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Well, let's start this thing!

For realsies, this time.

Outside a very familiar movie lot, a certain someone was looking at the camera with a bright smile. That man's name? Chris McClean, host of the popular Total Drama series. His current mission? Well…

"Yo! We're back at Action's Film Lot to drop the newest season of Total Drama on you! Last time we were here, Bad Boy Duncan battled it out against Farm Girl Beth, and after all that… We kinda hit our blue period for a while. But enough about that! This season, we have 26 fresh faces, ready to battle it out for the big cash prize! But, here's the catch; they're all part of the Tween demographic. So we most likely not see any making-out action. And being we also gotta appease to the moral guardians out there, we also chose them to represent letters of the alphabet. Childish, I know… But it keeps track of the contestants a lot more easier. It's gonna be an insane season, so let's let the spills and chills, and toy ships set sail, now on…"




(Cue I Wanna Be Famous…)

Chris is now outside the Movie Lot, still flashing his trademark grin.

"Welcome back! Now, in just a few short minutes, our first contestant shall arrive." Chris said, as a taxi pulled up, and its passenger stepped out.

He had brunet hair, a white t-shirt with purple sleeves, red sweatpants, and grey shoes. He also had what appeared to be a bacon-themed headband over his head. He was also eating some bacon.

"BACON!" The tween yelled out. "I always wanted that to be my first words on national TV!"

"Hambo! Glad you made it safe!" Chris shouted out loud.

"Hey, it's better than my actual name of Hamlet. Why am I named after a play in which everyone died?" Hambo said, before smiling again. "But still… bacon was the first words outta my mouth when I was a youth!"

"Or course, it was…" Chris replied.

"Although, it came out as bacononeah, kinda… sorta…" Hambo said, smiling. "So, where's everyone at?"

"They're coming shortly… But next off, it's Gladys!" Chris replied, with a grin.

The taxi stopped, and a hillbilly-like girl stepped out. She appears to be wearing a patched-up pink apron, a purple sweater, green pants, and sandals. Her blonde hair was being covered in some kinda blue bonnet, and the clothes were a bit dirty.

"Well, hi there! Name's Gladys, and it's nice to be here, darlin'!" Gladys exclaimed. "My first time in the BIG city, though."

"And nice to have you here, too. So, how's things going on in Crocodile Country?" Chris asked.

Gladys couldn't help but giggle. "We don't have crocodiles, hon! Heck, if we did, I bet they would be kin as folk! Right, Stunski?"

From the still parked taxi, a black and white skunk jumped out, and ran towards Gladys' arms.

"Um, are you sure your skunk won't spray anyone?" Chris asked, concerned. "We don't have enough tomato juice to pass around."

"Nah, or course not! Stunski here is as friendly as it gets, hon!" Gladys replied with a small smile as she made her way towards Hambo. The two exchanged a friendly handshake.

"Moving on…" Chris said, interrupting the two. "Third, we have Coco!"

A taxi stopped, and a brown-skinned girl stepped out. She had raven-colored hair, and was wearing a purple shirt with a smiling heart on it. She was also wearing green pants, and blue and purple sneakers. However, what set her off from everyone so far, was her skin… It also had some peach-colored spots on it.

"Hi, guys. Coco's here to kick butt, and chomp on chocolate!" Coco said, looking around. "And it looks like I don't have much butt to kick."

"Besides, we're the first arrivals at the lot." Hambo replied, rubbing on Stunski's head while looking at the young girl.

"Hon, if you don't mind me calling you that…" Gladys asked.

"Au Contraire, my country friend. Go nuts!" Coco replied, smiling.

"What's with your skin? You're all black with white spots, darlin'." Gladys said.

"Oh, you mean these spots?" Coco asked. "It's just some skin condition called Vitligo. It causes some spots of different colored skin to appear on a person. No harm done, really; King of Pop had it."

"Wow, you learn something new every day…" Hambo replied. "Like how they came out with a bacon-flavored syrup."

"Yuck…" Gladys and Coco said, Gladys more in disgust.

"Hey, don't knock it until you try it!" Hambo grinned.

"Our next contestant? It's Peki!" Chris replied, as a taxi stopped, and its passenger stepped out.

She was a brunette girl, wearing a green shirt, a purple skirt with what appeared to be diamonds embedded into it, and pink shoes with diamonds on it as well. She also had gold bracelets, a rather expensive crystal, and… Master Ball earrings?

"Oh, joy… Prepare for being mocked and bullied for being poor…" Coco said, under her breath.

"Nah, I highly doubt that'll happen, darlin'." Gladys replied, as Peki came up to the group.

"Hi, guys! And gals, as well!" Peki said, smiling at the group. "And no worries; I may be very, very rich… But I'm NOT like any rich person you usually see on TV."

"Yeah, for one thing… You're wearing Master Ball earrings." Hambo replied, smiling.

"And you can BET I'm waiting for the day when there's NOT a Fire-Fighting starter! Make it something AWESOME, like a Fire-Psychic Fox Wizard!" Peki said, smiling.

"Sounds like something off of Magician's Quest Mysterious Times…" Coco replied.

"The Animal Crossing inspired DS game?" Peki asked, as she slapped Coco on the back. "You get props for talking about an obscure game, bud!"

"And speaking of Animal Crossing…" Chris said, as a taxi cab stopped, and it's passenger stepped out. He was wearing what appeared to be a green cloth Viking helmet with a leaf in front of it. Said leaf looked like it had a bite in it. He was wearing a blue shirt with the same leaf symbol, grey shorts, and he didn't have any shoes on. Or socks.

"Movie Lot!

"Now arriving at Movie Lot!"

"Welcome to Movie Lot!"

"Watch your step, ekk EKK!"

"Wow, welcoming committee! Just like the game!" The passenger said, as he turned towards the driver. "Thanks for the ride! Drive safe!"

The driver drove off, as he turned his attention on Chris.

"Ivan! Welcome to the Movie Lot!" Chris yelled out loud at the new kid, named Ivan. "How's life in your town of Fructose?"

"Awesome, now that I unlocked the island!" Ivan replied. "I shall be raking in the bells in no time!"

"So…" Peki spoke up, as Ivan looked at the rich girl. "What town ordnance did you go for?"

"Eh, I went for Beautiful Town. At least until I get the proper tools." Ivan replied. "I really, REALLY wanna collect the Gracie Furniture by the end of the season!"

"Well, after a while… Wanna head over to my town? I had the game three weeks in advance, thanks to my dad getting an advanced copy of the game. I can get you set up really proper." Peki said, smiling.

"Wow…" Ivan replied, almost blushing. "I dunno what to say…"

"Okay, while the two lovebirds are chatting it up…" Chris said, as…

"HEY!" Ivan and Peki yelled at the host.

"…Time to meet Bitty!" Chris replied, as a limo stopped in front of the bus stop, and a blonde girl steps out. She appeared to be wearing a purple shirt, a blue skirt, and had some jewelry on her, including some rather large hoop earrings.

"Unfair! Even Peki stepped out in an actual cab!" Hambo complained.

"Bitty, Bitty… Where did I hear that name before…" Ivan said, doing some thinking.

"Well, well…" Bitty said, scanning her fellow contestants. "Are these my fellow competition? This'll be easier than winning against a nerd at a fashion contest."

"Also, thanks for having an unique entrance." Chris replied. "Now, you said you were good at giving critiques on fashion?"

Bitty nodded. "Watch and learn, Chris."

She stopped by Hambo, who was currently gnawing on some bacon.

"Boring… And WHY did you fashion bacon in your fashion?" Bitty commented. "Lose the headband, and like, soon!"

She took her leave, as Hambo glared at Bitty.

"Gee, what seems to be your boggle?" Hambo asked himself at Bitty's response.

Gladys was next. "A hick girl? You're not even worth my time! NEXT!" Bitty replied, as she left her.

"But, you went up to me, hon." Gladys replied.

Peki was watching Bitty insult Coco.

"Ivan, we gotta do something. Else, she'll be bossing us around all contest." Peki replied, as the mean rich girl came up to the two.

"The Viking Look? Oh, please! That's SO 11th century! Now… You girl, FABOLUS! But… LOSE the Master Ball earrings; they're ugly on you!" Bitty critiques the two's fashion choices.

"Hey, I like these earrings…" Peki sheepishly said, as Ivan glared at Bitty.

"Wait a moment! Now I remember! Bitty was my most hated neighbor in Animal Crossing for the Gamecube! She was a fat pink hippo, and as snobbish as ever!"

"My least fave was Jambette… Those lips creep me out." Peki added.

Bitty was furious, as she stomped towards Ivan, with a glare that would even frighten a Drill Instructor. "Fat…pink…hippo? FAT PINK HIPPO?! You take that back!"

"Sorry, but it's true!" Ivan replied. "I can't help it that Nintendo took your name and gave it to a hippo! Same thing happened to me, with a different franchise. Now, you take back what you said to my friend!"

"Never! In fact, I take back my critique! She is as ugly as sin!" Bitty yelled out. "More uglier than cocoa girl over there!"

"Look in a mirror! You'll see who the TRUE ugly one is!" Ivan also yelled out.

"Okay, NOW we met our token mean rich girl of the season…" Coco said, shivering in fear.

"Why…" Bitty replied, as she was suddenly hit by a blue dodgeball. Said dodgeball had the word "Noun" written on it with marker.

"I know who already is the ugly one around here is…" A new voice said, appearing to have been listening in the entire time. She was blonde, and had blue streaks in her hair. She was also wearing a green headband, purple sunglasses, and had hearts painted on her cheeks. She was also wearing a pink tie-dye shirt, blue bell-bottoms, and sandals. "And I side with the groovy Animal Crossing playing ones, as well."

"Did you… try to ruin MY beauty… With a DODGEBALL?!" Bitty yelled out, as she tossed the dodgeball at the new girl. But the new girl caught the ball, surprising the group.

"Maybe… Maybe not? By the way? Name's Treela." The new girl named Treela replied.

"And welcome to the lot, Treela!" Chris yelled out. "Wish we had you in Island's dodgeball challenge!"

"I woulda aimed straight for Duncan's crotch… Or course, that woulda got me disqualified from the challenge, though…" Treela replied, smiling, as she walked over to Ivan and Peki. "You guys okay?"

"Yeah, we'll be fine." Ivan said. "Nice shot, by the way!"

"Thanks…" Treela replied.

"Ivan." Ivan said, introducing himself.

"And I'm Peki!" Peki also said, introducing herself.

Bitty glared at the hippie. "It is SO on…"

"Okay, we had enough of the hippie… Let's meet Zentaro!" Chris said, as a cab stopped in front of the lot.

A Japanese male stepped out, holding what appeared to be a fish tank of some sorts. Inside said tank, was a frog. Said male was wearing a frog hat over his raven-black hair, he had a green t-shirt with a frog's head on it, blue pants, and white shoes.

"Wow, nice to be here, Chris!" Zentaro replied. "Also, me and Tongue's happy to be here!"

"RIBBIT!" Tongue, Zentaro's frog, croaked.

Zentaro scanned the group. "Also, what's with the blonde fuming in anger? Did something go down?"

"Well, frog-boy… Treela got cheesed off about what Bitty said, that she threw a dodgeball at her." Chris replied. "Will make for some good ratings."

"Okay… Odd, but okay!" Zentaro said, as he walked towards the others.

Bitty was talking to herself, while looking at Zentaro. "GROSS! A frog boy?"

"Hey, they chow down on bugs, most of them that can harm plants and stuff." Zentaro replied, defending his favorite amphibian.

"Plus, his frog's cute!" Treela said, as she turned towards Zentaro. "So, what kinda frog is it?"

"It's just a red-eyed tree frog." Zentaro replied. "Got it after I moved from Japan earlier this year."

"Cool…" Treela said, as the two talked some more amongst themselves.

"Next up, we have Nancy!" Chris said, as the taxi opened, and her belongings was tossed out.

"Okay, taxi-dude. Take off!" Nancy shouted out in excitement, as the taxi sped off, with her skitching on the back bumper. As soon as the taxi picked up speed, she let go of the bumper, stood up, did a few tricks, and came back towards Chris.

"Whoa…" Chris replied.

"Pretty neat, if you think so!" Nancy replied, smiling. She was wearing a black Baseball cap, with a snowflake with some blue fire design on the front, coving her red hair, with a spiked ponytail jetting out the back. Said hair also had purple highlights. She was wearing a green shirt over a torn t-shirt with a snowman on it, exposing her pierced bellybutton. She was also wearing blue jeans, with a red patch on the right knee, gray fingerless gloves, and was wearing sandals. Her nose was also pierced.

Everyone was amazed by her skating tricks.

"Cool… How much practice did it take?" Gladys asked.

"Lots!" Nancy simply replied.

"Whoa, you have body piercings at such a young age…" Hambo said, looking impressed. "…Did it hurt?"

"Eh, not much pain involved." Nancy replied. "I want more, but thanks to the law… I gotta wait until I'm lots older."

"Wow, that sucks…" Ivan commented.

"Eh, good things come to those that wait!" Nancy said. "In fact, I'm currently thinking of what my first tattoo will be!"

"Skateboarders are fashion-disasters!" Bitty yelled out loud.

"Hey!" Nancy replied, turning towards Bitty. "I haven't wore leg warmers since I was 11!"

"Are you gonna insult EVERY contestant that arrives?" Gladys asked Bitty.

"Maybe…" Bitty said, smiling.

"Ladies… time to meet Vaughn!" Chris said, as a cab stopped, and a male stepped out.

"Greetings, ladies…" Vaughn replied, with a grin. He was wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and had a particular hairstyle, familiar to some. He almost seemed to be emulating the bad boy look. It worked, since most of the ladies were falling in love with him, already.

"Wow, what a hunk…" Coco said, with hearts in her eyes.

"Hey, I saw him first…" Nancy also said, only she was blushing slightly.

"Vaughn! You're a looker to the ladies, you may even score some babes of your own!" Chris said, grinning. "So… tell me, what IS your secret?"

Vaughn smiled. "Well… All you need to do is…"

Ivan was watching the action from afar.

"Okay, I know who and what the bad boy is… I already know NOT to trust him." Ivan replied to Peki.

"Eh, you're thinking too hard." Peki said. "Then again, should we trust ANYONE with an Edward Cullen hairstyle these days?"

"Most likely not…" Ivan replied, as he was taken back in shock. "Wait, you WATCHED Twilight? It was a dare, was it?"

"Well, yes… and no. I watched it with a golden crow robot, and what appeared to be a gumball machine. We mocked it endlessly!" Peki replied, giggling. "We were tossed out of the theater, but it was WELL worth it!"

"Okay…" Ivan said, curious.

"And just for the record? I'm on Team F-It, when it comes to Twilight." Peki replied, smiling.

"Better than my hometown." Ivan said, giggling slightly.

"…And that's how you get my beauty!" Vaughn said.

"…Add a cup of flour, add salt, just a pinch… got it!" Chris replied, as he wrote down on a sheet of paper, as Vaughn started to walk towards the others.

"So many girls… I shall have them eating out of the palm of my hand by the end of the week… Plus, that blonde rich girl's HOT!" Vaughn thought.

Bitty was also doing some staring at Vaughn. "Does that Vaughn like me? Perfect… Couples ALWAYS go far in these shows…"

"Danielle's next in line!" Chris shouted out loud, as the cab stopped in front of the lot, and its passenger stepped out. It looked a LOT different than the other tweens, with her wearing what appeared to be an animal outfit, like what you see in theme parks. The outfit was a blue-furred cat, with pink hair on top, wearing a yellow tank-top, and red pants.

"Um…" A nervous Danielle said, looking at the tweens so far. "Hope we'll have a nice time, together, and can get along well!"

Bitty, knocking herself out of her trance with Vaughn, stared at Danielle. "An ANIMAL OUTFIT?! Is there ANYTHING that passes for fashion these days?"

"Besides what YOU wear, hon?" Gladys smirked.

"Besides, I think Danielle's outfit is really unique and cool looking!" Ivan replied, smiling.

"Really?" Danielle asked, as Ivan nodded. "Thanks!"

"Thank nothing of it." Ivan replied, as he shook Danielle's hand.

Danielle couldn't help but notice something in Ivan's pocket.

"Also… Is that a 3DS in your pocket?" Danielle asked.

Ivan smiled. "You bet! Wanna trade FC's?"

"You got it!" Danielle replied. "Wow, my first Friend Code…"

As the two exchanged Friend Codes, Chris looked at the two.

"Looks like we got some new friendships forming. Let's see what else we can bring to the table? Here's Easter!"

A cab stopped, as its passenger stepped out. He appeared to have red hair, and wearing a cap, like Kyle's from South Park. However, Unlike Kyle's hat, Easter's cap was grey with a Yoshi Egg in front of it. He was also wearing a green tie-dye, yellow pants, and blue shoes. But what really set him out of the rest of the bunch was… bunny ears and a bunny tail? He also had markings on his face, almost like bunny whiskers. He was also nibbling on a carrot.

"Really nice to be here, Chris!" Easter replied, smiling. "I'm ready to get this game started!"

"Nice to have you, Easter! So… Where you hide the eggs?" Chris asked.

Easter chuckled. "Not telling!"

Bitty was staring at Easter's bunny ears. "Okay, Easter is OVER! You can take off the ears, now!"

"Well… Um… Be a rich bitch day's over! So, there!" Easter commented back.

Bitty could only fume in anger.

"Okay, before we have yet ANOTHER fashion war… Time to meet Xylia!" Chris said, as the cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out. She was wearing a green baker's cap, which had a smile on its face, covering up some of her pink-dyed hair. She was also wearing a green apron with some flour on it over a red and white t-shirt, and was also wearing yellow sweatpants. She was also barefoot, which didn't seem to bother her feet.

"Hiya, Chris! Cool to be here!" Xylia said, as she took out a cookie which looked… burnt. "Wanna cookie?"

"Err… no thanks." Chris replied, looking slightly disgusted. "But thanks, anyway!"

"You're welcome!" Xylia said, smiling as she walked towards Ivan. "So, you're a hater of shoes, too?"

"You bet! I'm more of a barefoot person, myself." Ivan replied. "Bare feet FTW!"

"Eh, shoes are overrated these days." Gladys said, looking down at her sandals.

"Tell me about it. Feet outta be free like the bird, not caged up in an air-tight prison known as the shoe!" Treela commented.

"Anyways, while the shoe talk is cool and all… Time to meet Keala!" Chris shouted out loud, as the cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out.

"Um, hi?" A femimine voice came out of the kid, wearing a blue hoodie over some long hair. The kid was also outfitted with red pants, and white shoes.

"Welcome, Keala! Now, your dad explained to us what's going on… You're going to be okay outside your bubble?" Chris asked.

Keala looked at the group, and looked at Xylia. "How come that girl has pink hair?"

Everyone was staring at the new kid.

"…Our Ezekiel of the season?" Coco asked.

"Who's Ezekiel?" Keala asked. "And how come that girl with the red and purple hair's wearing jewelry on her nose?"

"Fashion statement, brah." Nancy replied. "Although, I think I find you REALLY cool with green highlights in your hair."

Keala smiled. "Um… I'm a male."

"Really? I could have sworn you were a girl, with how you sounded." Nancy replied.

"Yeah… I kinda get that sometimes…" Keala said. "Doesn't help that my name sounds kinda feminine."

"Anyways, here's Wiley!" Chris shouted out loud. "He's the next contestant on Total Drama AlphaKidz!"

The cab stopped, and it's passenger stepped out. He had red hair, and was wearing a red-shirt with a yellow dollar sign on it, blue pants, and pink shoes.

"Heck yeah! I'm ready for some BIG BUCKS, all without any Whammies!" Wiley shouted out loud in happiness.

"Wow, what a freak…" Bitty said to herself. "I don't even know what Whammies are."

"Oh, if you know game shows like he does…" Coco said, smiling. "You'll learn to FEAR the Whammy."

Wiley smiled. "You betchya, friend! Grabbing four of those gnats will put you outta the game! For good!"

"Oh, dear…" Ivan commented.

"No worries, he's just kidding." Danielle replied, laying a comforting hand on Ivan's shoulder.

"I know, but still…"

"So… what's with the pink shoes?" Hambo asked.

Wiley sighed. "Bullies stole my shoes on the last day of school. So, my sister let me borrow her's. Hey, better than getting 5 zeroes on Plinko."

"Ain't that the truth?" Gladys nodded.

"Up next is Melody!" Chris shouted out loud, as the cab stopped to let its passenger out.

She was wearing a dark red beret, had dark green hair, thick glasses, a plaid shirt covering a shirt promoting a band, tight blue jeans, and yellow sneakers with a touch of pink. She also had a nose piercing.

"Wow, this show? Mainstream." Melody said. "Almost like my contestants."

"Yeah, we get it. You're a hipster." Chris replied.

"Besides, I was liking Total Drama, before it was cool." Melody said, walking over to the tweens.

"Back when it was called Camp TV?" Coco asked, as everyone looked at her. "Say what you want, I thought the old Beth design looked wicked cool."

"Also, don't expect me to make friends with you lot…" Melody said, as Nancy came up to her.

"Wow, you got a nose ring? Awesome!" Nancy replied, shaking Melody's hand. "Nose stud sisters for life!"

"Um… Thanks, I guess?" Melody replied, as she was in thought. "And I only got this thing to bring attention to me from my family…"

"Next up, Yagmur!" Chris said, as a tough-looking boy stomped out of the cab, and went behind it, breaking the tail-light with a rock. The cab sped off quickly.

"SCORE! I got him pulled over! He said, if he got one more ticket, his ass would be FIRED!" Yagmur said, laughing. He had spiky blonde hair, was a tad bit tanned, he had an earring in both his ears, a black t-shirt with flames and a devil head on it, red pants, and grey shoes. "Sup, McLame!"

"Hey… I'm not lame…" Chris commented.

"And THESE are my losers? This'll be easy!" Yagmur replied. "Almost like that lame idiot of a cab-driver. If he got one more ticket…"

Soon enough, sirens were heard.

"And what did THAT achieve?" Ivan asked.

"Nothing, but still…" Yagmur commented, glaring at Ivan. "I just like causing fun, that's all!"

"Fun is sitting in your room, listening to J-Pop, eating a sundae, while playing a game, in my opinion…" Danielle said.

"What kind? I like the ones with lots of blood, and boobs!" Yagmur replied. "You're boring anyway, cat girl."

"Here comes Quant!" Chris said, as a cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out.

She was a blonde girl wearing a brown, robe-like sweater, and beige pants. She glared at Chris.

Chris? I just gotta say… You suck. You're going to die a horrible death, and you won't be remembered for anything." Quant said to him.

"Wow… Touchy." Chris said.

Quant was in front of Hambo, who was nibbling on some bacon.

"You're better than Yagmur, right?" Hambo asked.

"Bacon makes you fat. So does chocolate." Quant said, as she eyed a certain contestant in particular…

"If he totally harms someone…" Xylia replied, looking at Yagmur. Quant was within Xylia's face within a moment.

"Pink hair? It's a sign of evilness!" Quant yelled out loud. "And I shall purge out any and ALL kinds of evil!"

"But…" Xylia said, looking a bit sad. "CottonCandyGamer has pink hair, and she's totally nice! Not evil, at all!"

"Also…" Quant continued. "Your cooking sucks, you're gonna get insitutionized when you're older, and you're gonna die alone, and no one's gonna be at your funeral."

Quant walked away, as Nancy stopped Quant.

"Hey, what's the damage?!" Nancy asked. "Just because Xylia has pink hair doesn't mean you can tease her about it."

Quant glared at Nancy. "You DO know that body piercings are evil, right? Ditch them."

Nancy saw Quant walk off. "Geez, whatta grouch."

"Eh… Meanie isn't too totally grouchy." Xylia replied. "Now, Ms. Ovaria? Grouchiest teacher I know!"

Meanwhile, over with Treela and Zentaro…

"Now, there's a frog over in a certain part in Australia, which can…" Zentaro said, sharing his knowledge on frogs, as Treela shushed him.

"Um, Zentaro? Not to shush you, but… I think something's up with one of the new contestants." Treela replied.

"Huh? How do you know?" Zentaro asked.

"Well… I silently read Quant's aura, and… It seems like she's just saying those words, because she HAS to. Not because she wants to, like Mr. Yagmur over there."

"So, should we keep a look out on her?" Zentaro asked.

"That might be for the best." Treela answered, as she nodded.

"Okay, next up is Uzi!" Chris shouted out loud, as a cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out. Out stepped a brunet boy with a blue-dyed fringe, and wearing a sky-blue t-shirt with a Mario Star on it in 8-Bit, green pants, and purple shoes.

"Hi, Chris!" Uzi shouted out loud. "I'm ready to go retro!"

"You sure are!" Chris replied.

"Pfft, who cares about retro games? They don't have any blood at ALL!" Yagmur complained.

"Except for Mortal Kombat 3, and even then, I preform Friendships to all the fighters, except Shao Kahn." Uzi said, smiling as he walked towards the group.

"Eh, I don't mind going retro." Peki replied. "I have an NES back at home."

"Gaming's evil!" Quant shouted out loud.

Uzi starred at Quant. "Um, who's she?"

"Just some girl declaring everything evil…" Nancy said, glaring at Quant. "She nearly made a contestant cry…"

Uzi sighed. "This'll be a long summer… More so than Forced Level Grinding in 7th Saga."

"Next up, Lily!" Chris said, as another taxi stopped in front of him and its passenger stepped out.

She had blue hair being covered up in a purple hat with a hurricane symbol on it. She was also wearing a green t-shirt with various weather symbols, red sweatpants, pink shoes, and green wristbands.

"Today's forecast calls for a chance of victory!" Lily shouted out loud.

"Lily! So, what kinda chances does everyone have in winning?" Chris asked.

"Well… I can sense a chance of losing showers coming towards the punk boy, who just gave a wedgie to the pink haired girl…" Lily said, as she ran towards Xylia, who was rubbing her butt. "You okay?"

"Yeah… I'll be fine." Xylia replied, as she glared at Yagmur.

"What? She was an easy target." Yagmur said, smiling cruely.

"Anyways, I totally adore your hair." Xylia replied. "How did you SOOOOOO get it?"

"Well… I'll give you some advice. If you wanna keep weather-related promises… MAKE absolute sure to check the weather map first." Lily said, rubbing her head.

"Thanks… I'll keep that totally in mind." Xylia replied.

"Next up, it's Ralph!" Chris shouted out loud, as a cab stopped, and out stepped its passenger. He was a brunet, wearing a blue shirt with a lightning bolt, green pants, and white shoes caked in mud.

"Hi, guys! Did I miss anything good?" Ralph asked.

"Eh, nothing out of the ordinary…" Chris stated.

"Fair enough." Ralph replied, as he walked over to the contestants. They noticed something sticking out of his bag… It appeared to be part of…

"Um, is that a watering can in your bag, or are you happy to see us?" Treela asked.

"Yeah, it's a watering can." Ralph stated. "I'm hoping to study up on several plants, while I'm here."

"Huh… Interesting…" Treela said.

"And next up, Opi!" Chris shouted out loud, as a cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out.

Opi had her hair in pigtails that were spiked and streaked various colors. She also had her bangs dyed pink and blue, and the back of her hair was streaked green and purple. She was also wearing glasses, blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner, a black t-shirt with a pink skull on it, purple sweatpants, and sandals. Her nails were painted various colors, and it appeared she had paint streaks all over her body.

"Hi!" Opi shouted out loud. "I'm here to give it my all!"

"And here's the unfashionable goth…" Bitty said, under her breath.

"Goths are evil!" Quant shouted out loud.

"I know what is TRUE evil…" Opi replied. "And that is brussel sprout flavored milkshakes… I can't taste the milk OR the shake!"

Everyone looked at her, either in confusion or in disgust.

"Okay, even I know that recipe totally doesn't exist." Xylia said, looking confused.

"I think… They invented it." Peki replied to herself. "It's all because of THEM wanting us to eat more healthy…"

"Does broccoli provide that same purpose?" Danielle asked. "Only that broccoli is more tasty, in my opinion."

"Totally." Ivan said, smiling.

"Next up, Seth!" Chris shouted out loud, as a cab stopped, and its occupant stepped out.

He had a black beret on, a purple striped shirt on, blue jeans, and sandals. He also appeared to have a goatee. In short, he looked like a beatnik.

"Sup, Daddy-O?" Seth replied.

"Gonna invite people to a drum circle later?" Chris replied.

"You know it… Maybe." Seth replied, as he walked over to the group.

"Ugh, a beatnik? Like I said to hippie-girl over there, the 50's are over!" Bitty said to Seth.

"I thought you said the 60's were over…" Treela said, in a deadpan tone.

"You say all of that like it's a bad thing." Hambo replied. "I'm a fan of 70's fashion!"

"Next up, we have Alora!" Chris said, as a cab stopped in front of him, and its passenger stepped out.

She was wearing a straw hat, covering her orange hair. She wore a blue sleeveless shirt with pink flowers on it, purple sweatpants, and green shoes.

"Wow, nice to be here! This is SO cool!" Alora replied, smiling. "And you guys have such awesome hats! Digging the frog dude's hat, though."

"Thanks!" Zentaro commented.

"Also… Digging the smile on that cook girl's hat." Alora said, referring to Xylia.

Xylia couldn't help but blush.

"And next up, Felix!" Chris said, as no cab arrived.

They waited a few more seconds.

"Next up, Felix!" Chris said, as the cab didn't arrive. "Where the heck's Felix?"

"Maybe his cab broke down?" Easter asked.

"Maybe…" Seth replied, as there was a flash of blue light behind Chris. A portal soon started to form.

"Okay, I swear this DOESN'T happen if you touch the operational end of the device." Coco said, as someone started to emerge from the portal.

He was an African-Canadian male with sandy blonde hair, a purple shirt with an exclamation point on it, and red shorts.

"Wow, way to make an appearance, Felix!" Chris exclaimed.

"Well, I had to do it this way." Felix commented. "They said that the cab was being impounded, after its tail light got shattered."

Everyone stared at Yagmur with anger.

"What?" Yagmur asked.

"So, I hooked up some adjustments to a machine I found, and with some know-how, I managed to teleport myself here." Felix said.

"Wow, with all of this science mumbo-jumbo, darlin'?" Gladys asked.

"Science is evil!" Quant shouted out loud.

"So is an empty can of cashews." Felix said, as a small bag of cashews fell from his pockets. "Oops."

"Now I know why the snack machine was outta cashews." Ivan pondered.

"And finally, Joey!" Chris shouted out loud, but no cab came.

"Maybe he's an inventor, as well?" Treela asked.

"Or he has a limo just as cool as mine except not really?" Bitty added.

Suddenly, Chris' cell phone rang. "Yeah? What? Wow… Just… wow. What are the charges? …I see. Well, thanks for calling us."

"So…" Danielle said. "Was that about Joey?"

"As a matter of fact… Yeah." Chris replied. "He got arrested for shoplifting from a store, vandalizing a wall, smoking pot, robbing a cop's house… AND smoking pot in front of said cop!"

"Wow… Just… Wow." Danielle stated. "How DUMB and IDIOTIC do you have to be to do all that, in front of a cop?"

"An evil one?" Quant said.

"He seems like my kinda guy…" Yagmur replied. "Just imagine the kinda damage we could do!"

"So, after a quick trial, he should be here, considering he doesn't royally screw up..." Chris said. "Whatever, we gotta get a pic for the promos! We can photoshop him in, later!"

"Is that a place where you buy photos?" Keala asked.

"Not really, hon." Gladys replied.

Once the campers were together, Xylia noticed something.

"There's a mud puddle next to us… And a cab next to you… We're gonna get totally soaked, are we?" Xylia asked.

Felix took notice to Xylia's comment, and took out a device from his pockets.

"Um… Nope! Now, On three, say AlphaKidz! One! Two! Three!"

"ALPHAKIDZ!" The tweens shouted, as the cab sped off, and splashed water… only for it to bounce off it.

"…You're such a spoilsport, Felix." Chris replied.

"How you know it was me?" Felix asked, whistling.

"Aww, and I was going to be all excited to feel clothes straight from the dryer, too…" Coco replied, grinning.

"Muddy clothes are NOT fashionable!" Bitty yelled out loud.

And all the work I did to get the kids wet. Anyway, follow me, and I'll explain some stuff!" Chris said, before turning towards the camera. "And there you have it! We have our kids, though one of them is AWOL right now. What adventure will await them? Find out, after the break!"

"Wait, you DON'T buy photos at a Photoshop?" Keala asked.

And that's chapter one of the Redux complete! How was it? Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

NEXT TIME: The Kids go for a Speed Run in World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros!