To All that READ This;

We go to this site to show the world our ART, Self and Sprit. As fans we should help out each other, not put others like our selfs down. The readers, the writers, the betas and the site techs. put this site up to experse ourselfs. Not to put others down.

To the FLAMERS and BULLIES stop it! ^ Some this people have a hard life or that they are young or just starting to writer FanFics. Instated of hate, show class, love (NOT that type) and RESPECT. Do you see people fighting at Comic Con, Anime Convention or Fan con? NO! They having fun and meating someome or learn new. Please get along. This site is for evenone, not for one type of person(s). Write something nice or tell if the plot needs help in a profresal manner.

I some forget to log on. He he. 3

Fanfic is a place to relax and to our selfs. I first when on this site in 1998. I know i am old (under 40), but this site get me though my deprassing though my teen age years. FanFiction is a ecape from real life at times.

Thank for reading this.

P.S. Grammer Police I know my Spelling and grammer is bad. But English is not my first lanage and they don't have my lanage can be tranlated right in to English.

LOVE : Nativelittlefox