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Annabelle slowly walked down the main stairwell to the school entrance hall, mind in a trance as she lightly fingered the pages of the book in her hand, the other holding her new phone while she was staring down at the screen with somewhat watery eyes.

She looked especially dark today, still not looking like an Emo but enough to show that she was in a bad mood. Dark skinny jeans with the St Trinians logo stitched onto the back pocket, black Vans, school shirt left with the top three buttons undone, mostly covered by the half zipped up black hoodie that had the logo once again stitched onto her shoulder, BB also stitched in white elegant font on the opposite shoulder, thanks to the Posh Totties. Her hood was up and her hair was down, covering the right side of her face, the left being tucked behind her ear. She was three steps from the ground when she heard footsteps accompanied by a casually paced tap coming into the school. She paused. She only knew one person who could make that sound.

She looked up and locked eyes with her father.

"Annabelle, sweetheart. How have you been? Any better?"

He glanced to her knuckles and saw the bruises and small cuts on them from her fight with Verity, still healing after all this time, that girl had such a hard face. He sighed and shook his head.

"I guess not. You know, you really should be more considerate Annabelle, if your mother was still here then-"

"But she's not." Annabelle interrupted him.

She narrowed her eyes and Carnaby glared back.

"Don't speak to me in such a way!" he stepped towards her just as she reached the ground floor, towering over her and violently pulling her hood down, "And what did I tell you about wearing hoods inside? It isn't lady-like!"

"Well I'm not 'lady-like' am I?"

She pulled her hood back up. Carnaby growled and reached for her head again, she stepped back and slapped his hand away.

"No, you don't get to touch me; you don't get to come near me!"

"You are my daughter and you will do as I say!" he stood up closer now, and because Annabelle was one step up, they were eye to eye.

"Oh so I'm your daughter now, right? Now that its, convenient for you to have a fuck up as a child!"

He looked a little startled, and she knew she had caught him out.

"That's not-"

"No, no, no, this is brilliant this is!" she waved her hands around and took another step back, her wallet chain clinking against itself as it swung from the momentum, "So, you ditch me at some random school, after yelling at me for 'bringing shame to our family name' and you leave me here without so much of a goodbye! Its lucky I actually like this place or you would have to deal with a lot more anger from me right now."

"You insufferable, little-"

"Carnaby! I suggest you stop this at once."

They turned to see Miss Fritton stood next to Beverly's desk; the secretary was stood just behind her with a glare at the walking stick wielding man. Camilla's shoulders shook with a forced fake laughter and she gestured up with her head, both Carnaby and Annabelle looked up and saw most of the school's students lining the staircase, glaring down with steely gazes at the man. He gulped and glanced to Camilla for a second, looking back to find that they had all gone.


"Would you like to come to my office Carnaby? And Annabelle, dear, Kelly is looking for you in the room, you know the one."

"Yes Miss."

And with another solid glare at her father, she turned away and walked to the planning room, hearing the door to Miss Fritton's office closing behind her relatives.


Hours later Annabelle sat on her bed, staring blankly at the ceiling still in her school clothes. Everyone else was either asleep or quietly keeping to themselves, so the room was mostly silent. Her hands were behind her head as she lay on her back, one knee bent up with the other straight out below her. She just wanted that day to end.

It had started out bad, then it got shit, then it was fucking horrible.

First her bad mood, then her 'father' showing up and arguing with her, then having to sit in the room with her fellow students and listen as Carnaby both tried to steal his sister's school and bad mouth her at the same time. She couldn't handle all the sympathetic looks as her father claimed his diswont of her, and so she had left.

That was hours ago, and she had gone straight to the empty dorms and to her bed, fell to her knees on the wooden floor and viciously grabbed the photo of Chrissy, fumbling with the holdings at the back as she tried to get to the metal hidden behind as quickly as possible.

But then she stopped. She had looked at the image, the miscoloured eyes, they happy grin. The innocent expression.

She fell forwards and onto her bed, hiding her head in her arms as she quietly sobbed. She couldn't do it. She promised Chrissy… she promised Kelly.

So she shoved the photo across the bed, it barely hung on to the sheets rather than fall to the floor boards. Her father's words shot across her brain.

"Ever since that dyke of her's died she's been so bad."

"What did you call her?" her aunty interrupted.

"Not her, I would never call my girl a dyke. She isn't really… you know… gay. It was all an act to irritate her mother and I."

"If you think that then you really are blind Carnaby. While I did not see much of the two of them together it was easy to see that it was real."

Carnaby scoffed, "Please, she's not really like that. I'm glad that girl died so Anna can finally grow up and move past her silly little phase."

"Its not a phase you insolent fool! If I can see this then surely you, her father can!"

"Oh calm down Camilla, you're always so vocal in arguments."

"Well I do hope to one day get through your head."

Carnaby glared at her, kicking Mr Darcy away, irritated, as the dog moved to Miss Fritton.

"I don't know why you are protecting her Camilla, she isn't exactly like us."

"Whatever does that mean?"

"Well, a Fritton. We're all mentally stable for a start, and we don't go around starting fights willy-nilly."

"Your point, Carnaby?"

"Well," he scoffed taking a swig of whiskey, "sometimes I wonder if she's even mine."

It was then she had left.

She left and was alone, well, for now at least.

Because not ten minutes later, while she was crying on the floor, she heard footsteps walking towards her hunched form on the ground. They stopped behind her and then the person bent down to her level. She wrapped her arms around Belle's waist and pulled her into a comforting hug, Annabelle hugged her back, sobbing slowly residing as she tightly held onto the Head Girl.

"It's alright Belle," she had whispered, "I'm here."

Annabelle slowly calmed down and sat on her bed, Kelly watched her warily for a moment as the brunette girl moved the picture frame back into place, then she sighed quietly and sat on her bed, leaning back on her arms with her feet stretched out in front of her.

"You alright?"

"I'd rather not talk about it."

Kelly nodded, Annabelle brought one knee to her chest and hugged it with one arm, her other hand playing with the bed sheets and her left foot going behind the Head Girl.

Kelly had left about an hour ago, the suspicious looks unaware students were sending them forcing her to leave. So Annabelle sat there, in the darkness.

She felt angry at her father. Furious. This was the second time her father had tried to steal the school from her aunty, apparently having already tried to do so while she had been away from the school.

She was angry with him, angry that he had some messed up form of power over her.

She would get him back, she would.


Annabelle and Kelly shared a smirk as Flash left the roof, Annabelle's last words ringing in their minds.

"Nice one Fritton, making him to both help us and make him have to act gay to do it."

Annabelle shrugged and leant against the wall by Kelly's seat.

"Who knows, maybe he'll learn something about himself on the way."

"What, that he's gay?"

"No, that he's an asshole."

Kelly snorted and Belle hid her grin. Kelly glanced at her from the corner of her eye, she could tell that Belle was trying but the girl still looked very upset. It was noticeable even to the first years; she had the Twins come knocking at her door with confused and scared expressions. She had calmed them down and sent them off to cause more trouble, hoping to distract them. She had spoken to Polly, but the Head Geek had nothing to say that could really help the Head Girl.

She was worried for Annabelle, she wanted to do more to help, but didn't want to frighten the younger girl off. The only one who could ever get her heart racing and make her blush, subtly, like the school girl she was.

Well, now or never.

"Hey, Annabelle-"

"Scramble! Black eagle one o'clock!" the lookouts yelled, she saw the news vans coming and groaned under her breath.


"Well, that's not good is it?" Belle muttered.

"No it is not; you go down the left wing and warn the girls, I'll get the right!"

"On it!"

They split up at the stairwell, and Kelly paused just long enough to see Belle run around the corner. She shook herself out of her stupor and ran down the corridors, leaning into classrooms to warn them of the oncoming storm.


Annabelle was a little out of breath as she made it to the planning room, scaring the other girls half to death as she slammed into it, shutting the door tightly behind her.

"Did you warn them?" Kelly asked, Annabelle nodded with a small smirk.

"All forty right classes."

They nodded and waited.

It was all going well, the art room was uncovered, the science labs were not found out, the religious studies class was out of the hot water, and the gambling room was left safe. In fact, the reporters were all leaving, until one of the girls backed up into a glass on the table, causing it to smash with the sound echoing.

Kelly watched through the peep hole as Geoffrey stopped in his tracks, turning to the sound with predatory gleam in his eye, then walked towards the class room with determination in his stride, the reporters following after him, talking all at once like a flock of seagulls.

The girls started to panic again, frantically rubbing off 'Bank Robbing Plans' from the boards and hiding various objects they would use for breaking in.

They were never going to make it, but they all stopped talking when the door shut, and they realised the room was missing a person.

Kelly almost threw herself to the door, looking through the peep hole again as the girls went deathly silent.

"And who are you?"

Rather than answer his question, Annabelle spoke about something different entirely.

"I know your daughter."

"Oh, you know Verity?"

"Yes, she was the school bully at Cheltenham; she tried to bully my friends and myself for our choice in partners. She even resorted to violence when the words didn't do anything."

The reporters all looked shocked, frantically writing down all they could.

"My daughter would never do that-"

"Oh yeah? I've got the scars to prove it."

She moved her hoodie to the side, showing her collar bone that had been broken and healed before, a small scar still in place about an inch long across the bone.

"And trust me, there were many more from that Hell hole. If there's a place you want to check then its Cheltenham for sure."

"Verity wouldn't do such a thing, she is no bully."

"Really? And they say I'm the mad one…"

A reporter pushed past Geoffrey and raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"So your daughter is the school bully Minister?" he did not answer so she turned to Annabelle with a friendly smile, "And what's it like being at St Trinians?"

Belle smirked and she brushed her fringe to the side.

"It's like a big, happy, slightly dysfunctional, family." She responded coolly. Geoffrey looked angry and went to argue, when a voice interrupted all by belting out lines from a play.

"Oh, Geoffrey! What a surprise!" Camilla quickly yet elegantly came down the stairs, dressed as Queen Elizabeth the First. The following talk was both funny and embarrassing, but it was sure a sight to see for the girls listening from both the planning room and those listening from the upper levels.

That sight being the two Frittons defending their school with all they were worth.

Annabelle pushed off from the door and waltzed towards the open window as her aunt spoke to the Minister, the window was open which was good. She needed fresh air. Showing her scars… it wasn't something she enjoyed doing. And it had hurt her to do so, but she knew it was necessary to shut the man up.

She was broken out of her thoughts by her aunt's happy cry.

"Oh, it seems like Mr Darcy likes you!"

She turned just in time to see the small dog flying towards her, just above her head and soaring for the open window. She started for a second and then jumped up, catching the dog and pulling him to her chest. Her aunt gasped and rushed as fast as she could to the two of them, pulling the small dog from Annabelle's grip, saving the young girl from the dog licking her even more than he already had.

Annabelle scrunched up her face with a grimace and wiped the dog drool from her cheek, glaring at the Minister.

"Must you try to kill my aunt's dog?"

"Camilla, I'm sorry-"

"I think you should go Geoffrey, I can't look at you right now." Her aunt was really milking it, but it worked, as when mixed with Annabelle's glare the brown haired man quickly left the school, followed by his crowd of reporters, all but one that is.

"Excuse me, Annabelle is it? Could I have a moment of your time?"

"No." she rolled her arms with a sigh.

"I do insist Annabelle, it would be beneficial for you to work with me rather than-"

"She said no, asshole." He gasped and turned at Kelly's sudden appearance behind him, she gave him her best glare and it looked like he had wet himself. He glared at Annabelle, and with a muttered threat, quickly left.

The moment he was gone, the whole school erupted into cheers, students seemingly coming from the woodwork to congratulate the Headmistress and her niece chanting 'Misses F' and 'BB Fritton' over and over.

They were patted on the back and hugged, to the point where Annabelle was feeling awkward with all the human contact. She excused herself and let the Headmistress take the rest of the attention, walking up the stairs and nodding in thanks at the calls she received from passing students.

She made it to the third floor and leant against the wall, a self satisfied smile on her face. She had protected her school, protected her friends, hell, she even protected her aunt's dog. There was little more that could make her feel as good as she did in that moment.

That was until clicking heels walked to where she was and she looked up with a grin at the Head Girl.

"Hey Kell."

"Hey B, wanted to escape all your fame?"

"Its hardly fame Kell, fifteen minutes of it."

Kelly tilted her head and leant against the wall just like she had when they first met.

"Well, hate to break it to you Belle, but you are pretty famous in this school. It takes a lot to forget the girl who beat down Thwaits."

"You mean the girl who got their arse handed to them by the hockey team."

"Yeah, her too."

They chucked a little and were left in blissful silence, which was until a smash was heard from downstairs.

"I better go check that out."

"Yeah, I guess."

Kelly smiled, actually smiled, and leant forwards. She gently grasped Belle's chin and turned the younger girl's face in her direction. Belle's eyes widened and she let out a breath when she realised how close they were, Kelly smiled a little bigger and moved to Annabelle's ear.

"Thanks for protecting the school, Fritton."

Then she pressed her lips to Annabelle's cheek, millimetres away from her lips, just at the corner of her mouth. Annabelle turned her head, hoping to meet her lips with her own, only for Kelly to pull away with a smirk and a wink before sauntering off down the corridor.

Belle watched her go, eyes wide with her jaw on the ground. She forcibly moved her head away from the now empty corridor, shocked expression turning into a slow smile. She chuckled to herself and brushed her hair out of her eyes again, shaking her head and turning for the dorms.

"That woman will be the death of me…"

She left to the dorms and stayed on her bed for the rest of the day, reading her new book she had purchased from the village. She slept with a smile, unfortunately completely unaware of what would happen the next day, and the pain it would cause.

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