"Will you promise me you will try to be safe?" Cece asked. Rocky nodded and kisses her. It was a sweet kiss that meant a lot. Licked the bottom of Rocky's lip. Understanding, Rocky opened her mouth a little to grant Cece access to her mouth. Cece gladly took it and slipped her tongue into her girlfriend's welcoming mouth. Cece wrapped her arms around Rocky's neck and tried to pull her closer. Rocky placed her hands on Cece's waist and lifted her up on the the sink. There tongues wrestle for dominance. Cece's hands slide down from Rocky's neck, slowly they the outline of where Rocky's bra was. Cece could feel the clasp under the shirt.

"Blue, we need to get to work!" Georgia called from the door. The couple broke apart panting slightly, the mood had been ruined.

"Good thing she didn't walk in." Cece said, her cheeks flushed.

"Yea," Rocky said a little light headed.

"you should go."

"Yea…yea. I'll talk to you later." With that note Rocky left the bathroom. Once the door closed Cece leaned back and touched her own lip. What would've happened, Cece thought, if mom didn't come? Cece cheeks flushed and her hands grew sweaty as six words filled her mind to answer that question, I would've took off her bra.

Rocky walked over to Georgia. "What where you doing?"

"Getting my face wet." Rocky said.

"Let's get back to work."

"Who is going to keep an eye on the trio?"

"Were rotating shifts." she explained as they walked back to the laptops.

"hmm." Rocky nodded and logged on to them.

"So what do you think?"

"I'm not sure. I mean it is going to be hard to work around them, but I will-"

"I meant about the case." Rocky blushd and shrugged, "I think she might have changed her name."

"There would have been a record." I pointed out.

"Not if she went to another country to do it."

"How would she get on a plain without leaving a trace?"

"Country not continent, Blue. She could have crossed to boarder to Canada or something."

"Thats a possibility." The pair reviewed the facts they had and the possibilities so many times that they could have said them in there sleep.

"We need fresh eyes." Georgia said sipping her coffee.

"Agreed." Rocky nodded sitting down into one of the chairs, have stood up to look at the facts from a different angle. "What do you say about getting dinner or something first?" Georgia nodded. The detectives were about to discuss where they wanted to go when Hunter walked in.

"What do you want?" Rocky spat.

"Were rotating shifts." he said glaring down at her.

"We were about to go out for dinner." Rocky said outraged. I swear he does this on purpose, she thought.

"Your problem." He said before leaving.

"What an ass." Rocky complained.

"Do you kiss your girl with that mouth?" She turns to see Ty, Deuce and Cece walking in.

"Hey," Rocky greets them.

"Yo," Deuce replies nodding to her.

"What have you three been up to?" Rocky asked.

"Organizing evidence." Cece yawned and Rocky had to admit she was cute when she yawned.

"You want to go out to dinner or whatever with us?" She asked.

"Sure." Ty said

"Good I am starving." Deuce said. Cece laughed, even Georgia smiled a little.

"I feel like we're missing something here." Rocky said looking around.

"Deuce is always hunger." Cece explained and Deuce blushed. Ty kissed his forehead and gave him a one armed squeeze.

"Alright, Just give me a minute to pack up my stuff." Rocky said walking over to her laptops.

"Come on, Blue. Who here would touch your stuff. There safe here for an hour." Georgia said. Rocky nodded and they head out. All five of the piled into Geringas cop car. They headed to a burger place and ate. Make Jokes and having quite a lot of fun. Before they left Cece ordered a large to go cup of lemonade.

"You really gonna drink all that?" Ty asked, eyeing the cup.

"Yup," Cece smiled.

"No way," Ty said shaking his head.

"Why not?"

"Your such a skinny little thing, no way could you dink that by the end of the day."

"wanna bet?"

"What do you say ten dollars?"

"Your on." They shock hands.

They walked back into the office, Deuce and Ty holding hands and snecking looks to one another. Cece sipping on her large to go cup as almost as if she stopped the world might end. Rocky was in front of the group walking fast. Georgia was in the back of them, more relaxed then her partner. They turned into the office lounge and Rocky stopped in her tracks.

"What's wrong?" Ty asked.

"This can't be happening." Rocky said more to herself and began to look around the room like a dog trying to find a bone.

"Blue what are you doing." Georgia asked her partner after she saw her crawl under the table. Rocky call back out, a crazy look in her eye.

"Look at the table." she said to the room. They glanced over at it. It was a simple table round and wooden. It had Rocky's back pack on it along with many pieces of paper and two laptops….two laptops?

"One of your laptops are gone." Ty said.

"Yea." Rocky said and began looking around the room again.

"Can't you just you use one of your other laptops?" Deuce asked.

"Use one of my others?" she asked stopping her search to look at him, "Why don't I cut your foot off and you can just us the other." The look she had was murderous.

"sorry." he said, a little scared, hiding behind his boyfriend. Rocky continued to glare at him.

"R- Blue calm down." Ty said.

"Calm down? Ty, these three laptops have my life in them. Each of them have everything. All my information that I collected, the codes that I have, the very glue for my existence. I can't calm down till I have it and the bastard that took it is under ground."

"Blue." Georgia said warningly.

"And you." she said pointing hard at Georgia, "You said that were safe here. Now one of them are gone."

"Blue!" She shouted walking to her partner, "You have to keep a level head! Now, don't all of your babys GPS?"

"Yea...yea they do." She ran over to one of her laptops and started to work. The other three teenagers mouths were hanging open. Cece had dropped her cup.

"You owe me ten bucks." Ty said under his breath.

Thanks for the wait