I had this idea after seeing a movie and decided to act upon it. Christian is celebrating his brother's bachelor party and drinks a little too much. Ana is out celebrating her promotion and goes a bit wilder than what she used to. Their actions have pretty heavy consequences when they wake up in the same hotel bed naked and with no clue of what happened between them whatsoever.

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Christian's P.O.V

The club light was rather dim and I had to narrow my eyes in order to take in my sights. Moving bodies were rhythmically dancing with the beat of the song and flashing neon lights were driving me insane. I hated nightclubs, particularly ones where people could barely move around without grinding and exchanging sweat. I shrugged out of my thoughts as soon as a pretty blond came rushing to me, batting her eyelashes and licking her thin lips.

"Hey there handsome," She purred over the loud music, leaning too close to my body. "Do you wanna dance?"

I lowered my gaze and examined her; she was mid-height, toned and easy on the eyes but her overly dilated pupils told just how intoxicated she was and whatever attraction I could have felt was thrown under a bus.

"No." My answer was firm and probably a lot rudder than necessary but I just pushed past her and kept on my path. I was getting too ogled by the women around me and before any of them could make another move I dodged into the VIP area where my brother was awaiting me.

"There little bro, you're here." Elliot came around, opening his arms, hugging me tight. I knew alcohol was already hitting hard but could I really blame him? In a couple of nights he'd be tied up to a woman, and supposedly the same one for the rest of his life.

I felt bad for him, who would chose to take such responsibility on their own free will? Having to support for her, nourish and care, that was hard work; hard work I'd gladly dismiss. Women were strange and complicated beings and I liked them enough for one night but wasn't keen on keeping them around much longer. My experiences with them hadn't help at all, normally I'd found out they were only trying to find the best way too screw me over and use my money and influence to get them what they needed or wanted. My wealth was something I took pride in, since I conquer it from the scratch and with a lot of hard work, so seeing others try to grab it so feebly as if it was their right just annoyed the hell out of me. So much, it put me off of the female gender for long-term relationships.

I was okay with that, having a family was never one of my goals in the first place and I was too young to even preoccupy myself with having someone steady. Not that I'd concern myself with that when I was older, but still.

I hugged my older brother too, I wasn't one for big demonstrations of affection but it was a really emotional moment, I might not show it all the time but I do love Elliot deeply and I was going to miss all the free-time we spend together once he has to give all of it to his wifey. My siblings were all I had since our dad wasn't a present-parental figure in our life and our mother died when we were young.

"I thought you'd never make it!"

"I had a business meeting running late, my flight was delayed." I stepped aside from my brother's embrace and planted my tired ass on the nearest sofa. I waved my hand to the waitress and ordered the first of many drinks that night. If my plan was to enjoy myself and make the most of Elliot's last independent night, then I would make sure I did just that.

A pounding sound echoed in my brain, I felt like I've been punched several times on my temples and my eyelids were sewed together. Moving was a difficult and rather painful task and the impertinent rays of light I felt hovering in the air, burned my sensitive skin. I wanted to scream or growl or demonstrate my discomfort in any way but my throat was too sore to produce any kind of sound. I was just considering how much I'd prefer to cut and arm to feel that way, when a piercing and most annoying noise almost ripped my tympans in half.

I relieved on the happiness of silence once the grotesque sound stopped but that lasted only a few seconds, because soon after, another equally destructive and painful noise reverberated through the space making my head ache even more.

"Stop," I called out to whom or whatever was making that noise. I buried my face in the pillows with of hopes of making that thing disappear but that didn't work out at all. In fact it only made the matters worse.

"Who are you?" I faintly heard. I'd have frown if my body was capable of such demanding actions. What the fuck? If anyone should be making that question – or any question at all – it should be me, but since my mouth wasn't keen on moving I couldn't. "Where are we? What happened?" The voice continued on a rant, with a rather high-pitched tone.

I realized that moment I wasn't going to get lucky; that person, whoever it was, wasn't going to stop harassing me on my vulnerable moment if I didn't wake up. Reluctantly and with a lot of effort, I moved my arm and took the soft pillow out of my face. I tried opening both eyes at the same time but a burning sensation shot through my body. I closed them tightly and proceeded to lift each eyelid very slowly, allowing me to adjust to the luminous surroundings.

After a while I was capable of seeing clearly, so I got up and sit myself in the edge of the bed. I rested my head on my hands and tried to breathe as deeply as possible before facing the situation. I brace myself for the worst but when I casted my glance around I only saw a petite brunette glaring furiously at me. She was actually pretty so it was a nice sight. Not as bad as I'd have thought.

"What happened?" The woman demanded looking harshly at me. She was wrapped around a sheet and I felt very sorry for it. Looking down at myself I could see my naked body, so it was a shame hers was covered.

I raised my eyebrow. I didn't get her question in the slightest. I was clearly on hangover and judging by her reddish-eyes and tired look, I'd bet she felt the same way. And it didn't take a genius to figure out the rest, I was very much naked and she was obviously undressed under that cover, we were in a hotel room and evaluating by the destruction on the scenario, we had pretty amazing sex last night. Unless she wanted me to demonstrate her again what we did, I didn't get her repeated question.

I wiggled my brows and plastered a smirk on my lips, she was cute enough and I really wished I'd remembered what had happened but perhaps we could make some new memories. "Want an encore?"

Her mouth popped open and her eyes widen, she stuttered and blushed furiously. I could tell she was simultaneously mad and embarrassed by my suggestion. I chuckled, she was definitely cute.

"This is not freaking funny!" She returned to her yelling and my amusement vanished right away. I was still recuperating and I didn't find it considerate of her to be making so much noise. We fucked, so what? She was there too and I most definitely never forced myself on a woman before, so she had to be willing. "Who are you?" She demanded after a while, still crimson on her cheeks.

"Don't you remember?" I asked just to be sure she was on the same page as I. We could certainly need an encore to refresh both our minds.

"No," She whispered, more frustrated than angry.

"Nothing at all?" I pushed even further.

"Nothing at all," She confessed lowering her gaze, clearly she wasn't happy with that but I didn't blame her. I was pretty upset for not remembering our lovely night as well.

I sighed, this was some pretty awkward situation to be on. And didn't she really know who I was? Perhaps she was just pretending to gain my sympathy.

"Who are you?" I asked instead, turning the tables around.

"I'm Anastasia Steele," She answered truthfully, taking a step a closer. She was about to extend her hand when she realized the strangeness of the situation and quickly withdraw her action. "Who are you?"

I frown, didn't she really knew who I was? I didn't mean to be conceited but how could that be possible?

"Christian Grey," I drawled my words as if my answer was quit obvious, which in fact it was, but I was just feeling the territory.

"Well Christian," She said my name with no hint of sarcasm so she might be telling the truth after all. "Do you remember anything?"

"I wish."

It was her turn to sigh, she sat on the other side of the bed and extended her hand, her eyes shutting in shame. "I assume you don't know what this is?"

I kept staring at her face as if she was crazy, what in reality was what she appeared to be, but then I forced my gaze to lower and saw what she meant. My eyes popped out of their orbits. She was wearing a wedding-band; what kind of woman is married and goes around cheating on her husband with men she never knew before?

I gulped, my voice came out hard, but I was disgusted. "You tell me."

"I can't! I don't freaking remember!" She returned to the yelling and I closed my eyes too. I wasn't up to being with a screaming married woman, so I got up to pick up my thrown-away clothes.

"I believe that's your problem." I didn't care if I sounded an insensible prick but I just wanted to get out of there and take a hot shower, change to something clean and have a nice breakfast.

She chuckled – for the first time since I woke up, she chuckled – but it was a rather cynical sound and it made be stop my motions. I turned around, only to find her glaring at me with her hands firmly placed in her hips. "Oh, I believe it's your problem too mister."

I followed the direction of her pointed finger and my heart stopped. My stomach made quit the flip and I felt like an insane urge of running to the bathroom and vomit everything I had inside me. A freaking gold wedding-band was adorning my finger too and I felt so nauseated I was about to pass-out. Now I got why she was screaming so much, if my throat wasn't tied up in knots I'd have felt the same need.

"It's not possible…" I whispered my voice weak. I slumped back to bed again, I didn't have the strength to be up.

"It gets worse," She whispers back, hiding her head behind her hands. I doubted that was remotely possible but then she lifted the hem of her sheet all the way to her thigh, slowly turning around. In any other time I'd have found that gesture quite erotic but at the moment I was completely lost in my panic to even notice if her butt was hot or not.

It did get worse, as it turn out.

'C.G.'s Property' it read in big, obnoxious tainted letters. I blinked a couple of times before being able to refocus my vision. I desperately whished that was a simple and ugly draw, made my some erasable pen.

"It's tattooed." She stated, answering my unspoken thoughts.


"I believe you have one too," She spoke again to break another horribly bad new.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Who was this fucking person? I hated her already and didn't even know her. And she kept giving me awful informations so I felt like slapping her through a wall. Of course I didn't act upon my thoughts, but it did occur to me. And honestly, it would have felt good to do so.

Reluctantly I turned around, just enough so that my buttock was within my peripheral vision and indeed, there it was, written in the left side with the same kind of ugly letters, 'A.S.'s Property'. If I thought I was sick before I was definitely in for a trip to the bathroom now. I ran as fast as I could and dipped my head in the toilet, quickly preventing any gush from spilling to the floor. I didn't know how long I stood there but the strange girl whose butt was my property kept her place in the bedroom and I appreciated that gesture.

Once I recuperated enough, I cleaned my face and took deep breathes, hoping everything would vanished away once I entered the room again. I didn't have such luck, the brunette woman with the equal tattoo and wedding-band as mine, was still there, with her hands covering her face and her naked body hidden under a hotel sheet.

Regardless of how hard I tried to remember last night's events, nothing came to life in my mind. I had never gotten so fucked-up that I didn't remember my own actions, and now, during the first time I get this intoxicated, I also get married. Married. Me. Christian Grey. A married man.

Anger sprouted in me. "Who the fuck are you?!" My tone caught her on surprise and she jumped on her seat. "What have you done? Have you gotten me drunk? Did you drugged me and forced me to marry your gold-digging ass?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" She got up and in her moment of fake-indignation, her cover fell down and left her naked body free. She did have a nice, hot body, but I was too worked-up to even care.

"Don't go around pretending you don't know who I am! You planned this all thing, tricking me into marring you so you could get a hold of my money! Bad news for you slut, you're not going to get a single finger on my fucking billionaire empire!"

"You… your… billion… what?" She looked as if she had been slapped just like I wanted to do moments before and for a second I believed her innocence to be true but that couldn't be, it made no sense. She was just a very good actress. Clearly.

"Stop with the act! You got what you wanted, is just not going to work out the way you planned." I don't know how, but for some reason, I was just inches away from her now and we were both glaring furiously at each other. I was so angry, words couldn't even make justice to my feelings. "Whore!" I spat out in a madding moment.

It was the noise that hit me first; her hand flew to my cheek and slapped me hard. My head turned completely to the side, but before I could even comprehend her action, the sound echoed through the room and I saw white, then red, then all kind of colors. I didn't know if I should be furious or outraged or surprised or whatever. I felt everything rushing in and out of me at the same time.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" She regained her composure, but I could still see the fire in her eyes. "I don't fucking know your millionaire conceited ass and I'd be just fine if I never had to, but apparently we're both in this mess, so we have to deal with it! And if you don't stop with that attitude I'm gonna smack your ass with a whooping crane till you bleed!"

"Wha… What?" If I weren't so upset with the whole thing I would have loved her rant and I'd even laugh and flirt with her but seeing the whole thing, I just got astonished with her resolution.

I had to give it to her, she probably didn't really know me and if I could take her fuming ears as a sign, she wasn't happy at all with any of this either. I'd just had to take the blow to my ego and accept she had no clue about me or my wealth, or at least that she hadn't had this planned.

I allowed my body to fall into the bed again and she did the same thing right away. She was still naked and so was I. The whole thing would have been pretty hilarious if not for the circumstances. We sighed simultaneously.

"Now what?" I asked her, but it was more rhetorical than anything else.

"We're married… I guess…" She answered after a few minutes of silence.

I was married. I was married to… What was her name again?

Fuck me! What the hell have I done to myself?