Ship, Captain, & Crew: The Tales of The Enterprise

"Rec Room 7"

Rec Room 7 had become quite the place to be in the last few weeks. It had been Hikaru and Jim's semi-private place to fence during their free time. They had been practicing for a few months when Jim let it slip that he was progressing one night at dinner. Bones had looked at him with incredulity plastered all over it.

"What do you mean 'I've been getting better at fencing'? You always told me you were busy working on papers at that time whenever I comm'd you." He was getting angrier by the second and Jim knew he'd better fix it before Bones lost it all together.

"Yeah, it's just been light work outs; nothing ridiculous. I actually do some paperwork before I meet Sulu. Don't act like you're upset." He laughed.

"Yeah Leonard, it's just simple work. He couldn't beat me if he tried." Hikaru was playing up his skill and it caused Jim and Bones to stop in their tracks.

"What? You said I was doing just fine!" Jim grumbled.

"Well, you are, but there is no way you're to my skill level yet." He chuckled playfully.

"Well I bet I could be good enough to beat you in a few months' time." Jim stood up and stomped off.

"Now, this I've gotta see for myself." Bones gave a hearty laugh as he watched Jim sulk away.

"Infant," he scoffed.

Flash forward one month:

On the day in question there were over fifty members of the crew in attendance at Jim's little bet with Hikaru. With so many people around he felt the strong sense of regret and hesitation at competing against his friend. 'I am in way over my head' he thought suddenly as Spock sat down next to Nyota.

"Jim you sure you want to go through with this?" Hikaru rubbed his thigh.

Jim didn't say anything for a moment and worked through some of his turmoil. Hikaru just smiled and waited patiently.

"Sulu, I told you, I want to go through with this. Who cares how many people found out about it? I'm still ready." He boasted brightly as he fought the urge to squirm.

"Okay Captain. Don't say I didn't give you a chance to not get your ass whooped." Sulu laughed as he grabbed his foil and moved to the white mats.

Jim took a deep breath and grabbed his epee and joined his friend. Leonard stood and walked to the two men and stopped between them. He wasn't smiling per say but he was in a good mood. 'This will teach Jim to brag' he thought smugly.

"I want a good clean fight and if either of yer get too messy I'll hypo you both into next week." He put on his best disgruntled doctor face and moved away.

This was an intense match and so far Jim was able to match Hikaru strike for strike. The crowd watched with uninhibited awe. The match wouldn't last forever at this rate, but regardless it was exciting to all spectators. Jim was bloody around the edges but nothing substantial. With the match continuing aggressively it would be a matter of time before a winner would be named. Hikaru was truly gifted in the area of fencing and as he continued to forge along he noticed Jim was growing winded and opted to end it quickly. He'd preformed admirably and it would no longer be a disappointment if Jim were to lose.

Hikaru grinned deviously as he found Jim's weakest points and swiftly knocked him down. Jim grunted as he hit the floor with a loud thud; the crowd went wild and screeched for Hikaru; Hikaru stood next to him and offered Jim a hand. He wasn't as smug as he had originally planned to be when the wager was first made, but this would surely do.

"That was a great match Jim. You have impressed me; however, I still kicked your ass." Sulu's laughter could be heard after that.

"Well you can't say I didn't give you a run for your money." Jim grinned.

"Oh you did, I'm just better." Sulu shook his good friends hand and then went to shower.

"Well Jim, guess you won't be messing with Sulu again. You wouldn't want him to hand you yer ass again would ya?" Bones was so smug his smiled dripped with the smugly goodness that was Leonard when he was the victor.