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Hadrian (Harry) / Sebastian

George/ Draco/ Fred

Tom Riddle / James Potter

Severus / Lucius

I will add more pairing the more I go on with this story Thanks for Reading Guys! Dark xx

P.S. : ~ this before one of the twins speaking means George talking, without means Fred is talking and - this in front of the sentence means Fred and George are both talking. Thanks for Reading... Again Dark xx

My Butler Able

Harry James Potter, second year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was laying on the cold wet floor of the Chamber of Secrets. He`d gone down to save someone he didn`t even care about, he was forced into it by someone pretending to be his friend, he`d killed the Basilisk which bit him, he`d destroyed Tom Riddle`s diary , now he was slowly dying

"Looks like I`ll be gone before I`d planned to all because of a stupid red-head and a stupid muggleborn, should have never let Ronald refuse Draco`s friendship, it wasn`t his choice to do so, don`t I feel foolish?"

Suddenly he was surrounded in darkness with falling white feathers

"What`s going on?"

"You intrigue me human, doing something because someone expects you to."

"Who are you? Where am I?"

"You are on the line between life and death, and who I am is not important right now but I can save you from death."


"By forming a contract with me, to right the wrongs people have cause you."

"Can you?"

"Think carefully, should you reject the faith even this once, the gates of paradise will forever be out of your reach."

"I'm already heading straight for hell, so what does it matter?"

"I'll ask but once more, do you wish to form a contract with me?" Harry sighed

"I do."

"Then may I ask for you to make your order?"

"Wait, what do you get from this contract?"

"Your soul, do you still wish to agree?"

"I do, before I make my order, what is your name?"

"I have no name, that is for you to choose."

"Do you have a favourite name, out of all the names you have been given?"


"What is it?"

"Sebastian, Sebastian Michaelis."

"Alright, Sebastian I order you, help me right those who have done me wrong...in return for my soul."

"Yes...My Lord." The feathers turned black as he felt a tingling in his right eye and his body surged in pain

"I'm sorry Young Master, but it must be done for you to live." Then Harry fell unconscious

Harry`s Pov

When I woke up I was laying in a bed in the hospital wing, with a gauze patch over my eye and bandages to keep it in place. I glanced around and saw the room empty besides the rows on beds covered in white sheets, and a black raven on the bedside table with a note in its beak. I reached out to take the note when I heard footsteps in the silence coming along the corridor to the Hospital Wing, I turned to look towards the door and saw Professor Snape walking in with a tray of vials.

"Potter, you're awake, finally."

"Professor? What happened?"

"You went down to the chamber to save the Weasley girl but-"

"She didn`t make it, she was already gone when I got there." He nodded and set the tray down by a cabinet before moving over and sitting in the chair next to my bed.

"Indeed. Mr Weasley isn`t happy with you."

"For all I care, he can go shove our fake friendship up his own arse, I don`t want to go down to the chamber in the first place." Snape looked surprised for a moment before quickly masking his face again.

"Anyway, when we received word of you being down there, I went to fetch you, you were unconscious and wouldn`t wake, and damage to you your eye had to be covered, or should I say the contract mark had to be covered?" I looked at him wide eyed.

"Contract Mark?"

"Yes Potter, you made a deal with a Demon did you not?"


"I`ve read about them, one in particular by the name of Sebastian, wears the mark in your eye on his hand, he use to serve a twelve year old boy by the name of Ciel Phantomhive, he disappeared a few years ago, you should ask him what happened, and to think the Gryffindor golden boy forming a contract with a Demon." I narrowed my visible eye at him.

"I never wanted to be in Gryffindor! The hat wanted to put me in Slytherin, but Dumbledore told it I needed to be put into Gryffindor no matter what! I actually wanted to be in Slytherin, I wanted to have a friendship with Draco, but no, Ronald Weasley had to go and ruin it by telling him I wanted nothing to do with him, now Draco hates me, Ronald blew my chance." I turned my head away to look at the raven reaching my fingers out to stroke its breast, un-able to look at Snape.

"Potter...Harry, it`s never too late for second chances." I snorted and turn my head back to look at him.

"This coming from you."

"I`ll admit I`ve said something's and I will apologise." I nodded before asking

"Sir, where did this raven come from?"

"It was there with you when I found you, and it wouldn`t leave you, I need to get back to my lab, I have more Potions to brew, I`ll leave you to read your note."He said as he rose to his feet, making his way to the doors.

Thank you Sir, and Sir?" He stopped and looked at me over his shoulder


"Could you send Draco up the next time you see him?" He gave a nod

"Yes, just get better would you?" I chuckled

"Of course Sir." Then he left, once I couldn't heard his footsteps anymore, I took the note from the raven that bowed it`s head to me. I nodded back at it and opened the letter


There are too many people coming in and out for the hospital wing for me to be with you in my human-like form, though I wish I could be, I am the raven you see next to you, when it is time for you to leave for home, I will fly ahead and meet you there, I wish you well Master

Yours faithfully


I chuckled and placed the note down before on the bedside table, looking at the raven

"You really signed it? After you told me you were the raven?"The Raven nodded and I laughed, holding my hand out for him to hop on to my arm

"What are you laughing at Potter?" Draco asked as he entered the hospital wing, I pulled my arm close and started stroking the Raven's breast again

"That was fast."Draco rolled his eyes, moving towards the bed I was laying in

"Uncle Sev, said it was important, so what is it?" he sat down in the chair Snape had been sat in, though he sat down quite stiffly, as if I could attack him at any moment

"An explanation." He gave a confused look, but quickly masked after he realised what he was doing, raising an eyebrow instead

"Of what?"

"Our first meeting on the train, your friendship offer."

"Which you rejected." He spat bitterly, making me sigh


"Huh?" He gave that confused look again but this time it stayed on his face

"Ronald Weasley rejected it, I didn`t, I actually wanted to be friends but you never gave me a chance to talk to you after our first meet, you sort of just assumed I was starting a fight with you." He smiled nervously and scratched the back of his head as I stroked Sebastian`s beak, he kept nibbling my fingers in reassurance

"Heh, sorry about that, but do you mean, you wanted to be my friend?"

"I thought it would be nice to actually know someone in Slytherin, which was where I wanted to be, not lousy Gryffindor." He chuckled

"I`d never thought I`d see the day Harry Potter insults Gryffindor, but never the less I will offer again, Harry Potter would you like to form a friendship?"

"Yes, yes I would." He nodded and we shook hands.