Naruto, Heart of Sword Prologue

This is a Naruto/Rurouni Kenshin fic adopted from kitsumebattojutsu, and like the original Naruto won't take the spotlight until chapter three, and the Kenshin-gumi will not appear until next chapter.

Disclaimer-this one does not own Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, or anything else, that she does not.


Minato groaned, there were many parts of being the Hokage that he enjoyed, but the paper work was not one of them. Yes he enjoyed protecting people, but did there HAVE to be paperwork!

He continued to groan as he started on the mass mountain of paper work that he had to do. Some chunin finished a C rank mission, merchants wanted to sell, blah. The list of things never seemed to stop.

As icing to the cake known as paperwork, it never seemed to run out. Part of him seriously wondered if this wasn't some kind of endurance exercise, after all, who could actually do all this.

Heck, when Minato became first became Hokage, the third had skipped right out of the office, and right before Minato had been buried up to the neck in unfinished paperwork he was sure that the Third had left for him to finish on purpose.

After a few hours of hand-killing paperwork, he left for some time to think. Wandering to the top of Hokage monument, he sat on his giant rock head and started letting his mind wander. He had life pretty good for sure. Being Hokage village he cared so much about, and being married were the best things that ever happened to him. And the best part was, soon he was going to be a father. 'Ahh', he thought to himself, 'Isn't life great?'

After leaving the Hokage monument, he took a stop off at the memorial site. He stopped when he noticed Kakashi there. He had noticed that his former pupil was acting a lot like a certain Uchiha whose Sharingan Kakashi now hid under his forehead protector.

'The kid took Obito's death harder then I thought', he said to himself, He put a hand on his former students shoulder.

"You really miss him, don't you?" Minato asked quietly.

"Yes", Kakashi responded, "more then I thought I would… It's not fair Minato-sensei, why did he just have to go die like that? If I hadn't been so careless, he might still be here. This Sharingan may be a gift, but it should be his, not mine! ARG" Kakashi though his fist into the ground.

"Kakashi," Minato started.

"Obito's dead, its my fault Rin died, are you going to leave to sensei!" Kakashi cried.

"I'm the Hokage, remember, I'm not going anywhere and soon, I'll have a kid, so there."

Kakashi stared at his sensei, who was now doing that stupid grin he was famous for. "You didn't say you were going to be a father…" Kakashi said slowly.

"Well, I was going to keep it a surprise, but seeing as you needed something to cheer you up, well I thought I may as well tell you."

'Again with that grin,' Kakashi thought. 'Only he and Obito can grin like that', "that's great Minato-sensei, so is it going to be a boy or a girl, and what will his/her name be?"

"For your information, it's a boy, and Kushina and I decided to call him Naruto."

Kushina Uzumaki was Minato's wife. Kakashi had seen her a few times before, but not that much, as he was an ANBU, and didn't get much free time, and what free time he did get he mostly spent here.

She was a beautiful woman with long red hair and had a particularly slim figure. The only strange thing was her eyes, which seemed to glow amber at times, like when something angered her. She had an exceptionally good well-going personality most of the time though.

Kakashi stretched and said, "well sensei, I'm feeling better so I guess I'll leave now, but if you had to wager a guess, how long?"

Minato was confused, "how long until what?"

Kakashi grinned beneath his mask, with only his visible eye giving a hint at his facial expression. "How long until you're a dad?" Kakashi laughed to himself, the look his sensei had after he asked was one of these faces you couldn't put a price on.

Minato was taken a bit off guard by that. "Ah ha, well… I have no idea. He, sorry." 'Smooth move Minato, you look like an idiot, the phase 'dumb blond' does you justice right about now.' Out loud he said, "But when I figure it out, I promise you that you'll be one of the first people I tell." 'Good save, ha.'

"Good, you had better. Well I'm off." With that said, Kakashi left. As he jumped away, Minato saw a flash of orange in Kakashi's' hand. 'OH NO, DON'T TELL ME MY PERVERTED SENSEI INFECTED KAKASHI, ARG!'

Minato rubbed his temples, Kakashi reading Icha Icha Paradise was a tragedy, as it meant there was yet another pervert in Konoha. Sigh.

That night Minato went home with a huge headache. It had not helped that he had had a large 'end of the day' stack of paperwork topple on him. By the time he had gotten home, Kushina was already asleep. He was about to turn in himself when he noticed a stray piece of paperwork. He was planning on reading it, and then using a small Rasengan to destroy it. He changed his mind after reading it. 'Oh yeah, they should be here tomorrow.'