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Dr. Brennan waved goodbye to Agent Booth and walked into the Jeffersonian building. She waved a friendly hello to the security agent near the entrance and swiped her key card to enter the medical platform.

"Dr. Brennan, I trust everything went well?" Cam asked, walking up to the other woman anxiously. She was still quite wary of the new angelic developments to her lifestyle.

"Yes, Booth, Castiel and the Winchesters are going to question Mrs. Emsery." Temperance Brennan replied, smiling pleasantly, "Is the victim on the platform?"

"No, I'm still working on the autopsy." Cam replied, pointing to the nearest of the metal tables in the other room where a body lay out. Dr. Brennan frowned as she walked over to it.

"When can I have Mr. Vasiri clean the bones?" Temperance sighed, exasperated. She understood that Cam had to do the autopsy, but there was nothing Bones could do when there wasn't any, well, bones.

"I was about to start. It'll take an hour or two." Cam replied, well aware of how impatient Dr. Brennan could be when it came to getting her bones. When the other woman sighed, Cam took it as a reply and headed into the other room to do the autopsy.

About a half hour later, Brennan was called into the room. Cam had found something quite peculiar.

"Dr. Brennan! Could you come here a moment, please?" Dr. Brennan hurried into the room after Cam called her.

"What is it?" She asked, still on edge from waiting for her bones to be ready. Cam ushered Temperance over to the body. About half of the organs had been weighed and set aside.

"We've go a problem," Cam began, pointing at the ribcage, "There are quite a few… irregularities. One rib is missing, and there are these… markings on the organs. I think you should send Dean a photograph of those. Also, there's this…" Dr. Saroyan opened a sealed Tupperware, "It's the brain. Or more, what's left of it. It seems to have turned liquid." Dr. Saroyan grimaced. Brennan, blinking in surprise, and pulled out her mobile and took pictures of the marks and the brain soup.

"I'm sending Dean the pictures. Let's see what he says." Brennan said quietly, "In the meantime, you should finish the autopsy, and I'll-" Brennan never got to finish her sentence, for her phone interrupted her.

"Brennan." Temperance said into the phone.

"Hey, It's Dean. Where'd you get those pictures you just sent?"

"Dr. Saroyan found them while doing Mrs. Jane Emsery's autopsy. Do you recognize them?"

"Cas says the markings are from all over. None of them coincide for one particular thing."

"And the brain?"

"No fuckin idea. It's like someone microwaved the damned thing."

"Yes, it is."

"Gotta go interview this Layla chick about her wife. Bye."

"Bye." Brennan hung up quickly, and nervously chewed her thumb before looking up at Dr. Saroyan. Cam looked at her questioningly.

"No correlation." Brennan said, defeated. This new body was quite the mystery.

Dean, Cas and Sam got out of the Impala and waited for Booth's SUV to slide into the homely driveway. The house was cute; stereotypical white picket fence, if you will. Something Dean would want with Cas, if Cas would ever age or be able to live a normal human life. Dean's already decided to abandon this fantasy and be glad he's got his angel while he does. When Booth finally slides up (Though in reality he's only minutes behind the others; Dean just likes to exaggerate.) the group discuss their game plan.

"We can't all go in." Booth reasons, and he's right. Why would there be four FBI agents doing the same thing?

"I'll stay behind." Sam offers, and everyone looks at him questioningly. "What? You're a real FBI agent, and Dean and Cas can make her not feel antagonized if she assumes you're bigoted by pulling the 'gay' card." Dean looks a little miffed for a few seconds, but decides to let it go and just nods and slide his hand around Cas's waist, pulling his boyfriend in a little closer.

"Alright, let's go!" Booth says, ignoring Dean's nuzzling at his boyfriend. The three men walked toward the door and Sam went to settle into the backseat of the Impala. He wanted to see if there were any other similar deaths to Jane Emsery's what with the random markings and soup brain. The Emserys lived a good forty five minutes away from the Jeffersonian, and Sam had been itching to research since Dean's call ten minutes back. Cas had read the messages for Dean and insisted the other man call Dr. Brennan. Sam coughed a few times as he pulled out his laptop, splattering the top with spewed blood. Sam grimaced at his failing health, but convinced himself that he'd be fine in a few days.

Booth knocked on the door as Dean unwrapped his arm from Cas, wanting to appear professional. Soon a tall dark haired woman answered. She was sniffling and her eyes were red; it was obvious she'd been crying.

"Hello?" the woman, presumably Layla, sniffed deeply and straightened up. Booth instantly respected her for her strength. He doubted he'd be able to do the same if Bones died. Booth pull out his badge and Cas and Dean followed suit.

"Hi, I'm Agent Booth from the FBI. This is Agent Crosby and Agent Fitch." Booth introduced, pointing to Cas and Dean, respectively, "We're here to ask you a few questions about your wife's murder.

"Yes, of course. Come in." Layla said, sniffing again before leading the men into her home. The house was decorated simply and tastefully, the walls a pale creme color. Layla led the men into the sitting room.

"Mrs. Emsery, we were wondering what happened this morning." Dean asked empathetically. Layla straightened her back once again before answering.

"I woke up to an empty bed, and assumed Jane was downstairs. She gets up early some mornings just cuz. I love- er, loved, I guess- that about her." Layla looked off mournfully for a few moments before returning to her story, "So I walked downstairs to greet her, and- she was just lying there, on the floor, in a p-puddle off blood." Silent tears began to stream of Layla's face, and her voice became choked. "I called 911 and ran over to her, but… I knew that… She was was no question." Layla et out a choked sob.

"I hate to ask, but is there anyone who might have wanted to harm Jane that you know of?" Booth asked.

"No… No, Jane hated conflict. She'd just sweep it under the rug if it happened outside of home; she didn't want to worry me or waste too much time on it." Layla smiled ruefully, "Too sweet like always… You might want to ask some of her coworkers. They might know of any office conflicts." Booth wrapped up with a few standard questions and got the address of Jane's workplace. The men thanked her and stood to leave.

"Please contact me if you have anymore questions!" Layla called after them, obviously eager to help. The three men knocked on the door of the Impala and Sam looked up. He shut the computer and got out of the car.

"Nothing similar that I could find while y'all were in there." Sam said forlornly. Booth and the others then parted ways to meet up again at Jane's workplace.

"Hey Bren?" Angela called from her office. Dr. Brennan gratefully entered the room, glad for something to do while Cam did the autopsy.

"Yes, Angela?" Brennan asked, overflowing with anticipation for something to work on. Angela smiled knowingly at her friend's antsyness.

"I think I got something off of the tape." Angela said, pulling up the audio waves window. She fiddled with the controls a little bit then pressed play.

"Hey! What are you-" A sharp clatter finishes the sample from the tape, but the voice had sounded rather… happy? At first, like she'd run into an old friend. Angela looked at Dr. Brennan with a raised eyebrow.

"You know what that means, don't you?" Angela asked.

"Our victim knew the killer." Brennan replied, shocked.

They had a lead.

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