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"Georgia?" Rocky called from the break room, "Georgia?"

"Blue be quite!" Georgia shouted at her partner as she marched in to the room, "God, you have to learn to shut up for once in your life."

"That's funny coming room you," Rocky laughed, "Get that sick out of your ass yet?"

"Very funny, kid," Georgia sneered, "Now why you calling my name?"

"This." Detective Rocky Blue held up her laptop to her partner Georgia 'no last name'. No one in the whole office knew her last name. She would always said that gave people too much information. While everyone only new Rocky by her last name or, like her partner, called her kid. Rocky worked for the police as Georgia's partner and a hacker.

"What am I looking at, Blue?" Georgia asked annoyed.

" R.J Glenburn's insurance policy," Rocky explained.

"Glenburn? Who cares, we caught him."

"I don't think so look," Rocky said shacking her computer in Georgia's face.

"Stop moving and I will!" Rocky did as she was told and stopped shacking. After a few seconds, "I can't read this I don't have my glasses, just tell me what it says, Blue."

"It says if R.J dies then his wife, Allison, gets the company and the fortune behind it," Rocky said, slightly excited.

"So, how does that change anything?" Georgia asked.

"There are many people in jail that would want to get revenge on R.J," Rocky explained, "Allison could easily tip them off to his arrival. Then once the guys get there revenge and kill R.J-"

"And then Allison would get everything," Georgia finished for her, "But D.A would never go for it."

"They would when I show them this," Rocky said with a grin as she clicked another tab, "This is the calls Allison Glenburn made from her cell in the last twelve hours. The one highlighted is the one she made to someone in Chigoe Correctional. The call was made 12:48."

"That was when we told Allison her husband was in our holding," Georgia remembered, "We have to get R.J back here before he's dead."

"That's what I been trying to say," Rocky sighed as she followed her partner out of the break room and to the office of the only person who could get our suspect back, Detective Jeremy Hunter. Georgia was first threw the threshold of his office.

"Who the hell is barging in-" Detetive Hunter stopped when he spotted Georgia, "Oh, Hi Georgia."

"Hey Detective Hunter," Georgia greeted in her cool manor.

"Oh, Georgia you know you can call me-"again he stopped, but this time it was when he spotted Rocky at the door, "What do you want, kid?" Detective Hunter, like most other detectives, didn't like having a fifth teen year old girl work for the police without having to do any kind of training.

"It's what we want," Georgia added. Georgia and the chef were they only detectives that respected Rocky's talents. After all she solved twelve of their toughest cases.

"We need to get R.J Glenburn back here," Rocky explained.

"You're kidding me, Blue? What possible reason could you have for wanting to bring him back here?" Hunter asked (a/n: I'm sick of weighting detective) Rocky explained to Hunter everything she found out and expected. While she was Hunter's grin was slowly turning into a frown.

"And that is why we have to get R.J's butt back in here," Rocky finished.

"Even if there was proof," Hunter said, ignoring Rocky's evidence, "There's nothing I can do."

"That's a load of shit!" Rocky exploded, "You are going to let Allison get away with murder, because your jealous that I can do my job better then you!" Rocky was furious, How dare he let an innocent man die over his inaccuracies. What a pumbus, arrogant, son of a – However her rant was cut off by Georgia.

"You have you believe her, Jeremy," Georgia said slowly. It was ether her tone or the fact she said his first name, but he agreed to get R.J back here.

"Thank you," Rocky said quietly as the pair walked out of Hunters office.

"Don't thank me," Georgia scowled, "I'm only doing this to save someone's life."

"You care about me," Rocky smirked.

"Shut up for once." Rocky, still following, followed Georgia into the parking lot and into her police car. The duo drove up town to get Allison and hold her in for questioning. However, three blocks away Cece Jones was in her apartment babysitting her little brother, Flynn. Come on Mom, Cece moaned in her head, I have to go to work soon. Cece would have known the exact time she would have to leave, but her laziness kept her from looking at the clock. Then there was three hard knocks at the door.

"I'll get it!" Flynn shouted as he walked out of his bedroom. When he opened the door it revealed Deuce.

"Hey, Deuce. What are you doing here?" Flynn asked.

"Hiding from my mom," he says as he walks in, "Move over." Without waiting for an answer Deuce lifted Cece's legs and moves them off the couch, then sat down.

"Okay, I'm going to finish the 6th leave of Zombie Marathon two," Flynn said leaveing the pair.

"Cece don't you have to go to Shack It Up in about an hour?" Deuce asked. Cece gave a noncommittal shrug and he spoke again, "Do you remember Ty?"

"You mean that guy from you kindergarten class you made a deal with to marry," Cece said rolling her eyes. She had heard this story about Deuce's crush for years, hell she could repeat it word for word.

"Yea," Deuce mumbled, blushing slightly, "Well he is going to becoming to our school for now on."

"Really?" Cece asked. Deuce nodded grinning from ear to ear.

"The rest of this year is going to be awesome," Deuce decided.

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