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This time, we conclude the battles!

Hold on to your butts!

The battle was soon on, as Dhalia lept at the two girls, whip at hand. Whipping at the two, they managed to dodge the blow.

"Stay still, so I can execute you!" Dhalia yelled out in rage, pulling out something that seemed VERY familiar to Xylia.

"Crap, that's totally a PX6 Devastator from Ratchet and Clank!" Xylia cried out in fear. "They can SOOOO home in on your butts!"

"Gee, the pink haired brat's smart for her age… Shame it's wasted on such an evil soul as yourself!" Dhalia replied, as she started to fire the weapon.

Xylia, running from the missile, suddenly turned around, and hit the missile with her frying pan. The missile suddenly turned around and hit Dhalia, who quickly recovered.

"GRRRRR… I will crush you like the rats that you are!" Dhalia yelled out, taking out another weapon, and shooting Xylia with it, transforming her into a rat.

"Well… This sucks." Xylia said, as Quant ran up to Dhalia and hit the gun out of her hand. She then grabbed the gun and zapped Xylia with it, transforming her back to normal.

"Never… change my friend into an animal…" Quant replied, glaring at her former mom. She was quickly whipped down, and Dhalia quickly picked up the gun, and zapped Quant with it, transforming her painfully into a donkey.

"Let that be a lesson to you, Quant, when you are worked to death at a slave camp!" Dhalia yelled out loud, and readied her whip.

Quant, in donkey form, was thinking up an idea. She then bucked Dhalia hard, knocking her down.

"Hang on, Quant!" Xylia replied, as she lept for the gun, and zapped Quant with it, transforming her back to normal.

"Whoa… Nice to have hands again." Quant said. "Thanks, Xylia!"

"No time to thank me right now!" Xylia replied. "Dhalia's pulling out something else!"

Indeed, Dhalia was pulling something out…

"Suck on this, girls!" Dhalia yelled out loud, as she began to suck in some stuff.

"Crap, it's a Suck Cannon! Run, Quant!" Xylia replied, as the two girls started to run. After sucking up various stuff, she fired them back at the two girls, with the projectiles exploding near them. Thankfully, they dodged them all.

"I'm just warming up!" Dhalia yelled out loud. "You WILL be seeing your doom by the end of today!"

Confessional: …

Xylia: Was I scared? Nope… I was totally TERRIFIED!

Quant: Wow, mom's gone off the deep end…

10 Minutes to Dentation…

Ivan and the IvanBot exchanged net blows. Even though Ivan got hit a couple times, he shook it off.

"Whoa, I'm practically fighting an evil counterpart of myself…" Ivan said to himself.


"Plan B? Huh?" Ivan asked himself, as he saw what plan B was…

The IvanBot took out its axe, and started to charge for Ivan.

"Eep!" Ivan replied, as he blocked the blows from the axe with his net. "Thank goodness Felix made my net indestructible…"

The IvanBot, seeing its plan wasn't working, had its other arm change into a hammer of some sorts. It hit Ivan on the head with little to no effect.

"Um, they haven't made REAL hammers in the series yet…" Ivan replied.


The IvanBot took out an electric prod, and tazed Ivan on the arm, making him drop his weapon. Now unarmed, Ivan knew he had to run…

"Crap, I can't do anything with that axe… Or can I? Think, Ivan... Think!" Ivan said, as he spotted what appeared to be a rather large rock. He then reached into his pockets, and took out a ketchup packet. Opening it with his teeth, he squirted at the IvanBot's eyes.

"SUBJECT IS LOST." The IvanBot said to itself, as unknowingly, Ivan lept behind the rock. The IvanBot quickly wiped the ketchup off its eyes, and spotted the horns on Ivan's hat. Quickly speeding up to the rock, it swung its axe…

…and hit the rock, breaking the axe in the process.

"DOES NOT COMPUTE." The IvanBot said in surprise, as Ivan lept up from behind the rock, holding a shovel. Ivan swung his shovel at the confused IvanBot, sending it across the room. Cue Ivan's Near Victory Theme Here. (Charmander Vs. Onix from Pokemon Origins)

"Compute THIS; I've been playing the series since I was 3! I've even learned how to read from it!" Ivan replied, grinning. "Axes DO break, eventually."

"SUBJECT IS NOT TO BE PURIFIED, BUT TO BE TERMINATED, NOW." The IvanBot said, trying to rocket towards Ivan, as it was hit by a rock, shot at by a slingshot.

"Nope! You're the one being terminated… today!" Ivan replied, running over to his net and picking it up. "Shame I've no way to crush you or melt you in steel, though."

"RESORTING TO DRASTIC MEASURES." The IvanBot said, shooting out what appeared to be a timer. Ivan eyed the timer, and caught it, showing it to the camera.

"Sorry, force of habit." Ivan replied, as he saw said timer counting down to zero. "Wait, is this a timebomb?"

He then eyed the IvanBot, aiming for him, and at the timer. With that, he grinned, as he took out some superglue, and applied some to the back of the timer. Afterwards…

"Time to get Pitfalled!" Ivan yelled out, tossing the timer at the IvanBot, sticking it to its head. He then made a break for it, ducking behind the rock.

The IvanBot didn't get a time to react, as it knew one thing… It was screwed.


The timer exploded, taking the IvanBot with it. As soon as the explosion cleared, Ivan could see that all of that was left of the IvanBot was a squeaky hammer…

"Guess I'm taking the spoils…" Ivan said, taking the squeaky hammer. "But, who cares, I won! Now, to find Danielle!"

Confessional: This game's winner is… Ivan!

Ivan: I can't believe it… I beat a dangerous robot… I guess I gotten smarter after trying to take on Yagmur. (He then looks at the squeaky hammer) I'm not sure what use this has, though I might as well keep it. May come in handy someday.

5 Minutes to Dentation…

"Yeah, yeah… We get it." Peki said, tossing some marbles behind her to knock down some Enlightened Ones.

Soon enough, the group were staring at a room.

"You sure this is where the bomb is, Yessica?" Irene asked.

"You bet… It DOES say BOMB in huge capital letters." Yessica replied, as Irene broke down the door, and the group ran in.

"Okay, I can disarm this bad boy." Felix said, taking out some equipment. "Peki? Can you keep the Enlightened Ones off our backs… WHOA! Peki! Watch where you're aiming that thing!"

Peki was aiming a water-filled chain gun, and accidently aiming it at the group. "Oops, heh-heh… sorry. I'll try my best!"

Using extreme consternation, Felix was beginning to cut some wires, and unscrew some panels.

"Um, Felix? You sure you know what you're doing?" Irene asked.

"Ssh, not while Felix's disarming." Ivy replied.

The group continued to watch Felix, as he kept on disarming the bomb. But…

"SPECIAL DELIVERY!" An Enlightened One shouted out loud, as it threw a container into the room, and shut the door in front of Peki.

"Hey! Open up! I'm not done playing Rambo, yet!" Peki yelled out loud, as some gas came out of the container.

Felix was instantly starting to feel the effects. "Whoa… I'm not feeling so good…" He was then out like a light.

"FELIX!" The girls cried out loud, as Irene started to feel the effects, as well.

"I'm about to… make like a tree in winter and sleep…" Irene said, as she too, was out.

"Me too…" Yessica replied, sleeping next to Irene, her hand touching Irene's bum.

Ivy covered up her mouth and nose with a tight scarf, as Peki was struggling to stand…

"Ivy…" Peki barely said. "You gotta do it… You gotta save us all…"

"But…" Ivy replied.

"If we don't…" Peki said, as…

1 Minute to Detonation…

"…We… No. ALL OF US will be met with our fiery and explosive end too soon…" Peki replied, starting to get weaker. "You can do it… I believe in you… Felix believes in you… Your parents believes in you… Edith… believes in… you… Do it… Do it… for everyone…"

Peki suddenly collapsed in a slumber, as Ivy turned to the bomb.

"Okay, Mr. Bomb… You're going down…" Ivy replied, picking up Felix's bomb disarming equipment.

Getting in front of the bomb, she started to figure out what to do. Cutting the right wires, and taking down the right panels, Ivy was at a roll. But…

30 Seconds to Detonation…

…She was suddenly unsure on what wire to clip.

"Oh, crap! I'm not sure what wire to clip! What if I cut the wrong wire?! This is worser than a heat wave in January!" Ivy cried out loud. She stared at the wires for quite a while…

10 Seconds to Detonation… 10… 9…

Ivy knew she HAD to make a decision, and fast.

8… 7… 6…

"Here goes nothing…" Ivy replied, as she clipped the blue wire…

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

Bomb Disarmed.

Ivy breathed a huge sigh of relief, but she wasn't out of the woods yet, she still had to air out the room. Opening the door, and hitting a ventilation fan button that was switched off, the gas started to evacuate the room. Pretty soon, everyone was coming to.

"Yessica…" Irene said, waking up, and giggling. "You can't stay serious, can't ya?"

"Irene… If we were gonna die, I was taking you with me to the afterlife." Yessica replied smiling.

"I would had done the same…" Irene said, smiling as they kissed.

"Ivy? You did it?" Peki asked, getting up from her slumber.

"I… guess I have…" Ivy replied, taking off her scarf before looking at Felix, still sleeping.

"Wow… He must have got hit with the gas more than we thought…" Irene said. "Is he gonna be okay?"

"He will…" Ivy replied. "Cause I've got an idea."

"What idea?" Peki asked, as Ivy took Felix into her arms, and gave him a kiss on the lips.

All of a sudden, Felix started to stir around, as he slowly opened his eyes.

"I…I…Ivy?" Felix asked. "Did you… save us?"

"You bet she did!" Peki replied. "In fact, she saved us all!"

"Yeah, I'm not sure what happened, but we fell asleep, next thing you know… My hand was touching Irene's butt." Yessica said.

"Best and deadliest sleep, ever!" Irene replied, giggling.

"Felix… When I saw you hit the floor…" Ivy said, with tears running down her eyes. "I thought it was it for us… I had to take over. If not for everyone, but for you… You're the kind of man I like; someone who's sweet, smart, and… Well, cool, no pun intended."

Felix smiled, as he blushed. "Well, I feel the same for you. You're cool, saucy, sweet, smart, and… Whatever, I've have quite the gift for you, for saving our lives."

"Which is… what?" Ivy asked.

"This." Felix replied, as he took Ivy in for a kiss. As soon as they parted… "So, how about this new couple take down the Enlightened Ones… together?"

Ivy smiled, giving a thumbs up and grabbing her ice cream scoop, as she blushed as well. "That would be cool! No pun intended!"

"Um, hate to break this sweet hook up, but… They're coming!" Yessica yelled out loud.

"Time to go Rambo them up, Felix and Ivy!" Peki replied, picking up her water-filled chain gun. "You can kiss later!"

"Shall we?" Ivy asked, giving Felix a freeze gun.

"Yeah, let's!" Felix said, with a grin, as the girls and Felix ran out of the room, projectiles ablazing.

Confessional: A Sweet Moment

Ivy: End up getting kidnapped by a Queen of Mean… And I end up getting a boyfriend out of the deal. He's awesome as ice cream, and Edith all together in one!

Yessica: Felix and Ivy looked so cute together! I wish them a wonderful relationship!

The battle against Dhalia, Xylia, and Quant was continuing on, and none of the younger girls managed to land a single blow on the deranged group leader/former mom of Quant.

"Don't you see here?" Dhalia said. "I've already WON! I don't need any silly bomb to exterminate you scum of the earth! That Bisexual Bud of yours just gave you some borrowed time!"

"Look in the mirror, you jerk!" Xylia yelled out. "You'll find out who the scum of the earth SOOOOO is!"

Dhalia wrapped her whip around Xylia's arm, and turned the voltage high.

"OOOOOWWWWWW!" Xylia screamed out in pain. "This TOTALLY hurts!"

"Does it? Well… I outta turn it up higher!" Dhalia replied, as she began to turn the knob.

Quant was looking at the scene in petrified fear. She wanted to do something, but she was too frightened to do so…

"What do I do?" Quant asked herself. "Dhalia could potentially KILL Xylia, at this rate…"


Quant looked into the room to see that Peki snuck in the room.

"Don't let that ugly old hag get the best of you two!" Peki yelled out, tossing a magazine at Quant. "Irene gave it to me; she said she wasn't gonna need it anymore."

Quant looked at the magazine, and smiled. She suddenly turned towards her mom. "Hey, mom!"

Quant tossed the magazine at Dhalia, which she looked at it. She was suddenly stunned.

"AHHHH! PLAYBOY IS EVIL!" Dhalia yelled out, covering her eyes in disgust and staggering back. Little did she know, she crushed the electrified whip, freeing Xylia.

"Hey, evil butt!" Xylia replied, getting back up, trying to hold up a rather large gun. Quant was by Xylia's side within a moment. "Things are totally looking up for us! But as for you…"

Xylia and Quant fired the cannon at the ceiling, causing some of it to fall on Dhalia. Dhalia was knocked unconscious due to the blow.

"…Things are going down, real fast!" Xylia finished.

"Did we do it? …Did we win?" Quant asked.

"Yeah, Quant… It's totally over, now." Xylia replied, tying up Dhalia, as the entire place started to collapse. "Yep, wouldn't be a final battle without a load-bearing boss to totally boot."

"Guys? Let's bail from here, and fast!" Peki yelled out loud.

The scene was really chaotic, as a LOT of Enlightened Ones were evacuating the area. Ivan was running for his life, as he kissed a very familiar person by accident.

"Whoa… Sorry, Danielle!" Ivan replied, separating from Danielle with a blush.

"Hey, no prob! At least you're allright!" Danielle said. "But, I think that Dhalia gal's been defeated."

"Explains why the place is suddenly collapsing. So, now… Let's check out!" Ivan replied, as the two started to run. But…


"No way… I saw it EXPLODE!" Ivan said, as they saw what appeared to be the hand of the IvanBot crawling towards them.

"PREPARING FOR PURIFICATION!" The IvanBot's hand replied out loud.

"How can you?" Danielle asked. "You're just a hand!"

Danielle ate those words, as the hand latched onto Ivan's face, trying to suffocate him. Danielle quickly swatted it off, and threw it at some falling debris, destroying the IvanBot for good.

"Thanks, Danielle!" Ivan replied. "NOW, can we book it?"

"You bet; I don't wanna be here once the fires start." Danielle said, as the two started to run.

Ivan and Danielle ran, but the ground collapsed under Ivan again. But this time…

"Don't worry, I got you!" Danielle said, holding onto Ivan, trying her best not to look at the fire from underneath Ivan.

Once the two were on solid ground, the two hugged, and started to run again.

The Tweens ran out of the Hideout, along with the rest of the Enlightened Ones, as the entire building collapsed into nothing more than a pile of rubble.

The EO's looked at each other, and smiled.

"We can STILL take care of you!" An Enlightened One said, as…


Turning around, they could see the entirety of the not-eliminated cast behind them. They knew one thing… They were screwed.

Confessional: Always Close!

Quant: So, what does this mean for me, now? My mom's pretty much gonna be locked up…

Several minutes later, the police was rounding up any Enlightened Ones they could find, as well as asking any questions to Quant about Dhalia's abuse to her.

"…And she makes me stand still during the day when Lent is on… And she whips me if I look at anything non-pure…" Quant was saying to the officer, with Xylia and Peki by her side.

"Yeah, in fact, she was totally brainwashed by her mom, and the group." Xylia said. "But all that should be over, now… Right?"

The officer smiled. "I think we got ALL the info we need to put Dhalia behind bars for good."

"Officer?" Peki asked. "What's gonna happen to Quant now, that she doesn't have parents?"

"Well, social services may take care of that after the contest." The officer replied. "Now, Quant? Do you need any counseling, or anything?"

"I… think I can manage on my own." Quant nervously said.

"Okay. As for Peki and Xylia? Good luck!" The officer said, as he took his leave.

"Wow, that was hectic…" Peki replied. "I do NOT do well in a crowd of people."

"Tell me about it…" Xylia said. "Trying to say some stuff to officials kinda makes me feel nervous."


"Dhalia?" Quant asked.

"Dhalia." Xylia and Peki replied.

"Well, time for me to get MY two cents in…" Quant said, as she got up, and took Peki with her. "Hey, mom!"

"WHAT?!" Dhalia yelled out in pure rage, being restrained by the officers.

"I just wanna show you THIS!" Quant replied, as she kissed Peki on the lips, the both of them blushing.

Dhalia was screaming in pure rage, as she was loaded into a police cruiser, as the cops went on their merry way.

"Well… This ended more well than I expected." Xylia said, smiling at Quant.

"Kids? We have some news to deliver…" Chris said out loud. "Please report over to the Stage…"

At the Stage, everyone was concerned on where Zentaro was.

"Where's Zentaro? Hope he's okay…" Lily said.

"I'm sure the darlin' is fine, no need to worry!" Gladys replied.

"Shame, I was enjoying his outfit, too…" Hambo said, as Chris came up the stage, along with Zentaro, holding crutches.

"Kids… During the fight against the Enlightened Ones, one of our own got injured while taking a swan dive for his crush. He got shot at by a robot looking like Ivan, and it broke his leg. So, as a result…"

"…Zentaro has to be removed from the game."

Everyone was stunned.

"Whoa, that sucks… Sorry, Zentaro!" Nancy said out loud.

"Hey, it's okay!" Zentaro replied. "I lasted this long! It counts for something, right?"

"Zentaro, your ride to take you to the Playa will arrive in a while. You may wanna make some goodbyes while you have the chance." Chris said, as he took his leave.

Confessional: A Hollow Victory

Zentaro: I grew up a lot since arriving here. Sure, I lost my girlfriend and Tongue, but I made a new frog friend… Shame this'll be the last time I'll use this thing. (He then looks at some blue paint.)

Treela: Okay, I gotta ask him something fast!

Pretty soon, everyone has said their goodbyes to Zentaro, who now had three paint streaks on his cheeks.

Treela was the last one.

"Zentaro… If only this could go more swimmingly…" Treela said.

"Hey, don't worry about it, these things happen!" Zentaro replied.

"But, I do have something to give you, both for saving me, and something to cheer you up." Treela said, as she wrapped her arms around Zentaro.

"Which is…" Zentaro asked.

"This." Treela replied, as she brought Zentaro in for a kiss. Zentaro was confused at first, but then returned a kiss back, as everyone cheered. As soon as it was done… "Wanna be my far-out boyfriend?"

"You bet! I wanted to ask you, as well." Zentaro said. "I'll be rooting for you at the Playa!"

Soon enough, the Limo of Losers came to pick up Zentaro. Treela helped get Froakspin's tank in.

"So long, Total Drama! I'll never forget this summer!" Zentaro shouted out loud. "RIBBIT!"

The limo then took off, into the horizion.

"I'll try my best, Zentaro…" Treela said to herself with a smile on her face.

Later that night…

Peki and Quant were on Sunset Hill, looking at the stars.

"So, I'm technically an orphan, now." Quant said, as Peki grabbed Quant's hand.

"Hey, don't let it get to you! I'm sure there's a wonderful family that would take you in! In fact, you're already knowing a bit about how this world REALLY works!" Peki replied, smiling.

"Yeah… I also gotta thank you for saving my… no. Our lives , today. Without that Playboy… Who knows what could have happened?" Quant said.

"Well, that kiss was enjoyable… It pissed your mom off…" Peki replied.

"There's more to where that comes from!" Quant said.

"What more can there be?" Peki replied, as Quant took Peki in for a kiss. Peki returned said kiss. After they parted… "Girlfriends?"

"Girlfriends." Quant replied, with a smile. "It'll be weird though, my first love being a girl… This smiling stuff's nice, though."

"You'll get used to it. Both kissing the same gender, and smiling." Peki said, as she took Quant in for another kiss, as they noticed Yessica walking past.

"Don't mind me, girls!" Yessica said, smiling. "Continue kissing on, you newbie couple!"

Peki noticed something that Yessica was holding, as she pinched Quant on the bottom.

"Whoa, Peki!" Quant replied, grinning.

"Um, is that a newspaper?" Peki asked.

"Yeah, I'm gonna… read some Family Circus to Irene, as punishment… Yep! Family Circus… Bye, now!" Yessica replied, as she zipped past the two.

"So… What now?" Quant asked.

"I dunno… Introduce you to some music?" Peki replied.

"Sure." Quant said, smiling, as they held hands.

Confessional: It's the show's first Yuri Coupling!

Quant: (She is holding an iPad.) So… What's this… "Alice Cooper" that Peki gave me? (She listens to it, and is a bit shocked at first, but then smiles.) ...Rock on, Alice.

Peki: I got me a girlfriend! …I wonder how the media will react?

Outside a house, Ivy was worried.

"Will they be mad?" Ivy asked Felix.

"Don't worry, I explained everything to them. Why would they be mad?" Felix replied. "You're a hero, now!"

Ivy slowly opened the door, and was greeted by a hug.

"IVY!" An older woman replied, being Ivy's mom, hugging Ivy. "Thank goodness you're allright!"

"It's fine, mom! No worries!" Ivy said, smiling. "Just some people kidnapped me, but I managed… No. Felix managed to save me. In fact, we're dating now!"

Ivy's mom suddenly turned towards Felix, and hugged him. "You're dating Ivy now? I've ALWAYS knew you had it in you! Now… When's your first date?"

Felix and Ivy couldn't help but blush.

Outside the steps of the House of Champions, Xylia was rebandaging up a wound on Keala that he got earlier.

"Man, who knew the Enlightened Ones carried around paper that always gave you a paper cut?" Keala asked.

"I dunno, but there's no need to totally fear; they're locked up, now." Xylia replied.

"That, too…" Keala said, smiling.

"So… You wanna head inside and play some Fur Fighters?" Xylia asked.

Keala blushed. "That… would be totally awesome!" Keala replied, with a smile, as both he and Xylia went inside.

Nearby, Ivan smiled, as he turned back to his game. Danielle was playing with him, as well.

"Nice of Chris to let us stay in whatever cabin we want." Danielle said, smiling.

"Yeah, big time!" Ivan replied. "After today, we deserve it. Also… Sorry for accidently kissing you earlier."

"It's fine, no worries!" Danielle replied, while blushing. "It was sooooo enjoyable in a way… Maybe one day, we'll be able to kiss for real?"

"Maybe…" Ivan said, also blushing. "But think of that as a preview."

"Fair enough!" Danielle replied, smiling. "Also…"

Danielle gave a quick peck on Ivan's cheek, causing him to blush.

"That's for being the coolest and sweetest Animal Crossing fan I know!" Danielle said, smiling.

"Same here, Danielle. You're the cutest Otaku I know!" Ivan replied.

The two looked at each other with a dream-like look in their eyes, as…


"Irene?" A concerned Ivan asked.

"Irene." Danielle said right back.

"Why can't she read a sensible magazine, like Better Homes and Gardens, or Seafood Monthly?" Ivan asked.

"Or Otaku Monthly Magazine?" Danielle replied right back, as both Ivan and Danielle giggled.

Chris was onstage, ready to give out the outro.

"And so, Dhalia was eliminated, but Zentaro was medivaked in the process. But, with 15 kids left, how will they fare? Find out next time, on…"





None due to Zentaro being medivak'd.

Eliminated: Quant, Ralph, Winter, Alora, Seth, Coco, Yagmur, Felix, Melody, Easter, Zentaro

And with that, the Dhalia Arc is done! Quant is free from her control, and has a chance to control her own destiny! Plus, she hooked up with Peki!

Now… Zentaro… He was an interesting character, someone I enjoyed writing for. He was nice, and had a good storyline involving him losing his girlfriend, and his pet frog. Treela changed all of that. He may be gone, but at least he hooked up with Treela, right?

NEXT TIME: Tabitha and Uzuri return to interview Coco, Yagmur, Felix, Melody, Easter, and Zentaro!

BaconBaka OUT!