Ship, Captain, & Crew: The Tales of The Enterprise

"Doctor's Orders"

"Jim, why do you constantly find ways to make my blood pressure skyrocket?" Leonard was examining Jim's abdomen whilst grumbling about the bruises that littered his skin.

Jim chuckled quietly as the pain was still relatively high, but he managed to hide his discomfort from his friend.

"Bones, I have to keep it interesting." He replied cockily.

Leonard had yet to acknowledge him as he went about repairing Jim with the dermal regenerator. He was still grumbling under his breath and it made Jim laugh to himself.

"Now Jim, if you even think about moving too much or working those muscles more than needed, I will find out about it." He paused. "Doctor's Orders"

His friend slid off the biobed and sulked out of Sickbay and back to his quarters. Doctor McCoy enlisted the help of the Hobgoblin to ensure Jim would behave. No one messes with a pissed off Vulcan.