So, I am having horrid writer's block with Nymphetamine. And have had the idea to have a go at a Titus and Katniss story because I have so much to work with him and as you guys can see in the cover I have a idea on how I would like for him to look like. I hope I will enjoy trying a different couple because as much as I love Cato and Katniss it is nice for a change of game every now and then. I am starting this story at M but I am trying to work on not having so many scenes with sex in them so much. Also Titus got inspired by the actor in beastly but when he looked like a 'beast'

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Summary: Titus had been put through the mercy of Snow but he had to pay a price, now scarred and morphed into a horrid form of a man. He cannot stand by what the Capitol and the ignorance of the Districts. He isolated himself and destroyed anything that causes him to remember what happened to him. Until the 74th Hunger Games where he sees Katniss Everdeen…The Girl on Fire. And he decided that she should be his. But will he get what he wants, and what Is he willing to do? "I will make Katniss Everdeen mine no matter what the cost is."


"We need to make sure he does come out alive!" said my Head Game Maker as he watched this years District 2 Male had his head bashed by Titus, The boy from District 6. As I watched the last Career's Tracker light slowly flicker off before there was a boom. I knew that Titus has won and now he will finish his kill. As Titus took a bite from the now deceased career his meal time started. Blood dripped from his mouth. I am watching the uncensored games, while the people that I have to deal with cannot stand it. Shows me how stupider the powerful Capitol has become. It is a Free for all no rules game and yet they assume someone to stay like the average Career. I actually enjoyed this years games, never has I seen someone kill the way Titus did. Never saw how cruel he was in these games.

After Titus finished his meal I heard some mention a avalanche, to make sure our victor isn't mentally deranged. "That won't be needed Apollo." I told him not getting up from my seat. He tried to tell me that we shouldn't let this year's Victor win. He questions my action, he will lose his job…I didn't really like him anyways. "Why do you question my reasons? I am telling you to let Titus win. I have others way of letting the people know what I won't allow in my Games." I simply told him as I turned my eyes upon him. "Announce our Victor because it will be the last Victor you will be doing." I told him before he told me yes sir.


As I sat up on my knees and wiped away the blood from my lips. I am the last and only one standing now. I destroyed The Capitols' precious golden boy. I have proved all of them wrong!

L-Ladies and Gen-Gentlemen I showcase you this years Victor of 71st Hunger Games T-Titus Douglas!

I won and I am the sole Victor. I won this game and beat the powerful Careers, I have made them all fear me! I have became the best and I will be remembered through history, I even out shine the 67th victor. As the hover craft came closer to me I was waiting for the latter to come down like they did years before I was even born. But I felt a sting on the back of my neck. I pulled out what was stuck in my neck. It wasn't a shock device because I would be numb.

My vision became a blur and I started to lose my balance, And before I knew it I fell to the ground and everything started to go Black. But before I did I was a group of Peace Keepers circle around me. As I closed my eyes I felt myself being lifted onto something. After that I don't remember anything else.

8:55 PM, Titus

As I came back to focus I heard a voice laced with venom and that was cold. "Nice to see that you're awake Titus." he said, causing me to turn my head to see Snow was sitting on a chair next to my bed with his legs crosses. He smelled like Roses And Blood. I could handle the smell, I dealt with it at my time in the arena. "I am Kind enough to let you live because the Game makers wanted you dead." he told me as he got up and walked across the room. "I enjoyed your games but not many of my subjects. So, I had to think of a way of punishment for you." he told me as he turned his back to me.

"And what did you do?" I asked him as I sat up. He let out a cold laugh before turning towards me a evil serpent like smile on his lips.

"You were a good looking young man." were the words he left me with before he walked out of my room. The words he left me erea unsettling. And when I caught up with his words I shot straight up and ran towards the nearest mirror. And what I saw I just couldn't believe what they did to me. I touched my face as I looked at the tattoos I had put on me. WHAT DID THEY DO TOO ME! I feel rage build up inside me before I smashed the glass that reflected what happened to me. Why would they do this to me!? I played their sick game, I gave them a show they would remember and this is what they do to me. I will be looking like this for the rest of my life! I tried to prove to all of them that my District isn't full of waste but when I do this happens!

Titus Douglas stayed like this. When he got his post games interview the Capitol screamed and his interview was cut short. He was disowned by his farther and Mother because of what he did in the arena and was forced to live in solitude. When his Victory tour came, he was dreading that event. In District 12 the crowd look at him as if he was some monster but he didn't not kill their tributes. The others District booed, hiss, and threw thing at him screaming monster. Titus is recorded as the most hated Victor in history. He allowed this hatred that came upon him and that caused him to become cold. He formed this bitter hate for his nation.

As the two other Hunger Games passed he was forced to go and be reminded what he did and who was the reason why he was like the way he was. But his hatred formed colder and colder towards the districts because of their ignorance. This story will take place in the after effects of the 74th Hunger Games Reaping and you will see this story told through the eyes of Titus and of Katniss Everdeen. Enjoy this angst, horror-struck Drama filled with want and desire as so with fear.