There were three words on his tongue. Three very small words, with a very big meaning he still didn't fully understand.

Three words Percy had never thought of before, but now, for some reason, they words of reassurance she needed.

Annabeth sat hunched over her desk, fingers desperately clutching her pencil as if it would magically spit out all the answers. She looked so stressed, her expression one of pain, even though they'd been reunited. He hated seeing her like that; like the seven year old girl he never knew.

Maybe that's why those three words came to his lips, to let her know she had more than a friend.

"Hey, Annabeth," Percy said, his words coming out hoarse.

She looked up from her papers. She caught site of his worried expression, and the lines on her face faded a bit. "Yeah?"

He swallowed hard, the lamps ahead swinging haphazardly.

Then he spoke, three words.

Not the words that had been on his lips—he couldn't say those yet—but three words that would suffice until then.

"I missed you."

Gotta love those Percabeth drabbles.

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