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Chapter 10

The End

A loud CRACK echoed through the room, startling every person. The imperfection spread like poison through veins until the enchanted ceiling started to crumble. Many students and teachers, young and old, were crushed beneath the destruction. The teachers recovered the quickest, yelling instructions for the older students to grab the younger students and run. The dust formed of rubble created a cloud that impeded everyone's vision until an unidentifiable teacher cast a spell to clear the cloud.

The exorcists, what was left of them, reacted first. One jumped into the air and flew towards the creepy, misshapen bodies in the sky. Near her, a ginormous hammer shoved some of the creatures out of her away. Below, more civilians started to crumble from the missiles launched from the sky. Friends stared at each other as black stars spread across their faces and arms.

The carnage was too great and fighting force too limited. From over the Forbidden Forest, a floating man laughed from under his umbrella.


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