank bloody Christ someone to help with paperwork and leg work". When he pulled himself together he asked "Who is it" Adrian was bubbling with excitement as he told James. "Remember when I told about the time I worked with DCI Morse"? he asked.

Hathaway gave a knowing smirk "I've lost count at the amount of times you told me about working with him mate." Hathaway knew he shouldn't laugh at Kershaw even if he could help it because Morse was also the name of Lewis' old guvnor and was a legend in Thames Valley.

"Ah well apparently Morse had a nephew well step nephew actually and he's a real chip off the old block too". Kershaw replied cheerfully. Hathaway could see where this was going. This so called "Nephew" was most likely someone who dropped out of University, joined the army and then the police because Hathaway knew this about Morse all too well.

"What's the kid's name"? James asked. Kershaw then started talking in the style of a master of ceremonies when he answered the question. "Presenting the step nephew of the now several years dead Chief Inspector Morse DS Wayne Garrett." A moment later a dark haired young man who could not look any older than 22 or 23 appeared next to Kershaw. "Hello sir" he said brightly. Whatever thoughts Hathaway may have had about this young man he knew he had to chuck them in the bin because this young upstart didn't seem to have any of the personalities Morse had and Lewis had told Hathaway about Morse's personality before which was rather grumpy half the time and cheerful on rare occasions.

Hathaway took that moment to make a small effort to be polite and said "Welcome to Cowley Police Station Sergeant". Hathaway knew that he would have a lot to tell Lewis and Hobson tonight. He wondered what their reactions would be. He knew Lewis would say. "Morse had a nephew? bloody hell. I know there were some things he never told me about his family didn't know he had a niece or nephew though. I never had him down as family man".

"Well Sergeant its certainly a surprise to hear you are the nephew of Oxford's best ever detective" Said Hathaway. "Let me be clear however while you are here you won't get any special treatment at all is that clear?" "Yes sir" Garrett replied as though he were still some kid politly ordering a meal in a restaurant.

"Fancy a pint Jim?" Kershaw cut in. "Don't mind if I do Adrian" Hathaway replied. He turned to the new recruit "Coming Sergeant"? he asked. Garrett nodded his head like an eager dog being thrown a bone.

"Let's get cracking then" Kershaw said with more cheerfulness that would have made Innocent want to throttle him and Hathaway.

With that the three Oxford Coppers made their way to the Trout