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It was Sam's fault, really.

He was the one who'd found the case in the first place, but then he had to get a fucking cold complete with a hacking, obnoxious cough. So of course, Dean stepped in like the good big brother he was and said he could do it on his own.

Sam, of course, protested, but Dean had realized that Sam would be more of a burden than a help. So he rolled his eyes at Sam's protests and made the two hour drive to Washington, D.C. and left Sam behind. "Dude, it'll only be, like, two days. I'll probably be back tomorrow." Dean had told Sam before he left.

It was supposed to be your average salt n' burn, but Dean hadn't counted on the body belonging to a suspected murder victim. Dean had groaned when Sam had called to tell him the new location of the body; it would involve more sneaking around than usually necessary. But Dean did it. He snuck into the building earlier on and hid in the bathrooms, and made his way into the lab when he'd thought everyone had left, and set to work.

He had dropped the match onto the bones and was watching them burn to ash when he heard a woman's furious voice.

"What the Hell are you doing to my evidence?" she demanded, tearing Dean's eyes away from the burning corpse. A medium height auburn haired woman was standing in a nearby doorway. Before Dean could make his getaway, the strange woman met him at the staircase. She didn't bother with the fire extinguisher; the bones were beyond saving at that point. She took Dean by surprise and attacked him skillfully, rendering him unconscious.

"I don't know what his name is, Booth! He destroyed my evidence so I…" Dean awoke to the woman talking to someone- apparently named Booth- on the phone, "…They were burning, Booth. I had a pretty good idea of what he was doing there. Okay. Thanks." The woman hung up the phone and turned to stare down the intruder, who was handcuffed to a railing.

"What the Hell…" Dean murmured, rubbing his temples with his not-handcuffed hand. The woman harrumphed, and all of Dean's doubts of whether harrumphing could in actuality be done were assuaged.

"What's your name? What were you doing to my evidence?" the woman demanded. Dean's head pounded too much to come up with an alibi.

"Dean. I was… Well, I was salting and burning them." Dean shot haphazard grin at the enraged woman before him.

"Why did you do that?!" the woman demanded. Before Dean could even come up with a lie, let alone tell it, a man (who was best described as tall, dark, and forehead) stormed into the room.

"Bones! We have to get him to the interrogation room! At the very least we need to get him sitting down, and," Booth tried to whisper, "get him a glass so we can get his fingerprints."

"I heard that." Dean said tiredly, "Look, do whatcha gotta do. I won't be here long, anyway." Booth smirked.

"We'll see about that." he said menacingly.

"Sure we will. As soon as Cas gets his feathery ass down here…" Dean chuckled.

"What?" Booth asked, confused. Dean just shrugged and smirked, as if to say, 'I didn't hear anything'. Booth groaned and knelt down to unlock Dean's handcuffs, then pulled the man up by his arm.

"Oh, manhandling! My favorite." Dean teased flirtatiously, causing Booth to groan again and proceed to lead the other man into Brennan's office, pushing him into the chair across form the desk. He relocked the cuffs to the chair. As he stood, up the lightbulbs started to flicker and a rustling sound could be heard. Bones and Booth visibly jumped, but Dean just cracked a sly smile.

"Cas, finally." he said cockily. Castiel looked annoyed.

"Hello, Dean. I see you've managed to get yourself caught." Cas grumbled, which only caused Dean's grin to grow.

"I just wanted and excuse to see you." Dean teased, oblivious to Brennan and Booth's shocked expressions. Booth was crossing himself.

"Who… What the Hell are you… How did you get in here?" Booth exploded to life, pulling his gun.

"I am Castiel, Angel of the Lord. I flew in." Cas's face held a barely visible smirk. Booth crossed himself again.

"Dean, these people have something important they need to tell you. Agent Seeley Booth, inform Dean of your current case." Castiel commanded, gliding over to where Dean stayed in the chair and placing his hand on Dean's shoulder.

"Umm… A bunch of bodies murdered by the same serial killer have been salted and burned like today's. All of the others were just after the investigation and already in the ground." Booth didn't understand why he was telling these madmen this; he just felt compelled.

"So, what, the same killer's been engineering ghosts or something?" Dean asked, turning up to look into Castiel's eyes.

"Yes, it would appear so. I think Agent Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan will be in need of our help to solve this case." Castiel said calmly. Before either of the interrogators could protest, Dean responded to Cas.

"Well, sounds like I'd better call Sammy."

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