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Anastasia's P.O.V.

Everything was spinning in my head, what the hell had I gotten myself into?

There I was, lying naked on the bed with a complete stranger, whose to make matters worse is a freaking snooty prick. I was trying damn hard to recall what had happened previously but nothing from last night came to my mind. It was a blank, dead spot and though I kept pushing, nothing seemed to stir it.

A loud bang startled me and I jumped from bed sitting myself right up. I fletched for the sheet again and covered myself as if that was a security blanket. Could I really be married? It seemed so surreal to even say it, let alone look at my supposed husband.

The bang went on and on, and there was nothing more to do than acknowledge it. Christian-freaking-conceived-millionaire-or-whatev er-ass got up from bed and went to the door. I considered running to the bathroom and hide myself there, but then again, the situation was pretty embarrassing as it was, so someone seeing me wrapped around a shameless sheet wasn't going to make a lot of difference. And as my thoughts ended, a big, handsome guy entered the room, obviously upset about something.

Well, join the club darling.

"What the fuck were you thinking?" The man shouted, banging the door shut, quite loudly. "Kate is so mad, she wants to kill you!"

I blinked, everyone was a nervous wrack around here, or so it seemed. I didn't get any of what he said but whoever Kate was, she had an ally in me. I was game for a kill.

"Why would I care about Kate?" My spouse's answer came out with the same angry tone. His hands flew everywhere but it finally settled on a straight course, and he pointed inquisitively at me. "Have you known her before?"

I quirked my brow. I had a name and deserved a little more consideration after all but before I could say something, the strange guy turned in my direction. He was somewhat surprised to see me standing there but didn't comment on that. Instead he shook his head negatively.

"Nope," His glance casted my whole appearance but he quickly recovered from his shock and turned to Christian again. "But apparently now you do."

"No, I don't." He stated rather firmly.

"You don't?"

"Haven't you heard so?" My sympathy-award-winning man spitted right back but I couldn't really blame him, I was pretty worked up about the situation, there was no patience for impertinent and annoying questions. We needed to figure things out. Quickly.

The other man's hands flew up to his sides in a surrender mode. It would have been funny if not for the unfortunate events that led us to it. "So you don't remember what happened?"


"Do you?" I asked with a little hope. I decided to intervene in their conversation, I was there and clearly I wasn't going anyway anytime soon, so I might as well be part of the crew.

Both men's eyes shot back at me, Christian's were fuming with some kind of anger but the other guy's were simply surprised. "You don't remember too?" When I shook my head, he had the nerve to chuckle.

I placed my free hand – the one that wasn't busy covering me – on my hip. I was really about to give him a piece of my mind, when he spoke up again, only to state the obvious and upset me even further.

"You guys are so fucked-up."

"You don't say," Christian growled from across the room. He decided sprawling on the sofa was a good idea, not even caring about his nakedness. I blushed once I fully saw his body. Up until now I had been too traumatize about the news to even check him out but now that he made the favor of placing his very breathtakingly body in front of me, I couldn't help but to admire it.

I forced my gaze to advert from that sinful sight. Sure, he was an incredibly tall, well-built, gorgeous male but that didn't diminish the prickly cockiness of his being.

"Why do you have a black eye?" Christian asked out of the blue after a moment of silence, where everyone was in deep reflection.

"You gave it to me." The man stated quite simply as if he was saying drinking water is good for your health. "That's why Kate's pissed off." He quickly added.

It was messing with my head not knowing who that stranger – whom by the way got himself very familiar in our presence – was, so I stepped in once again. "Who are you?"

"That's seems like the fucking million dollar question today…" Christian scoffed from his place. I ignore his sarcasm and kept staring at the intruder.

The other guy ignored it too because he turned to me and extended his hand. "I'm Elliot Grey, this bastard's older brother," He pointed with his head to my newly-husband and I sighed before taking his hand and shaking it too.

"I'm Anastasia Steele," It might have been my imagination, but I could swear I saw some sympathy in his gaze before he moved around again and faced his little brother once more.

"Flynn's here for you, he's more than pissed too. I don't envy you right now bro."

I chuckled; was there a time where someone would envy him at all? Both turned to stare at me but I couldn't figure their expressions. Christian got up and started picking up his clothes. Thank god for that because his sculpted body was a bit distracting and I really needed to be focused on my angry-appearance.

When he zipped his pants and tightly hide his manhood, I sighed in relief. I was glad that was away from my sight; not only was it big and very large, it was very tempting too.

Away Devil, please.

"Why didn't you stop this shit from happening?"

I frowned at first, but then I realized my husband wasn't talking to me. I'd have made a remark about his age and his capacity of taking care of himself, but then I shut up. I'd be very glad if his brother had prevented this whole mess. For some reason, I got tempestuous too, he should have prevented it since he was related to that prick and that seemed to be on his interest as well.

"I tried!"

"Clearly not hard enough," Christian barked that one out and I backed him up with my fuming stare.

Elliot felt cornered as I could see by his exasperated voice. "Hard enough that you punched me for it,"

"What?" Mr. Hotshot mouth popped open and if his eyes had widen an inch more they would have fell on the ground. My first reaction matched his, but then it all became too much for me.

I leaned forward and placed my palm on my belly. My laugh came out hard and loud, it resounded through the entire division and it called everyone's attention. Their eyes fell on my hysterical figure but I was so confused and upset and outraged and stupefied and enraged, I didn't care. It all just seemed like an unforgiving bad joke or a terrible nightmare.

"What's so fucking funny?" Christian growled, frustrated with my behavior. Regardless of his dick-personality, I could tell he wasn't coping well with this either and that information only added fuel to my frenzy moment.

"Are you okay?" Elliot asked after a while when tears began to escape my eyes. He was genuinely concerned and that gave him a point on my book, but my guffaw seemed to be endless.

"This… it can't be…" I panted for air in my lungs but still couldn't stop. "So surreal… Everything…"

Another set of loud bangs on the door drown the mood away, my laughter died in a slow and painful way as I realized just how desperate the situation was. I was married. And it wasn't an unforgivable bad joke or a terrible nightmare, it was real life, and my life for that matter.

I wasn't the kind of girl to go around partying in nightclubs and drink to the point of blacking-out; I'd never even poked with alcohol-intoxication before! I'm not wild or a party animal, I'm just an ordinary, calm, homey kind of girl; one that prefers comfort over adventure. So finding myself under such position was just messing with my mind.

Was this going to get fixed right away? Would I have to tell my family? What would my parents say? Could I still have the promotion regardless of getting married even before the job started and without warning my bosses? How would Maisie react?

Maisie! A light bubble turned on inside my brain. My friend. Maisie was my friend. She was the friend I came to Vegas with. Maisie was the one I was with before this all thing happened.

I needed to find her.

I got straight-up right away and began looking for my clothes, frenetically. Perhaps she could give me an insight on what the hell had happened the night before.

It turned out, I didn't have to go around looking for my friend because she entered the room with a tall, lean, middle-aged man. She was the one banging on the other side just moments before, or perhaps it was her companion, but either way she was there. I sighed, if it was on relief or anxiety or anticipation, I didn't know because my being was a mix of emotions I couldn't identify.

"Ana!" Maisie shouted, throwing her hands in the air. She came rushing in for a hug but hesitated a bit once she stepped closer. She looked me up and down quirking her brows in the process. I wasn't keen on being analyzed anymore so seeing the bitter expression on my face she placed her arms tightly around my sheet-covered torso. "How are you feeling?"

"Not very good," I confessed. And I wasn't, both physically and mentally. "Where have you been?"

"In Flynn's room, trying to figure out this mess."

"Who's Flynn?" I felt so messed-up by everything the last thing I needed was more confusion. Maisie pointed with her head to the new guy that entered the room, the one that came along with her.

"He's Christian's personal assistant and we were trying to evaluate the damages your sudden marriage caused."

"I… Christian's…" I stopped myself and took deep amount of breathes. I needed fresh air to clear my mind. "I don't even understand what you're saying Mai, I don't remember a thing from last night. I need a more thorough explanation."

"Nothing at all?" She asked echoing Christian's words.

I shook my head and my features must have betrayed me because Maisie's eyes filled with compassion and she hugged me again, I could feel her own agitation and that only added to my preoccupation, but she did have some nice ideas to offer. "Why don't you dress and we'll order some breakfast, this is going to be complicated so we need to take our time."

I nodded; sadness was beginning to grow in me. I did what she told me nonetheless and left the breakfast order to her. Everyone else in the room was debating their own views on the matter and Christian seemed just as aggravated as me, but as I passed through the men towards the bathroom, everything fell silent. I could feel all eyes on me but I was too exhausted to even make eye-contact. I grabbed my clothes and dodged to the shower.

Nice, warm water seemed to be just what my body craved for, but my mind was far from pleased by just a shower. I combed my hair the best I could with my trembling fingers and put on my old clothes not even bothering with the fact I'd worn them the night before and the smell of alcohol still lingered on it.

I got out of the bathroom after convincing myself that throwing me through the small window of the room wasn't the best solution possible. I still felt dizzy and though I regained some strength just by smelling food, I was sure my weak state had nothing to do with hungriness.

"Ana," Maisie pushed her hand on the air, raising it above all heads that stood in the room. Again all eyes fell on me and the creepy silence installed once again, but my friend proved faithful when she stepped in with a wonderful tray of deliciously looking food. "Let's go eat in the terrace, I'm sure some fresh air would do you good. And you must want to talk," She gesture towards my husband and his entourage of people – who in reality were just two guys. "Privately."

Not waiting for anything else, I stepped outside towards the wonderful terrace the suite had. It was breathtaking really, we were in one of the highest stories of the hotel and the view was beautifully strategized.

I sighed and turned around, Maisie placed the food on the table nearby and sat besides it. I followed her steps.

"I don't know what to think," I confessed rubbing my temples. "This seems unreal. How could I have married myself to some stranger?"

Maisie sighed too. "It's awful that you don't remember anything, last night you seemed pretty excited about the married life."

I stared, mouth opened at my friend. "I… What… Why didn't you stop it?" I hated to sound like a whinny bitch or worst, like my petulant husband, but he had a point. We were out with our friends and relatives, if we weren't thinking properly they should have stopped us. Somehow.

"I tried," She offered the same answer as Elliot did, only she was much more sympathetic about it. "I was intoxicated too, you know." No, I didn't know because I didn't remember, but I let her on with her speech. "And at the time it seemed like a great idea, you were so spunk up, full of life and energy. I had never seen you so joyful in my life."

"Yeah Mai, that's what alcohol does to people."

She giggled and picked something to eat. I mimicked her, suddenly remembering I needed desperately to put some nutrients on my body. "But it was different, you guys just seemed to get it on… it's just weird but you seemed like you were sharing some kind of connection, even in that drunk state."

I huffed and filled my mouth with something in order to stop the unpleasant remarks that were threatening to come out.

"I know it sounds like crap right now, but last night you were determined to get married and spend the rest of your life together. Christian's brother even tried to really stop you, but then he got punched and you guys ran away and hide in some chapel before we could get to you."

I groaned hearing that. God, that was embarrassing.

I guess there was no point blaming others for not stopping us. They weren't our parents and we weren't children either. We should be responsible adults who should take fault for our actions. I just never thought the price would be this high.

"You really don't know who he is?" Maisie prompted in, after a moment of silence.

I shook my head. I only knew he was a snotty-ass kind of guy. Unbelievable gorgeous, but jerky nonetheless.

"How is that possible? You don't know who Christian Grey is?"

I shrugged. "He's Christian Grey." I didn't get the point.

"No, he's more than just his name. He's a billionaire, one of the most covet bachelor in the States, his empire knows no bounds and he's among the youngest and richest of the world. He's kind of a god in the business thing."

I would stare mouth agape at her again, if only I didn't have so many grapes in my mouth. Instead I gulped all down while chewing on this piece of information. My supposed husband was a rock-star among the business scenario? That could explain his reaction but it still didn't explain one thing.

"Why would I know all that?" Maisie blinked a couple of times and kept staring at me, obviously not getting my point. "I mean, I'm not an entrepreneur or anything, why does everyone expect me to know who he is?"

"I don't know, maybe because you live on this planet too?"

Now it was my time to blink. "I don't care about gossip or celebrity status, you know that Maise,"

She sighed and resume to eating again. "Yeah, I guess I should know."

"But what more can you tell me, about our wedding and all…" I cringed inside.

"Nothing much, we were at the club, you remember that right? Well, somewhere along the line we went to the VIP section and we met Christian's troop, they were all flirty and nice and invited us to go with them, we were pretty tipsy by then so off we went. We hit a couple of more spots and it wasn't until we got to the casino that you guys started to talk about marrying each other." I groaned at the mention of marriage but let her continued with her story. Which actually was my story.

"You sort of clicked from the beginning but after Christian's won on the blackjack several times, he decided you were his lucky charm and wanted to have you all for him and for eternity apparently. You were all over the moon too, really into his idea. I never thought you'd actually go ahead and do it until I saw Elliot stepping in and trying to put some sense into you heads, that was actually funny because he was really intoxicated too," Mai giggled a lot, obviously recalling the situation but I didn't found it funny enough to join her.

"After that, I tried to prevent this from happening as well but that's when you started to get angry at us from stopping your ever-lasting love and then Elliot kind of got punched and we're only able to get to you when you were leaving the chapel. Already married."

"But how do we have wedding rings?"

She shrugged. "You most have bought it along the way."

"And what about the tattoos?"

"You've done it afterwards, at that point the deed was done and you were in a delirium, there was no point in trying to deter you anymore."

"Oh god," I breathed after hearing everything out. It felt like I was in a movie – a bad one, too.

Maisie patted my hand from across her seat. "Hey, it's not so bad. We can fix it, your husband's a very powerful man, I'm sure he'll find a way."

I was just going to voice my opinion on how much it appalled me to have that man be called my husband, when a figure entered the terrace. It was on my peripheral field, but judging by the posture, I could tell it was the man who had entered the room with Maisie moments ago.

"Look, we should talk." He said firmly, not getting too close. "All of us. There are things to work out."

I snickered but got up and walked into the room again, Maisie just next to me. I felt my power was slightly diminished by the fact I was wearing a rather tight and provocative black-dress, but there was nothing I could really do about it.

No one muttered a word, instead, that Flynn guy pressed on some button and turn the TV on. I stared disbelief, uncertain of what my eyes were seeing and my ears were hearing.

'Christian Grey, owner and CEO of Grey Enterprises, one of the youngest and most successful businessman in America, it's no longer single. Sources has that he married a common woman, last night, back in Vegas during his brother's bachelor party.' The perky blonde pivot went on and on with her stupid news about this event – my marriage by the way – but I discovered I wasn't fond of her words, right from the beginning.

"Common woman?" I whispered through gritted teeth.

"Well, that's what you are, isn't it?" Retorted my faithful spouse.

"Look hotshot, I don't care how freaking popular you are, you still need to pay the same amount of respect to everyone else and that's includes me because either you like or not, I'm your wife buddy," I was about to say something more but Elliot laughed and shamelessly encouraged our fight, so for the sake of my pride I held back.

Christian was about to respond me back but Maisie stepped in and calmed everybody with reasonable thoughts. No point arguing. I gave her that and when everyone grew quiet, I took my time doing my own thinking.

I had just been promoted, the Publishing Company I worked for was well known around the world, it was praised and respected; being given the opportunity to work for them had been a dream but being upgraded from assistant to the real deal meant a lot; it also meant I'd give up most of my time, analyzing and scrutinizing tons of books, not to mention occasional social and professional events that would require me to travel not only the country but the world as well.

One of the most important and valuable treats I had in my chiefs' eyes was my availability; I was single and with no kids attached which meant I was free to do whatever they needed of me. That played a huge part on my picking and now I was putting all on the line because of my irrational behavior. I hadn't been publicly announced as one of the new creative editors just yet so my shameful and rather controversial wedding might just prove to be my downfall.

My life had yet to begin, my dreams had yet to be fulfill but now seeing my reputation and hard work being trashed on, on national television of all places, was too much to handle. I didn't want to lose my chance of creating the career I wished and fought to have but I couldn't live in a farce either. I was an adult, I should be blamed for my mistakes.

I gulped and advanced towards the center of the room. Time to put my big-girl pants on. "So, how are we going to cancel this?"

Everyone stared at me and then at each other. Eyes wide and expressions confused, eager. Flynn was the first to break from the trance. He blinked a couple of times and got up as well, looking apologetically and apprehensive at the same time. His gaze hopped between Christian and me.

"Cancel?" He echoed my words eying me finally. "I don't think that's going to be possible."

My heart just stopped beating. My lungs stopped inhaling air. My forces seemed to go weaker.


I've decided to go and switch the POVs because this is a tricky situation to be in, so I thought it would be fun to see how they're both coping with the problem. They'll probably stay together in the marriage scene but let me warn you, it won't be pretty at first! They're both unpleased with the whole deal.

I'll try to update as quickly as I can!