Author's Note: There are original characters in this little fic, but they're Ash's characters, so it still counts as fanfic. :D This was written for Ash when she was having a bad day at work, and with her permission, I'm sharing it with all of you. Hope you enjoy the silliness that ensues.

Part 1
Hold on, Short Stuff. This Here's a Rescue

Average citizen AngelAsh sat dutifully at her computer on the seventh floor of some nameless skyscraper in heart of a downtown city somewhere in the vicinity of the west coast of the United States.

She was nursing a headache, a desire to never have left her bed that morning, and a not-so-good Fuze drink that had called her name down in the break room.

Suddenly, and without warning, the windows on Ash's left exploded. The other representatives on the floor screamed and ducked under their desks (except for Ash's best friend Jessica Wolfe, who had the day off and was sitting at home doing writerly things—a.k.a. she was sick).

Long lines of poly-nylon cord dropped down the side of the building from a sleek silvery ship hovering on level with the roof—another seven stories up—and four men in dark clothing and masks zipped down the lines and swung in to land on the window sills.

"Ash!" one of the men called as the other three cover the room with wicked looking guns.

Ash popped her head up over her cubie and stared at the man. How did he know her name?

The man must have sensed her hesitation and ripped his mask off revealing her mental-twin, Stormy.

"Don't just sit there staring, girl. Move your aft!"

Thinking about all the evil things she'd do to him later—and all the ways she was going to thank him for the rescue—Ash ran for Stormy. He rapidly buckled on a safety harness, attached the line clip, and grabbed her around the waist, giving her a cocky grin

"Hold on, short stuff. This here's a rescue."

Ash glared at him. "Short— AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

She screamed as Stormy kicked off the window sill and out into thin air. The poly-nylon line held them easily and they began to ascend toward the ship. Ash looked down—big mistake—and saw the other three men also being reeled back up toward the ship. Even as they were being pulled up, the ship itself began to ascend toward the sky.

Once safely in the cargo hold, Ash decided to sit—thud!—and catch her breath so she could properly harangue—thank—her rescuers.

The other three men take their masks off, revealing Tallin (a mercenary), Sean (a hot Scottish guy), and Jay (a werepanther in human form).

"We got her! We got her!" Jay cried happily, hugging Ash.

"Let her breathe," Tallin said, shooing the werecat away. He crouched down in front of Ash and gave her a serious—not that Tallin is every anything but serious—look. "We need your help."

"The fabric of time and space is unraveling," a voice said over the PA system. "If we don't start knitting directly, the whole thing will just go . . . poof!"

To Be Continued . . .