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Perhaps... Sayu

Perhaps it was a good thing that Yagami Raito picked up the Death Note that long passed afternoon. Terrifying as the following events were, without that notebook, Sayu would never have met that androgynous terrorist, Mello and his doormat- err lover, Matt.

Either way, Sayu would find happiness in the much older Matsuda, but she grew as a person because of Mello and his ridiculous gang of leather wearing misprints.

Sure, she was in shock for far too long, but it did much for her mental fortitude later in life. Even when she was told that Light was dead, catching and killing Kira in the process, even as she realized that her older brother was, in fact, Kira, Sayu was able to deal with it. The only crying she would have to do was at night, when unbidden tears passed from her eyes.

Had Light not picked up that notebook, had Sayu not been kidnapped by the Yakuza, she would never have the mental fortitude those situations gave her.

She wouldn't quite appreciate the jobs of her father, brother, and husband.

She wouldn't have the guts to tell Matsuda that there was no way in hell she was quitting her job.

In a world where there was no Kira and Light was innocent, Sayu would marry Matsuda, be a simple house wife with four children, never really be anything bigger, better.

But with Kira for an older brother, Sayu was strong. She married Matsuda, opened a shoe store, and raised a beautiful set of twins. Two identical girls who grew up strong and smart.

Sayu sighed, easing into her chair, ten year old daughters both curled up with books by the fire.

Kira may have fucked the world, but without him, perhaps Sayu would never be strong, perhaps Sayu would never truly be happy.

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